The “Bee” behind the Jeannie

Hi, I’m Jeannie Bee–yes, Bee is my middle name.  It’s not just something that popped into my head to use because I liked it.  My mothers name was Bertha, and by the grace of Peter and Bee Rollberg, my parents christened me Jeannie Bee.  Trust me, having this Bee attached to me left quite a sting throughout my growing years.  It was either get tough, or get stung until I could stand no longer.  I got tough, but praise GOD, He got tougher, and took me to a point where at age 30 I could embrace not only my name, but come to know His Son Jesus in a personal way, therefore opting in to know Christ, and to also know His Comforter, the Holy Spirit.  It was a pivotal point in my life where I found that certain something I’d always known was lacking in me thinking myself a Christian.  It was  a true Life-change in that I found out that what I’ve been through is only useful if I use to make what I’m going through something of a learning curve to be embraced.  Something also that I knew was not about me saving me, but allowing the Lord to change me!  How many people daily love sci-phi movies and love all the transformations that occur.  In accepting Christ-this is the real deleo!

If you’ve come here I hope you leave encouraged.  For me, most of the time, the best encouragement comes when I leave a better person than I started out.  That’s all that I hope to bring.

I might mix it all up once in a while and throw in a recipe or two.  Recipes from God’s Word-necessary for growing and going.  Recipes for feasting here on earth, also designed by GOD for growing and going.  Both are my passions, and in that order.

There are three things I dearly love: GOD, my Father, Savior, and Spirit extraordinaire☺  My family, especially my children, who are the ones who truly bring good things to life, in my life.   I also enjoy cooking and baking; mostly the later.

Who am I?  Wow, now that’s a loaded question.  I’m thinking if you ask ten people who know me, you’ll probably get a few agreed upon answers, but truthfully speaking, I might be slightly different for each individual.  Why?  No silly, not because I have some Sybil sort of personality, but because I believe in the individual.  Each individual is molded after their Maker, but also a product of their upbringing, environment, and their will to choose.  Each person I meet needs to be handled on an individual basis.  Truly, if you read the Word of GOD, you’d see Jesus dealt with people in this same manner.

One thing Jesus didn’t do, and you will not see me do either, is play favorites.  I see it every day, people who suck up to people of influence, money, etc.  People who will stick with people because they glorify them.  Not for this woman, it’s just not my style.  If you walk away from me because you believe I wasn’t sold out on you, I’m just not sorry.  Sorry we couldn’t agree to disagree, and sorry you can’t get the big picture of GOD being BIG and man being small.  Not unimportant to GOD, but definitely man is not who leads me.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you have to take the hard way to learn things.  The hard way is only when you decide you have to take the hard way to learn.

Hope you find something that leads you in a closer walk with Him, allows you to grow to His potential for who He sees you can be.  And above all else, find yourself allowing the Holy Spirit to convict you and not some finger pointing man-made gobbledygook cooked up and twisted and spit out by putting together a bunch of beliefs that make for one unflavorful, distasteful bite in God’s mouth.

So here I go, doing what I love to do, going where He leads me and I’m not a professionally trained writer.  Like I had to tell you that.   For that matter, I’ll fess up, and let you in a little something, I’m not a professionally trained anything.

What I am: I am professing my faith here, my love for God, His Word, and even my love of bringing good things to life from my kitchen.  I’m clearly going to share what wisdom along my, to date, fifty-three and half years of living have sunk into me.  Well, lets not go that far, the curve on the road of life often gets a winding for me still.

I will however profess that often in my life I’ve been, and or, felt rejected, and often because I was not professionally trained.  I didn’t measure up to the person next to me academically, professionally, physically.  I could do the work asked of me, to fill in for someone but do it via my own instilled gifts and talents without a degree, no siree!   So often I was the misfitted girl, who everyone loved being the worker bee, being encouraged by, but I never was good enough, trained enough, financed enough, well, I think you’ve heard enough.  You get the point, right?  I’m not voicing this against anyone, or for pity.  Gracious no!
WHY THEN =  At some point, with GOD’s amazing pointed finger leading where He wanted,  I allowed the Lord to speak and what He said to my heart was, “Enough is enough Jeannie, when I am in it.”  So here you go, little miss unprofessional Bee It Ever So Humble there is no place like Home.  The difference now as before what I’ve got, I’m using.  If it’s not useful to anyone else, it’s useful for my using what I have to His glory, and someones (including me) growing.

So join me as you feel led.  I’d love to hear if where the Lord leads me, makes a difference in your day as well.

My mom, Bertha and me, her last child, Jeannie Bee.

Until all have heard of His love,

Jeannie Bee


5 comments on “The “Bee” behind the Jeannie

  1. You seem like a professional writer to me Jeannie. I would never have so many words, or the right ones clumped together to sound so wonderful. God gave you the gift of writing, so it is nice to see you go for this!….Yvonne

    • Yvonne, thank you so much. Truthfully it is a healing process for me to write. My mom wrote. She for a short time in her life wrote a “Bee Line” for a paper in Chicago. I know, right? I’m her youngest, somewhat of her name sake, and yet all the while she was alive she somewhat rejected me. What I later learned was that my mom was not rejecting me, she was rejecting herself. For whatever reason some of my siblings shared with me that my mom and dad really didn’t plan on me at all. Which is kind of funny because I’m the last of eleven children. I think deep down my mom did kind of resent me and at the age of 40, her having me, was just not something her and my 52 year old dad planned on. My mom spent most of her life criticizing me. I blame most of that though also on the fact that she and my dad were both alcoholics. Touch times, but praise GOD He’s a whole lot tougher, right? Woot-woot for GOD!!!

      Yvonne, thank you for sharing and being an not just an encouraging friend, but an empathetic, very human friend. No wait, thank you for being a sister to me. I so need sisters. I so need you. You are a sister breath from GOD!

  2. Hey, Jeannie! You came into my mind this morning, so I looked you up, and here you are doing what you do so well!! It is so good to “hear” from you again : )
    Ellen Floyd Hardy (remember me, old fb friend?)

    • Ellen you are so sweet. Nobody ever looks me up after getting me out of their lives. Are you a crazy women? I might have to suppose so. LOL Seriously, you are very sweet for even having me still in your head, and most assuredly I appreciate any and all prayers. You one day in Heaven will receive a reward for this very posting because today has been somewhat of a difficult day for me. All GOD-ALL-good and as He provides refreshment for my soul, it once again comes unexpectedly from a woman of GOD. Thanks so much, you are pure refreshment.

    • Thank Ellen! It’s nice to be back, and more so even, nice to be welcomed back. =)

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