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Canyon Between Us!


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been crazy busy with my somewhat now still new job.  In fact I haven’t really been given the actual title change to my position but I’m fully owning and on the job.  That’s sort of how this blog came together this very morning as I was thinking about that.  I was thinking how the place where I work has given me full entitlement to my job yet, yet I’m owning it.  I’m doing the best I can even though I’m still listed as a Meals Clerk.  What the company does is up to them, but the doing, that relies on me.  You see the doing, that’s the worker Jeannie Bee who is going to do the best she can no matter what.  I’m just going to do my job, as described, to the best of my ability.  I have to however have heart for the job and do what needs to be done too.  So that’s what I’m doing.  I haven’t gotten to the point where the company I work for has fully invested themselves in me, given me my benefit package, title, etc.  That doesn’t mean I’m not a part of the plan they have.  It just means that all the benefits and rewards haven’t been laid out on the table yet.  Oh yes, they are coming, but they haven’t yet been installed.

It’s sort of that way for us as Bible Believing, CHRIST-centered CHRISTians.

When we are allow anything to separate us, we are also allowing a grand canyon between GOD and ourselves.

Hopefully this song, Grand Canyon will be the inspiration to motive us all to know that what we say, what we do, and how we are living together here on this earth, for the time we have together, it matters.


This is, as is each day, a day that the Lord has made.  Throughout many areas of the world, in many CHRISTian faiths, this is considered “The Lord’s Day”.  Many Believers, and even non-believers will be gathered together to sing the Lord’s praises.  Words will flow forth, unharnessed and free.  Words will be sung at the tops of the lungs with a shout out.  How much of those words have a heartbeat that is alive and well and living within each person?  Let’s just take a test and see.

Now this little test is given for you and me, but nobody has to have what is now known as the big reveal.  GOD placed this little blog on my heart and so it is between you and He, that big reveal moment.  Just don’t short change yourself and not own it though.  One of the things many people are getting way to good at in the Body is hiding behind words.  Words mean something to GOD, and GOD… well, let us just come to our words being out there, our words spoken need to match the heart behind them.  So, when you sing a song in church today, or in your car on the way to where-ever, or in the morning when you rise and shine and want to give GOD all that glory-glory, make sure you’ve had a bit of self-in-check to match those words.  Or, sing the words and clean house with them.  Allow GOD to have His big reveal to you!

I’ll tell you something here, I did this last week and came up short changing GOD and myself.  I was living out a couple of things that didn’t match what I believe.  One was hurting me and my growth and the other was hurting GOD.  You see I know I’m not perfect.  Yep, it’s a factoid!  None of us are.  That however should NOT stop us from desiring to grow in all the areas that needs growing.  One of my areas in which I can stunt my growth as a Believer is allowing others to hold over me my imperfections.  People who can’t forgive me, allow me to be able to be flawed.  People who ignore me, and I’m not talking non-believers, I’m talking Believers who will walk right near me and ignore me as if they never walked and talked with me in the halls of my living words.  They have, and yet these individuals for some reason known to them and GOD ignore me.  I’d be a liar if I didn’t own that it stings.  It does.  It’s insanely unbecoming to them, their witness, but also if I allow it, it stunts my growth to show grace, GOD ‘s grace to them.  So, when these individuals come before my eyes, and they will daily because that’s how GOD desires for life to be so we can deal with His BIG Reveals, I’m owning myself.  I’m owning the fact that the true facts are that I’m an imperfect individual doing my best to move on.  In that moving on, growing and becoming a better CHRISTian, I want not to have any of these stumbling blocks in the way of where GOD is leading me.  I don’t think these individuals do either, but that’s for them to allow GOD to reveal for them, and for them to decide I’m on owning this area that needs an update, or am I going to ignore it and allow myself to live as if I have no area of my life that needs a some cleaning up, so that when all is said, it reveals that this is how I’m living my life.  That when we look in the mirror it’s polished up and clean and GOD knows we are working on making what we reveal, more of Him and oh so much less of us.

Ladies and gentlemen of the faith, if what we are doing is showing snobbish or ignorant behavior out in the world, our own Bible Believer-to-Believer world, we are going to continue to have full-blown system failure for Father GOD!

So, come along with me and take the test of words.  Words that you need to fill in the blank with, being completely honest with yourself, because GOD who knows your heart will know if you tried to harness your heart and not reveal what really the tongue of your heart is saying.  This time it’s time to unharness your tongue and speak words that ring true, so that we can walk in a more honest and upright way in the future one to another.

In this test you are asked only to fill in the blanks if in fact this is how you have been living.

♪♫ Sing, Sing A Song ♪♫

1.  In my heart there rings a melody of ________.

2.  In all I do, I honor ______.

3.  Here I am to ______, here I am to show that I ______ You.

4.  All for _____, I surrender.

5.  Mercy found me, now I extend it to ___________. (This could actually have multiple answers =)

6.  I was made to love _________.

7.  Shine ________, shine!

8.  Your glory GOD, goes beyond my ________.

9.  You above ______.

10.  I’m willing to open the eyes of my ♥ because I want to _____ myself and allow You alone to shine.

11.  I am willing this very day, for the sake of being Your witness, allow You alone to ____ me, and ____ me, after Your will.

12.  I am willing to allow the Cross to be before me, and the world behind me, because my life is going forth all for ____ and your glory and name.

5.  I could sing of your love forever, but instead I choose to _____ it.


Raise The White Flag

I’m raising my white flag, will you join me?  Come on now, it’s the BIG REVEAL!  There is no more important action for any one of us CHRISTians to take but to show that the One who took our place has revealed to us, so that we can reveal to others that we surrender all to Him.  We can rise above all the stuff that has come between us.  We can rise above because LOVE won on that day at Calvary.  We lift up our lives as a testimony to that very LOVE!

So raise up your white flag, the one with the Cross on it that says, we are free to LOVE because He first loved us.

In all honesty give these songs a listen and know that if we don’t stop singing just praise and worship and live them out, we are allowing our worship to be a big old waste of time.  Life is more than a song…

White Flag, by Chris Tomlin


Not To Us, by Chris Tomlin


Until all have heard of, and know His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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