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The More of Two Goods


The Lesser of Two Evils?

Who wants that?

I know right, therefore it seems to me this is more the way we should be choosing, not the lessor of two evils, but the one choice that is good.   This is how my mind really works.  I was thinking today if everyone is always concentrating on choosing the lesser of two evils, this could explain so much of what is going on in our evil infested world.

More of Two Goods

Now of course I can’t do a whole lot about removing evil from the world.  Goodness is within the hearts of all, if they choose to exercise it.  That’s what I did today, I decided to start small and work my way up and out into the world doing two by two cookies.

Today my two good on the plate of life are:

Cookies that come forth two by two. Because this is how at Bee It Ever So Humble we present the The More of Two Goods. =)

Happy Baking,

Jeannie Bee, The Cookie Bee


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