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Christian Pop Culture


“Tomorrows another day.”  Ever been told that, or worse said it flippantly to another person.  Or maybe you just didn’t say it flippantly, but you said it.  Well today I as thinking about that and I that, well yippy-skippy, what if I’m not looking forward to tomorrow cause it’s more of the same of which I want to get away from.  Like the song: ♪♫ I want to run away, I want to fly away ♪♫  So, well I was thinking about that, I was reading an email from a dear sweet friend.  As I was writing back this idea “popped” into my head.

I’m posting this for any one of the dear people in my life who, like me, aren’t looking forward to tomorrow because of maybe a “missing” that will be present.  Maybe because of some frustrations from a job, like me!  Or, it could be like yet another friend, a burden needs to be completely lifted.

One way or another I do know this, as we all in-Christ know, but this is GOD to hear.

It’s what GOD is serving us on the table of this life so that we can lean on Him and learn.

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee



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