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Sweet Potato Pie Muffins

*GOD*day to you, whether it’s top of the morning, nap of the noon, or you are ready to sleep away into sweet Jesus dreamland, GOD-day to you!

The truth about baking for me is it takes my mind off things.  The thing is, lately I’ve had no mind to even be able to really bake.  I’ve tried, but my heart just wasn’t in it.  I love playing around with ideas for baking and coming up with my own ideas.  I like doing stuff other people come up with too.

If someone has done what I’ve done here before, I must have missed it, cause this was in my head, out of head into the bowl, into the oven and onto the plate, all by my little old self.

My Pie Picking Idea Out of My Head

Jeannie’s Sweet Potato Pie Muffins

In case anyone cares…

I just used store bought premade crust.  Used the acorn cookie cutter to cut the shapes.  I made a sweet potato muffin batter.  Dabbed the outside of the bottom crust with a little meal for sealing.  Put a tablespoon of the muffin mix in the center.  Put another cut-out acorn crust on top.  Sealed it with a fork.  Sprinkled with a little sugar and baked at 375ºF, on a lightly sprayed cookie sheet, for about 15 minutes, do it until they are lightly brown around the edges.

NOTE: It’s not the filling that you have to be concerned with cooking through.  That worked out wonderful.  It’s the pie crust. =)

When it was all done I took a heaping tablespoon of prepared icing and placed in a small bowl and microwaved it for about 30 seconds.  I brushed it over the tops of the pie muffins, and wah-lah!

Happy Baking,

Jeannie Bee


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