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Identity Theft


Believe it or not I’m going to get to the point this morning for my blog and… a big dealio, I’m going to stay on point.  Ready, said, GO!!!


It’s a huge thing, right?  Who wants to have someone steal their identity?  I joke about this often though.  I say if anyone steals my identity they deserve exactly what they get.  They can have my not so great past and run with it, hopefully all the way to Jesus for forgiveness, cause that would be my prayer.

We are called however to steal ones identity.  That identity is Christ Jesus.  If we are truly “in-Christ” we should be making ourselves over.  We should be living on the truest of borrowed time.

You Cannot Keep Going Through The Motions

You have to take on the identity…

We are all concerned about someone stealing our identity, but GOD is concerned we will not steal the identity of His Son.

As I said, I’m keeping to simple and getting right to the point.  Today is a good day to start taking on the identity of the one who you are crucified with.  It’s a step by step make over, but it all must begin with that one step forward and working toward no steps back.

The Motions, by Matthew West

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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