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Fear Knots



It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged/journeyed here at Bee It Ever.  I’ve begun yet another new chapter in my life; a new job.  Same place but different roll.  It’s been a bit overwhelming, but as I said to my store manager yesterday, I am overwhelmed at all the information, and my head is spinning with all that I am learning and yet still need to learn.  The difference though?  I have this huge sense of peace.  It’s that peace that I’ve spoken of often here at Bee It Ever and I would not trade it for anything.  There was a time when I did sometimes do so.  As you grow in your walk with the Lord those times when you hear from the Lord and you don’t listen, maybe unsure, maybe a bit immature, they should be less and less.  Everyone whoever they are, grows differently, that is always worth factoring into the conversation of helping another person through difficult decisions.  When something isn’t leaving you peaceful it’s most likely something, or rather someone, being you, needs to change.  Change your attitude, change your circumstances, or just know that if you are feeling directionally challenged; I don’t mean that in a funny way, just be still and wait.  It might not be the right time to be making decisions.

So very often we in America get our tinsel in a tangle because we get all so patriotic and defensive of things that show that we’ve become a country that has slowly, but for sure, removed GOD from the equation of things in our country.  It’s a truthful thing to say; both the tinsel tangling and that we entered onto that slippery slope that has led our country to where it is today.  We, we the people who are the remnant and believe that narrow is the road, we are living in those times.  No, I’m not one of those December 2012 girls, I’m just someone who can see clearly now that the storms are brewing and the perfect storm of things about to come together fits together with GOD’s Word.  I don’t know dates, I don’t know times.  I just know that we are living in the end times.  Now I don’t know if the end is lingering longer, or it could be tomorrow, I just know we are to see the signs, but not dwell there cause there is work to be done while we are still being called to live in today.

Anywho… I said all that to say that sometimes we get all crazy about all that patriotic duty and we forget that we ourselves show a distrust when we panic about things.  Fear not!  No really, fear not, for He is with us!  We get what I’m going to call for any one of us a…

Fear Knot

So if you’ve got one of those fear knots building inside you to do what it is that He needs you to do, to get it untangled, trust Him right now.   We are quick to run to the medicine cabinet to cease any pain that overcomes us, we are often less quick to take upon ourselves the Great Physicians advice to, stop, drop, pray and wait upon the Lord.

Show some respectful patriotism to the very GOD being removed from our country.  Today just might be the day if we were more concerned about that sort of patriotism, the other might have never faded away.  That’s when fear flutters into the pit of our stomach and it is nothing like butterflies.  It is a knot that only trusting completely to Him all the unknown before you, and He is the only one who can untie it and knit you together peace by peace by peace. =)

All This Time, Britt Nicole


Until all have heard of and know, His Love,
Jeannie Bee


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