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You move me!


Trusting yourself totally to GOD’s Love!

Today is the last day of me doing something I’ve now been doing for 3 years.  It’s been a crazy ride for sure.  It’s amazing how GOD moves you from where you are, to something, someone, some place else.  It often doesn’t happen as one would expect, nor should it ever be confused with something manipulated.

Life is therapy, real expensive are the costs of choices we make.  We pay the price one way or another.  Sometimes it’s in the choice to follow, and sometimes it’s in the choice to follow.  No matter what if the troubles come because He moved you, that is called growing.

I’ve been really positive in the training of the people taking my place, yet as I’ve discussed before there are always those who aren’t “for you”.  If it was not for His touch, and His understanding of how that feels, to move out of myself and into the fire of refinement and change, I’d be just staying stagnant where I might be comfortable, and it would all be for what?  No, I’m just going to follow Him all the way.  It doesn’t make the remarks to me by one associate easy to take, as I was as nice, helpful and happy for her, she had to jab me.  She’s kind, but she is also young and almost always looking for herself to be in the “shine-light”.  That is not my style.  I pray she will learn that belittling someone else does make her shine, but actually dims her testimony of kindness and comfort.  For we need to be both encouragement and growers of good things.  When you want to make yourself look good by saying that I’m snooty, all you succeeded at being is unkind and as I examine those words; because I should, I pray I am not that person.  Her words keep coming back to me.   I asked her, do you not think that there never has been a customer to say one ill word of you?  She said, no, everyone loves me.   Imagine that?  Wouldn’t that be a lovely place to live? All of us who work in retail will know that a statement like that most likely is not a truthful statement.  It can’t be, because the fact is there are always people looking to do evil, be mean, and actually in a world where haters are now a cool thing, yes, I’m pretty sure one who works in retail cannot say that.  It doesn’t mean that the people who say something negative are truthsayers, it just means that statements like, snooty, or who knows what hurtful comments can be spewed, they are indeed spoken out loud by a crowd filled with something other than that of good will towards people.

Oh yes, the “snooty” comment.  What if I said that statement was just a lie?  Truth be told, and what else should we tell?  I’m sure on occasion I came off as if I was better than someone.  For that I’m sorry.  I’m sorry if I ever left a customer feeling “less than”.  That is wrong.  The right thing to do about all this is not make the associate who said this apologize to me, but find that customer and say I never meant to make them feel that way.  That is the way to go forth and be a witness that not only can GOD work in the hearts of others, He is still working in me. =)♥†

So I close out today doing my last day of cooking and tomorrow before dawns early light comes peeping into my window at home, I will be long gone to start a new adventure with Publix.  I’m excited, I’m eager, and I know absolutely so little about what I am about to do for a living.  How’s that for not living in your comfort zone?

I will go forth and just ask that GOD grant me the grace and commitment to be all I can be in this new job.  That I will seek out help from those wiser to me on the job, and for sure I will seek out His help, restoring to me the knowledge that I can do something new, and even though I’m old, I can learn new things.

I’m most grateful for this new opportunity to those at my work place who’ve believed in me, instead of belittling me.  Those who have taken the time to chastise me when I needed it, and stayed to comfort me through that correction.  This is why when someone says I’m “snooty” I can examine myself, and I can know if in fact this is a statement of opinion or fact.  In the end that is all that matters on my platter.  I know that what I put forth on the platter for Publix, doing Apron’s Simple Meals was not just food, but passion for believing in wanting to make life better, not worse for people I encountered on a daily basis.

The daily journey is not difficult and painful.  His Spirit within me is too strong for me to be weak, and His love for me is so large that the joy of being His servant, His child, is that I completely live in a world where I AM has accepted me, and in that I am satisfied all the days of my life.

You Move Me, by Susan Ashton


Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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