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History repeats itself…


It doesn’t however have to, if we who are in-Christ will come out from under the rock of this world, that catches us between that hard place as well, and set our lives upon living, not just on, but truly for, The Rock of Ages!

We live in a world where every day we are plummeted with people who are trying not to look their age, even some who are trying to not act their age, or grow up.  It’s a sad thing about today’s culture because growing old and growing up, they are GOD-things.

Believe it or not, there is even more Paul wanted to say to us, than that of just quoting vs. 2 from Romans 12:

Romans 12

Place Your Life Before God

 1-2So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you. 3I’m speaking to you out of deep gratitude for all that God has given me, and especially as I have responsibilities in relation to you. Living then, as every one of you does, in pure grace, it’s important that you not misinterpret yourselves as people who are bringing this goodness to God. No, God brings it all to you. The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what he does for us, not by what we are and what we do for him.

 4-6In this way we are like the various parts of a human body. Each part gets its meaning from the body as a whole, not the other way around. The body we’re talking about is Christ’s body of chosen people. Each of us finds our meaning and function as a part of his body. But as a chopped-off finger or cut-off toe we wouldn’t amount to much, would we? So since we find ourselves fashioned into all these excellently formed and marvelously functioning parts in Christ’s body, let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren’t.

 6-8If you preach, just preach God’s Message, nothing else; if you help, just help, don’t take over; if you teach, stick to your teaching; if you give encouraging guidance, be careful that you don’t get bossy; if you’re put in charge, don’t manipulate; if you’re called to give aid to people in distress, keep your eyes open and be quick to respond; if you work with the disadvantaged, don’t let yourself get irritated with them or depressed by them. Keep a smile on your face.

 9-10Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it. Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good. Be good friends who love deeply; practice playing second fiddle.

 11-13Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant. Don’t quit in hard times; pray all the harder. Help needy Christians; be inventive in hospitality.

 14-16Bless your enemies; no cursing under your breath. Laugh with your happy friends when they’re happy; share tears when they’re down. Get along with each other; don’t be stuck-up. Make friends with nobodies; don’t be the great somebody.

 17-19Don’t hit back; discover beauty in everyone. If you’ve got it in you, get along with everybody. Don’t insist on getting even; that’s not for you to do. “I’ll do the judging,” says God. “I’ll take care of it.”

 20-21Our Scriptures tell us that if you see your enemy hungry, go buy that person lunch, or if he’s thirsty, get him a drink. Your generosity will surprise him with goodness. Don’t let evil get the best of you; get the best of evil by doing good.

Introductions Are So Important!

When I was introduced to Jesus Christ, and by this I mean that I had known about God, Father, Son and Spirit, I just didn’t really have, or really was taught in all my years of private schooling, about the real relationship behind not just knowing about GOD, Father, Son and Spirit, I mean having an understanding, as much as is humanly (Biblically) possible, and going from knowing to believing, receiving and living for.  That’s what I’m talking about.  When I did get it, and receive Christ as Lord over my life, I began to embrace in a better way the idea of growing old.  The idea that every single birthday brought me one year closer to going Home.  I long for Home!!!

I have not ever been that woman who has minded aging.  Seriously, maybe it was because many of my siblings said this all the time, not just to me, but as they had smartypants mouths, they’d say: “Act your age, not your shoe size.”  If I continued on in that behavior, having a very small size 5, I’d sure be in trouble, yes?

We get all mixed and mingled into thinking we need to look thinner, younger, more all together, put together.  We want to not look at greying hair, or wrinkled women.  We don’t want to see someone out and about in clothes that are outdated, old, or aren’t the picture perfect idea of what today’s man or woman should be donning.

What if though, we changed?  Not our hair style, or clothes, our hair, our make-up, but our lifestyle.  No, that’s wrong, let me put it this way, we changed our Life Style!

All throughout Psalms we see how people conformed to the world, especially David, and got himself into trouble and the woe is me way of life.  What if though we skipped out on the woe and went straight to the wisdom that David learned.  What if as spoken of in Psalm 1…

We Choose To Live A Significant Life

One where we don’t take cues from this world, or even some the so called “religiously raised” but those that fit and hit the mark of striving?  Imagine that!  No really, imagine that right now.

Throughout today in many church buildings people will be singing worship songs, and they will also be reading passage of Scripture.  Wouldn’t it be nice if more of reading passages of Scripture went on.  You might think that off the track of this subject here, but it is so not!  If one of the things that gains the attention of GOD’s ear is hearing His Word back in His ear, why in this world are we not doing that when we gather together to sing the Lord’s praises?  Why are we having more announcements, more talk of events, more talk of mixing and mingling together as if the fellowship with each other is more important than that of the fellowship we came to do to gather together to sing His praises?  Imagine how GOD is feeling when all of Him gets crowded out by the new style of worship going on now.

We can choose to continue to fashionably do what we do following the latest trends.  We can follow a course set by man walk a path of not wanting to put a closer emphasis on Heaven and going Home, and the aged.  We can look to the younger people for direction, or… we can include the wisdom that came with age.  If in fact we can find those who are honor the fact that growing old, looking old, is a gift from GOD.

That one day they couldn’t fill the shoes that they received, but after digging deeper into a personal closer walk with GOD, they can now say that because He is filling them with His wisdom and way to go, they can impart upon those younger that what is missing in the world of this life called a CHRISTian, it’s that our so called united endeavors, have untied the old and moved them out for what looks newer, shiner to the world around them.  In doing so, we silenced the hearts of much learning that came from submission.

Loud, proud, and self-sufficient?

Psalm 5

A David Psalm

 1-3 Listen, God! Please, pay attention! Can you make sense of these ramblings, my groans and cries? King-God, I need your help.
   Every morning
      you’ll hear me at it again.
   Every morning
      I lay out the pieces of my life
      on your altar
      and watch for fire to descend.

 4-6 You don’t socialize with Wicked,
      or invite Evil over as your houseguest.
   Hot-Air-Boaster collapses in front of you;
      you shake your head over Mischief-Maker.
   God destroys Lie-Speaker;
      Blood-Thirsty and Truth-Bender disgust you.

 7-8 And here I am, your invited guest—
      it’s incredible!
   I enter your house; here I am,
      prostrate in your inner sanctum,
   Waiting for directions
      to get me safely through enemy lines.

 9-10 Every word they speak is a land mine;
      their lungs breathe out poison gas.
   Their throats are gaping graves,
      their tongues slick as mudslides.
   Pile on the guilt, God!
      Let their so-called wisdom wreck them.
   Kick them out! They’ve had their chance.

 11-12 But you’ll welcome us with open arms
      when we run for cover to you.
   Let the party last all night!
      Stand guard over our celebration.
   You are famous, God, for welcoming God-seekers,
      for decking us out in delight.

Jesus is the Rock and His Hand is on the Roll.  When that roll is called up yonder and your name is said, it doesn’t matter if you are 5, 10 or 105, it’s the fact that you lived a life that showed it was not about your age, but that throughout your ages you lived as if GOD gave it meaning, not that your age made you worthy or unworthy.

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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