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Truth and Consequences


I’ve decided something… no wait, I learned something about myself today.  I live on the corner between Jeremiah and Max Lucado.  I do really.  I can be so very much about the rules, but I also can be very much about having that heart that just focuses in the fact that we all put our pants on one leg at a time.  Even then, we’ve got differences.  We can either celebrate them, fight for ours, argue over theirs, or we can finally stop all this crazy nonsense and stop making ourselves the focus.  I’m pretty sure if we did the world would change.  Anywho… I’m I’m normally not confused about stuff, yet I still can be perplexed about a lot of things.

Just like how this blog is unfolding today and Who is behind my inspiration.  You can tell from some of my blogs that some of them are more me, and less the Lord.  Some are more the Lord and less me.  Those are better reads for sure, yet they are a part of who I was, who I am, and more so, Who the Lord is making me to be.

Stuff can hit the fan of life and upset the apple cart. Do not be so focused on people shunning you, or alienating you, that you miss doing what needed to be done, or saying what needed to be said.

Truth is I had no plans to blog today.  My head is sort of spinning around like a little top.  You remember tops right?  Do they even still make them.  Hold on I’ll Google and see.  Be right back!

Truths Have Consequences

First off you can’t just Google tops cause you know what you get don’t you?  Tops, men, women, children’s, all sorts, all shapes, all sizes, but of course no toy tops.  You also get tops for cars.  I don’t even know what that is about and since I don’t care either, I’ll leave that for the car worthy people to answer someday, should I ever care. =)    It’s early and my head wasn’t quite in the search game or I would have thought that through on the first try.  Hold on, I’ll be right back!

Spinning Tops

Yippee Wiki, we’ve hit pay dirt!  At first I wasn’t sure where GOD was leading me with all this but as the spinning tops come into view I’m getting a clearer view of the direction this morning.  You have to understand this, and I know I share it often, but quite honestly, most of the time I have no set plan of what I’m going to share.  I’m sort of the woman who likes plans, but also rolls by the seat of her pants.  Yes another back in the day expression meaning:  To do something by instinct or without advance preparation.  I do really roll like that with also somewhat of a splash or pouring on of OCD order to my life.  That’s the way I like it.  So when I tell you that I had no plans on blogging, it’s only the Lord leading me as I begin to begin the start of my day.  I just keep my keyboard and pen always at the ready as He leads.  That’s about it.  On days when I get some bright ideas and I have no pen or the thought that I thought would make for a good blog disappears from my minds file cabinet, seriously I’m pretty sure it was just a lesson *GOD* planned for to be imparted just for me.  He’s always walking, talking and teaching me.  Growing me and stretching me by leaps and bounds.  Sometimes I smile and love the learning curve, and some days it is sort of like when you have had a baby, or surgery.  The first time you really don’t think about the after part so much because you are unaware of all the pain it takes to heal.  However, if you’ve been there done that, you know.  *GOD* stretching us, and our being in under His tutelage should feel sort of like that.  Letting go of old habits, bad ways, and being deconstructed so that you can be reconstructed to be fashioned after His image is not for the faint of heart.  In fact it’s only for the committed.  It’s for those who are willing to put their faith where, well quite honestly, where they say their faith is, in Christ Jesus.

Unless your heart, your soul, and your whole being are behind every decision you make, the words from your mouth will be empty, and each action will be meaningless. Truth and confidence are the roots of happiness.

I have no idea, nor apparently does anyone who said this, but I think it’s a very good quote.

You might be one of those picture perfect people who doesn’t own up to the fact that learning this way isn’t easy.  Maybe you just quote verses from Scripture and keep all the tough stuff inside and peachy-keen easy does it on the outside, so to  make everyone around you think you are a purely great runner in this CHRISTian race.  So much for *GOD*for you, because if you look at those folks being stretched on the rack of testing and trials in the Bible, it’s a killer… no really, it can do some damage to you.  So try as you may to make it look all sing a song of verses easy, it’s not! If someone has ever made you feel bad for feeling bad, or being discouraged, shame on them.  It happens to the best of His Body.  Although, and although is sort of like however, you can’t keep a GOD-man or GOD-woman down.  He doesn’t allow for it.

If you’ve met me or you’ve been following along here, you’ll already know I’m not that woman.  I’m a pretty positive and happy person, but to assume that we should always be up and high on life, that’s ludicrous.   If you don’t like me saying that, and if that’s not your deal, and you like just making think that going His way is always easy breezy, this blog for sure is not for you.  If you also are that person who hasn’t really ever been tested under fire, first off I feel sorry for you.  You have no idea the closer walk you actually get when you are walking in His Truth and dealing what you thought would be the consequences of obeying Him, all to find out it puts you into a whole crazier place.  Doesn’t mean it’s the wrong place, it just means, as it should be, that He is still working on you, and best of all He is with you all the way!

Three Ranks of People

The people who if you make a decision and everything doesn’t come up peaches and cream, they love to tell you were wrong.  Not so good!

Then there are the people who tell you, you made the decision, if you believe it to be true, He’ll lead you through.  True, but not quite great.

The rank of people that tell you that you’ve made a decision and He’ll lead you, and we’ll stick by you no matter what, those are the GREAT people.

They are the people who do not base friendship, loyalty and even family issues on the points of view you have.  They don’t just spout out I’ll pray for you, they really pray.  They ask how can I pray, and most of all they stay.


If you’ve never read Voice of Martyrs (you can find it on the side of my blog in my favorite books) you are missing out.  One of the saddest things some CHRISTian people have picked up on though in these books is that you have to in some foreign country to be going through this.  Or that if you do it, you must do it alone.  That’s so not the lesson to be learned.  The valued lesson is that we should in Truth all be living like this both on the inside and outside.

Throughout my life I’ve made a lot of decisions.  When I didn’t know the Lord I of course made many, many bad decisions.  I hurt a lot of people including myself.  The worst decisions I’ve ever made though, they were the ones where I didn’t choose to do what the LORD placed upon my heart to do.  I went forth and like some fool who didn’t know better.  I made choices based on what would keep me from looking bad.  Or avoided conflict.  I’ve probably made the the worst decisions on the later.  Believe it or not I don’t like conflict.  I find it easier to share how I feel on paper and blog then that in voice.  It’s me.  If only I couldn’t speak and I had to write.  I’d think more clearly, and take my time before I speak, or worse yet, say nothing at all.

So what does all that have to do with Truth and Consequences?  Everything!  We are living in times when a lot of people focus more on doing whatever the masses of people say you should do, then that of where GOD wants to lead you.  That’s why we have these books with so few of Bible character traits being actually lived out.  We go into these safe houses, known as churches and we get into a comfy cozy group of people and we live out our life there all safe and sound.  We don’t venture out into the unsafe zone like those who are doing it in other countries even today.  We want to make our adult Bible groups, our safety zone net of people to cheer and help us run.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s good, but of what good is it if the people within those walls aren’t advancing into the world witnessing to all the people who don’t enter into those walls?  It is good for those that they encounter, but if you really are living it out loud, being able to work through all that with the actual people who are not liking or loving you, that is where the truest test of Truth and consequence happen.  And you know what?  It’s HARD!!!  It’s like the reverse of the song words, it ain’t easy, he’s my brother, because it ain’t easy, he isn’t my brother.  So you end up being a person who has struggles with the brother in-Christ because they don’t get you, and the not brother.  How messed up I ask you is that.

Why is it Christendom can handle the book lives of people with their faith struggles and not the real people?  This is the reason.  It’s because the Truth is, when often GOD is in it, He knows that all the voices that would enter into this time and season of your life ARE NOT what He wants you to listen to.  He wants your undivided attention and He wants to be the ARMS and Shelter you fall into.


No, no, no, this life is not for the faint of ♥.  It is for the bravest of ♥’s.

For those who think me to “religious” as I was accused of being yesterday, I will put here a quote that will knock your socks off.  Meaning: If something knocks your socks off, it amazes and surprises you, usually in a positive way.  That’s the plan anywho…

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” Roy Disney, son of Walt Disney’s brother, Roy.

Back to the Top

Now back to the subject at the beginning of saying my head was spinning around like a little tip. I decided to throw in a personal little rhyme too:

“Does your head spin like a top?  It happens to me, I don’t know if it happens to you, but when it does happen to me, only stopping with do.”  Jeannie Bee

When looking up something you need to be precisely on target and very sure of it’s source or Truth.  You don’t need public opinion, just GOD’s point of view.

Spinning tops.  If you do a search for tops, you can’t key in just tops cause you get everything but… because these tops are known for… wait for it…


This is in fact a truth that does happen to us.  If it doesn’t happen to you I guess you will do what is most CHRISTian to do, and agree to disagree.  That’s my hope and prayer for us both.  We don’t need to banter, argue or the worst scenario, not talk any longer.  I HATE THAT!  Yes, hate!  I used the word hate yesterday and someone said, “Jeannie you said the word hate.”  Seriously?  It’s okay to hate some things.  There are after all six, no wait for it, seven things…

Proverbs 6 NLT

16 There are six things the Lord hates—
    no, seven things he detests:
17 haughty eyes,
    a lying tongue,
    hands that kill the innocent,
18 a heart that plots evil,
    feet that race to do wrong,
19 a false witness who pours out lies,
    a person who sows discord in a family.

This passage is from The Message and I’ve added in the first few verses before as well, because I know that there is for sure a message within when you are Jeannie Bee and the word “cooked up” is present, for there are no coincidences, just GOD-incidences.

Proverbs 6

Always Cooking Up Something Nasty

 12-15 Riffraff and rascals
   talk out of both sides of their mouths.
They wink at each other, they shuffle their feet,
   they cross their fingers behind their backs.
Their perverse minds are always cooking up something nasty,
   always stirring up trouble.
Catastrophe is just around the corner for them,
   a total smashup, their lives ruined beyond repair.

Seven Things God Hates

 16-19 Here are six things God hates,
    and one more that he loathes with a passion:
      eyes that are arrogant,
      a tongue that lies,
      hands that murder the innocent,
      a heart that hatches evil plots,
      feet that race down a wicked track,
      a mouth that lies under oath,
      a troublemaker in the family.

Live A GOD-incidental Life in-Christ Jesus

I love how in verse 6 it’s GOD who is the originated of the original “wait for it”.  If it was me, I’d rather get His Truth and know that whatever consequence I have ahead, it is something good.

By the by… it’s not all about your dreams come true.  It’s being true to allowing His dream for you to come true.  Nothing more, nothing less. Just more of Him and less of you, all the while trying to balance living here with your focus being on the Eternal.  If we don’t bring the Truth, all of it, in Love, we miss the mark completely.  You cannot bring all the Love and leave the Truth lagging behind.  Without it you will only be half witnessing and half  he♥rtedly sharing.

There are always going to be consequences with decisions me make.  In the end it doesn’t matter a hoot if everyone walked with you, talked with you, hugged you, lunched with you, or if you have thousands of friends on Facebook or followers on Pinterest or what have you.  If what you were doing had little to nothing with Him walking and talking with you, but always someone else telling you what they wanted you to do, you for sure missed out on the best part of living this life in-Christ Jesus.

When I Turn To You


When I turn to You
You are always waiting
With a heart that understands before I speak
And I learn from You
All that really matters
Though a million years go by You’ll still love me
I no longer look for a place to hide
Cause I know where I belong
When I turn to You
When I turn to You
When I turn to You, dear Lord
I know that I love You
When I turn to You
You are watching over me
Through eyes that look beyond the faults I see
And I learn from You
You are always merciful
Though I remember all that You’ve forgiven me
I no longer look for a place to hide
Cause I know where I belong
When I turn to You
When I turn to You
When I turn to You, dear Lord
I know that I love You

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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