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I don’t have a green thumb…


For whatever reason today I didn’t want to make cake.  Yes I know, I must be sicker than a dog, have a fever.  At the very least I’m delusional. LOL   Yet no, momma didn’t call the doctor, cause if the doctor was called, all I would have explained was that I was in the mood for something different today.

You don’t know it, or maybe you do, I cannot grow anything, it’s true!  I have absolutely no green thumb what-so-ever.  I’m not just saying this either.  I literally have even killed silk plants before.  They have gotten so much dust laden upon them they have drooped and died on the spot.  I have found that having a green thumb and being able to be somewhat of a grower of things takes a certain gift.

However… now that I always am good at, having a however… Where there is a will there is a way.  So being that what I was in the mood to make had nothing to do with cake, I sort of grew something and here it is…

Jeannie’s Homemade Grow-nola!

(Yes I did, I absolutely added the word grow-nola to my dictionary =)

At this point I also realize I will not any time soon be perusing that of becoming a comedian either. LOL  Who knows though, ya just never know.

Happy baking and cooking,

Jeannie Bee


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