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All Of My Help


Today I received an e-mail from a friend.  Someone who I connected with on many levels and who is an amazing sweet-♥, and she has a ♥ for GOD.  Today she wrote some very kind words, some funny ones too, but she also gave me Scripture to read.  Scripture that helped her through a spot of time in life, similar to the difficulties we are facing.

Now we are just getting to know each other and there is no way she would know that this Scripture attaches itself to one of my absolute favorite songs.  It is another CD that gets popped into the player in the car and I sing my praises to GOD.  Quite different from Scott Krippayne’ Coffee Song.

My Help, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir


Thank you so much Yvonne, you have been His hands, feet and also His voice.

Now I want to share with you something of a treasure in words I have.  It is a book of paraphrased Psalms.

Here is the paraphrased version of Psalm 121 from Psalms Now:

Psalm 121 – Psalms Now

Where should I look for help in my need?   To majestic mountain peaks that probe our skies or to giants of industry that hem in our cities?  To satellites that circle our world or to computers that store up our knowledge?

The answer to my problems and the fulfillment of my needs must come from GOD Himself, from him who created skies and mountains and man to dwell in their midst.  He is a Great GOD who knows our every desire, whose watchful eye is upon us night and day.  We can make no move without His knowledge.  His concern for His children is constant; His love for them is Eternal.

And thus the Lord will keep you.  Shielding you from the forces of evil as a shade tree shields you from the rays of the blazing sun.

He does care for you, and He will fight with you against the enemies of your soul.  Whether you be coming or going, He knows the course you take, and He will go before you.

~Father GOD~

Thank you so much for this friendship.  For this friend is my icing on the cake of my life.  This friend is a friend of rejoicing, she is a Psalm 22 friend, for she brought Your Word for comfort, and her words of hope and footsteps of friendship.  It is today that our feet, Yvonne and mine, are standing at Your Gate, placing all things in Your care, entrusting all things in both our lives unto You.

GOD make both our paths clear.  Order the purposes of our life according to Your plans.  It is You who has given our lives meaning, and it is clearly You who brought us together in friendship.  More of a prize is there in that than any man could ever have given or imagined.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Until all have  heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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