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~It’s a lot for “Bee” to handle~


How about you? Is He ever at the forefront of your thoughts and plans too? Cause you are always in His thoughts, as well as in His plans.

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day but it didn’t have all the components of a good day either.  Praise GOD it didn’t have all the components of being a bad, low down, no good day either.  That’s something worth writing about.  My day yesterday had some struggles in it.  It had some news in it from someone, about another someone whom I’m praying for.  This someone, this someone is someone I so could see knowing the Lord. Have you ever just met someone who has all this stuff that if it got turned inside out, and downside to upside they would be this dynamic and amazing testimony for GOD?  Well I do.  Often in fact.  It might just BEE because that’s me.  I was that individual who came to know the Lord because I was working at a school where several Bible Believing, CHRIST-centered CHRISTians were working, and they were praying for me.

Me-Jeannie Bee, I was that women who said something like, “Oh sure, a lawyer who knows the Lord, like we need another born again lawyer.”  From my mouth to GOD’s ears, praise GOD!!!  It’s perfect and true example of how the Lord takes our negativity and turns it around for His glory.  That’s me, I’m that story.  That’s you too!  It’s all of us.

So… what does all that have to do with everything BEEing a lot for me to handle?  Everything! LOL   I’m trying to stay on heap of happiness.  Truth be told I could never do it alone, not without my Savior.  You might not feel that way, that’s cool, cause it’s got nothing to do with a feeling.  It’s everything to with faith.

Song In My Head, Savior In My ♥

Yes, I do wake up groggy and in need of that first cup of coffee of the day.  Scott Krippayne, I swear you wrote and sang the coffee song just for me.  It’s truly that “first cup of coffee every day”.  Thank you Scott!!! LOL

Commercial Interruption:

Coffee Song by Scott Krippayne


Now Back To Our Somewhat Regularly Scheduled Blog. LOL

Really, after the coffee spills into my filing cabinet of my mind and gets all the drawers unlocked, I’m ready, willing and able to think clearly.  Yeah right, that’s what some of you are thinking.  I never said I think perfectly did I now?  Nah-nah!!!  Just clearly, clear as a Jeannie Bee can and does.  Another song from Scott Krippayne that I’m thankful for.  “I’m not cool but that’s okay, my GOD loves me anyway.  I’m not cool and that’s alright, I’m still precious in His sight.  Oh I’m not cool and I don’t care, how I’m suppose to do my hair.  I’m not cool and that’s okay, my GOD loves me anyway!!!”  Extra marks added my me because how can you not get excited about GOD loving you in spite of who you are.  That’s the reason for the real song that was on my heart and in my head this morning.  I couldn’t wait to play it, and here you so patiently have, so I’ll post it.  This  is the song that plays no matter what kind of day.  It’s a life song of the deepest part of me.

Aaron Shust – My Savior Lives


Now The Reveal of:  “The Good” Shoes

There is a need for balance and GOD is the best at it.

Job 5:8-16
[ What a Blessing When God Corrects You! ] “If I were in your shoes, I’d go straight to God, I’d throw myself on the mercy of God. After all, he’s famous for great and unexpected acts; there’s no end to his surprises. He gives rain, for instance, across the wide earth, sends water to irrigate the fields. He raises up the down-and-out, gives firm footing to those sinking in grief. He aborts the schemes of conniving crooks, so that none of their plots come to term. He catches the know-it-alls in their conspiracies— all that intricate intrigue swept out with the trash! Suddenly they’re disoriented, plunged into darkness; they can’t see to put one foot in front of the other. But the downtrodden are saved by God, saved from the murderous plots, saved from the iron fist. And so the poor continue to hope, while injustice is bound and gagged.

It’s very true.  We always think to pray for this or that, to ask for this or that.  We think of need in the sense of things, and wants, and provision.  We forget that one of our greatest needs to ask for, it is that of correction.  We are willing to wear the shoes that fit the profile of a CHRISTian but often we forfeit the work of allowing His working within us.  We want all the wants, while forfeiting the refinement wear.  GOD’s clothing line cannot be purchased at Macy’s.

Then there is the other pair of shoes we get to wear.  These are the feet that know that His feet walked the walk you know you were suppose to take to the cross.  These are the feet shod with the Gospel, and yes, yes we can know our Bible.  Yes, yes we can be studied up, prayed up, but if we are not fueled up and on fire with the Holy Spirit, we might as well put upon our feet some shabby shoddy shoes of the day.  You can find them just about any-WEAR.  In fact they could be referred to as a line of Any-Wear Shoes.  These are the shoes that some CHRISTians don because it affords them the ability to “fit in”.  To move into an area that is pleasing and acceptable, and it has the talk of things that sound more lofty and educated and more pleasing to the ear.

I tell you that is all good, but it is the one that can be molded and made after His will that GOD has always worked with.  A man with a stutter who was a complete and total basket case, a simple young small boy with a sling.  People like these are everywhere still today.  Yet we walk past them in our perfect pair of earthly shoes thinking they are not educated, well spoken, they are not what we want to present.  You best get into your Bible a little more and see just who GOD used to be presentable so that someone just like you could come to know CHRIST.  You better take a look at a murderer of CHRISTians who now is probably the most studied, and the most quoted.  How has it been for you.  Have your shoes walked past some Saul’s never seeing the Paul-possible within them?

Be Careful, Your Head Might Swell Two Sizes Instead of Your ♥

This is the reminder that overwhelms me.  This is the reason I blog/journal here.  This is all I know to leave behind.  It’s our story, me and GOD=Father, Son and Spirit.  We are family.  He is mine and I am so very, very much His.  That’s what keeps my little head from getting way to proud.  Plus that I’m a terrible grammar girl here.  I write like I talk/a bazillion miles a minute covering five subjects in as many minutes.  Yes, this is me to the truest of forms.  What I’m about to share is someone else and their view of me.  Yes, I’ll admit GOD had this come along during some bad news bearing days.  Just like the whole Duncan Hines thing.  It’s all just what GOD-ordered for me.  However, with that said, just like with the Duncan Hines thing.  It’s my ♥ that today still remembers to pray for all those who entered and didn’t win.  I do really.  I know that this is the reason I don’t like sports so much.  All these proud winners, and all these sad sack losers.  All these loud winners shouting out and all these losing team players left in the dust of all their effort.  It’s way to much for my Jeannie Bee mind to wrap around.  So I pray, I pray and work on Team Jesus alone.  He is the winner of my soul.  He wants to win you over too!  So I’m sharing this note below and just how GOD can take all the cruddy here and now 0f the bad stuff of your life and make it bearable!  How He can take you and dust you off and shine you up like some old penny that was left on the ground as a worthless thing, not worth picking up.  GOD loves pennies.  (Again with the Penny-Penny-Penny- Oh Big Bang Theory will you ever be out of my head. LOL)  This is how I said it is for me, everything is all encompassed together for the GOD glory of it all.  Just as it is with this note from a customer.  It’s her point of view.  Here goes.  I’d have scanned it, but I have no scanner.  I do have a copy if you’d like proof.  I’d however hope you know by now I’m a Bible Believer who knows that everything we think we are hiding behind, will be revealed.  EVERYTHING.  Every word is recorded and being accounted for, so why hide behind whatever, because all the doors are going to open and they’ll be no let’s make a deal with GOD.

So Just Be The Real You

The following was written by a customer at our Publix.  I don’t know her personally, I know her well as a customer who does not like to cook.   I do remember the day Chris stopped by my area at work where I cook up all those Apron’s recipes and she was in desperate need of assistance.  All I did was what I would have done even if I was just shopping.  I love food, but I love people more!!!  Food isn’t going to Heaven, people are.  =)  I’m typing this out exactly as Chris wrote it:

Brains In My Head

They remind me that as nice as that card was to receive, it is because I know it reminds me I’m doing my job.  My job?  It’s helping people.  It’s the thing I can so get behind working for Publix.  My favorite commercials Publix ever had were and are the ones depicting events in peoples lives.  Sure the store ones are all nicey-nice and all, but it’s the people that come first with Publix.  This company is a daily reminder of who comes first.  This is just how my brain rolls in life.  I need a job that challenges me.  One that brings me to a place of learning new things; which I do daily.  A job where I am also in the mission field.

When I first got this job I loved the thought of cooking for a living – and getting paid to dishes–who hasn’t asked for that over the years?  LOL  If I wasn’t going to be teaching Bible to children, and sharing the love of CHRIST with parents and children, cooking, yes cooking was a GOD fit for me.  That was not what GOD had planned though.  That was the brain in my head thinking He wanted me to do something I enjoyed.  GOD’s plan was to put me in the field, and into the field He did.

It’s not always been peaches and cream.  I’ve made many a mistake on this job.  I’ve learned to be more humble and at the same time to be more confident and the Jeannie Bee GOD needs me to be.  I also know that the letter above is not the truest depiction of me.  Pretty sure GOD could add my eval and it would show that there is room, much room for improvement of Jeannie Bee.

So as you read that letter, know that it is just one persons opinion.  There probably are some other letters about me that are not so flattering.  I know this because I daily deal with people who let me know they don’t like me.  That’s okay, my GOD loves them anyway!!!  Me too!!!

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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