DHFC Winners – 4th of July, State Cake Parade


It’s time for us to come together again, and once again for fun and food. How about it ladies, are you ready to show us all what your great state is made of in a wonderful 4th of July DHFC social media sort of way?

♪♫ Land That I Love ♪♫

Again I have to give this info.  I don’t work for Pinnacle Foods or Duncan Hines.  I’m just a loyalist to the core to things that are good, therefore I’m going to be a fan of Duncan Hines and Pinnacle Foods.  If you don’t like that, we are all going to do what?  We are going to do what makes America so great, we are going to agree to disagree, but come together over the love that we all bring from our hearts and homes to the table of goodness on the plate of this land that we love.  Agreed?

Looks like it’s going to be another hot one in our area.  What am I saying, if I focus on the heat, I’d be saying that every single morning for the next several months.  It’s Florida after all and our state motto should be: ♪♫ The heat is on…♪♫

If I was a full-time teacher here in Florida and I was teaching at that grade level where students learn all about the ever so wonderful fifty-nifty states, I’d mix things up a little different in my classroom.  In fact I’d be having my students mix things up a lot!

So, What’s A Women To Do?

What’s a women to do when she doesn’t have a class of students?  She does the next best thing, she goes to all her already winning Duncan Hines Frosting Creations classmates and asks them to join her in a fun Duncan Hines classroom activity.

So I’m sending out a challenge to all my Duncan Hines Frosting Creations winner friends to see if you would like to join me in doing a little something in honor of the 4th of July.  After all if it wasn’t for these fifty-nifty United States we live in, and for all the freedoms in which so many have sacrificed and help us to have, we wouldn’t have, couldn’t have ever even come together as we did and meet in one of those fifty state, New Jersey.

So how about it?  Are you ladies up for a little fun activity?

How about a little musical number to get you motivated for my latest scathingly brilliant idea?

Fifty State Song and Duncan Hines Class Project


Inspired, ready, set to bake?  I sure hope so because here is my little challenge of which I hope we can all come together once again in a fun and happy sort of way.

Here is the challenge I’m sending out to anyone I can get in touch with via this medium…  How about all of us ladies do a cake representing the state we are currently living in, that state we drove or flew from to come together in such a sweet way with Duncan Hines and Pinnacle Foods?

The idea is to do a cake, shaped like your state and to look like a class project where the cake and it’s toppings or decor represent the state of which you live.  Back in my youth we did all this on poster board, but who can eat that?  So I’m just saying, let’s get baking and bring our states together, united once again.

What do you say ladies?

Ready said, “bake”!

Jeannie Bee


4 comments on “DHFC Winners – 4th of July, State Cake Parade

  1. ooohhhhhh la laaaa! Sounds fun! I still have my california notebook from high school LOL, unless hubby threw it away. I’m game. =)

  2. Kim I’m so glad!!!

    I’m so old that when I was in school we just did posters. What got me thinking about this was how cool I thought it was if I was a teacher, and it was time for your class to do their state reports and share, I’d have them all do a cake. Add to that I was wanting to find a way to bring us all back together, and the 4th was coming up, and lo, we have the beginnings of a plan.

    • Ah, but as a teacher, we are constantly hounded to allow the students to have “choice” as well as reminded that not all students have the same resources. Hence, they would be give the option of baking and decorating a cake. An option I am choosing, lol.

      It should also be interesting to have the boys help me in some capacity with it.

  3. I agree Sandra, it’s going to be a choose it all the way. I would even think if someone used the DHFC and did something with rice krisipies, that would be awesome. As long as the creator has a fun time along the way and it doesn’t become something of a chore or competition, it’s all going to come out with us all still being winners.

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