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Riesen or an excuse?


My pastor’s dad has a saying:

“For of what lasting value is a good day if it’s not also a godly day?”  Woodrow Kroll, Back To The Bible.

That’s pretty much the way I roll.  I’m also living in a place in my life where as far as baking is concerned, if it’s not Duncan Hines, what’s the point?  You think I’m kidding?  You don’t know me so well.  I still have a little something planned up my sleeve to do to prove all this to you but for today I’m doing this, and thus…

So you have a plan, the plan is to make something for a co-worker who has just had surgery.  You purchase all the things you need, you of course get your Duncan Hines Brownie Mixes, your Duncan Hines Frosting Creations, and after standing in the aisle looking as if you have some sort of baker-hymers, you pick your Duncan Hines Frosting Creations.  Your plans are to bake this the next day (aka. today).  You set everything aside and you, because you are a Duncan Hines baker, can’t wait to see how this idea still not quite ready in your head, will unfold tomorrow.  You wait… you wait… and finally… it’s today!

You get your brownie mixes all mixed and into the big old pan.  The house smells amazing for 8AM. in the morning, nothing really unusual in your home, and you wait.  Tick-tock, tick-tock, goes the clock and your little foot is tapping along with the time.  It’s a song you’ve sung many a time and you know it’s a good song because it’s got the words Duncan Hines written into the score. =)


Yes, yes there is an utoh.  You discover that either the nice bag person at the grocer forgot to put your Frosting Creations packet into the bag, or worse, yesterday you threw the plastic bag away (I know, bad Jeannie, bad Jeannie for not recycling), with the flavor packet in it.  Oh sugar-pops.  Do I make an excuse and just have plain jane/jeannie brownies?  That would work you know, it’s Duncan Hines.  Plain brownies are comforting, nothing wrong with this plan.

Excuse or a Riesen

However we are talking about me, or rather I’m talking about me. LOL  I can’t do it because a glitch has occured.  I pray.  Yes, I do pray, GOD cares about EVERYTHING.  GOD has something better I’m sure..  This is how things roll back and forth in my jeannieism world and my baking world.  I’m always on the playing field with a thought and GOD.  GOD, who’s thoughts are higher,  decided I should be doing something else.  That is how I choose to see anything that happens, because this Jeannie believes in no such thing as coinky-dinks, but GOD-incidents.  Or at least that’s my view, the other is that He knows the plans I have and He knows how fallible man is, and He is always and forever there to lend His hand into the mix and help out and give you support.  The question will we just make some big old excuse or will we roll with His reasoning.  Choices, choices?  It’s always about choice.

I remember, just last week I used the Caramel Packet in my Frosting Creations Frosting and still have some left.  Will it be enough to do whatever it is I’m now going to do.  Yes, yes I can do this, there is a half of a container left.  I can still reason away a plan to do this co-worker dessert.  So I proceed as all enthusiastic, innovative, free thinkers do I’m one Duncan Hines happy camper still.  Yippy-skippy, but most of all… PRAISE THE LORD!

The Poem

You see I’d already written my silly little poem for her yesterday.  We don’t have, or should I say  I don’t have all those gizmo’s and gadgets and what have you’s to print out foo-foo pretty things.  I just have plain paper.  I don’t even have a printer, but for the sake my son who is a teacher and now doesn’t need his printer at school… praise the Lord, he’s brought it home and I can use it.  Don’t you just love how simple is good, we are all seemingly looking for simple, all the while simple is still right here before us.  I’m good with simple, when it comes to working where GOD has you, and with what GOD has given you, that’s the simple goodness of life.  All the rest of my goodness comes the overflow of life.  So my poem isn’t any giant leap for mankind and creative prettiness, it’s just from my heart, and that’s all I know how to do.

Also if you know me, singing is not my gift.  A very nice music pastor, aka. Pastor Paul, with all his graces and mercies told me once, “Jeannie, you are good melody singer.”  He was being kind.  I’m not any sort of singer.  However if you can just open up the tune in your head to “We wish you a Merry CHRISTmas” you can sing the tune I attached “I wish you” for my co-worker.  Trust me, she’ll appreciate it being written not sung by me.  See no more excuses, just lots of Riesens =)

What to call this creation, h’m…

Riesen for Brownies

You can find the recipe at the Duncan Hines website by clicking on the link below.  If you’ve not tried any of the Frosting Creations flavor packets yet, what are you waiting for.  You now know for sure you really don’t need any reason for doing so. ☺♥☺  You also have no excuses. LOL

This recipe may be found at the Duncan Hines website:  You are one click away from having the best reason ever to bake.♥


Happy, happy joyful baking with Duncan Hines,

Jeannie Bee

P.S. A few hours later:

While I was out and about getting dog food, I also picked up a packet of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Flavor Packets.  This time, with lesson learned I asked the nice cashier if she would please hand me the packet after ringing it up.  Forever and always I told her I will be treating this like a Hallmark Gold card. LOL and never will I let it just be dropped inside the bag.



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