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Yes, yes I do windows!


Salt because you need the flavoring and light because we all need to see.

My mind flutters with thoughts.  As I was doing my dishes, and my dish sink is stationed in front of my big kitchen wide windows.  Don’t get jealous or anything this is a home that most refer to here in Florida as a starter home.  A wee little abode that for many they call home, not a starter.  Starters as far as this woman is now concerned has everything to with Duncan Hines.  =)  See, you did not think me able to get in a blog journal without mentioning them did you?  Silly you, not mentioning Duncan Hines is for… well that just shouldn’t be.

Cleaning My Windows Got Me A Job

True story:

Back in the day, way back in the day, when I was younger, oh so much younger and looking for a job, any job, I got one.  Do you want to know how?  Well you sort of know but the rest of the story is the best part.  It always is, isn’t it?

I was outside scrubbing away at the very windows I still see through my kitchen.  There are many panes and creases.  It’s not just one big old window, it’s many.  Spraying, scrubbing, squeegeeing away, sort of whistle while you work ♪♫♪… My husband came out to tell me someone was on the phone for me.

BACK UP:  I put in an application just the day before at, WAIT FOR IT…

AARP!  Not just any AARP, this was a prescription filling plant of AARP.  Interesting yes, because I know nothing about such things, but I do about typing (yes I know you are wondering about that and scared now aren’t you?).  I do, just that now a days my mind goes faster than my arthritic fingers and well, everyone needs an editor, maybe a filter too. LOL   I applied because my number key pad skill score was over the roof at 1200 strokes per minute.  Pretty decent for a girl who doesn’t do math right?  It comes from working for seven years at a C.P.A. firm, two actually.  This could be the stemming of my loathing of math and or numbers maybe?  Who knows.

Anywho I walk in the house and grab the phone.  I’m sort of out of breath.  It’s Florida, I’m stretching, reaching, climbing down the ladder and all.  I apologize as I speak for being sort of out of breath and explain that I have been cleaning windows.  He just says this:  “Are you getting paid to do that?”  I said no.  He said… “You have the job.  Anyone who does windows without getting paid gets the job.”

That is a true story.  So I figure if window cleaning got me that job…

What Could Doing Dishes or Cleaning Bathrooms Get Me? LOL

Okay back to point.  I don’t mind doing dishes.  When I share this people shriek at me.  I also will follow that up with that I’d rather clean a bathroom than do laundry.  That is the cleaning truth.  I cleaned banks and offices as a second job before and truly it’s easier, it’s quick and heck there is chemical killing everything when you are doing that so what is the big deleo I don’t know.  That’s me though.

As I was doing my dishes I noticed as I have been lately that my windows are so dirty.  That got me to thinking how I haven’t cleaned them because I have no Windex/glass cleaner.  I keep meaning to buy it but to be perfectly honest I’ve been grabbing up Duncan Hines product instead.  I know right, my good!!! ☺  Given a choice in life between window cleaner and cake products from Duncan Hines you have to think to yourself, are these even choices?  Well, it has come down to ingenuity.  I don’t really need window cleaner.  I do need cake product.  What? you say!

Let me explain.  You see Duncan Hines will forever and always be making my life sweet, we all need that.  Even if you are not someone who can have Duncan Hines, you are someone who can make and give it.  Sharing is caring and caring is something we should learn early on in life.  Not just the sympathy caring either.  We need to have empathy.  Empathy is if I even find out I have diabetes I’m not going to stop using Duncan Hines products.  No, no I’m not.  You can count on that.  I myself at some given moment in time might not be able to have the product but that does not mean the sweet tooth world has stopped spinning on its axis.  So of course because I believe in and love these products I’m going to keep purchasing and creating with them.

The windows are like that.  I don’t have window cleaner.  I do have ammonia and water.  When I was young girl that is often a spring smell I remember waking up to.  My little peepers would walk into our so called starter home (which by the by housed several people-I’m the last of eleven children and my grandmother lived with us until she died when I was in kindergarten).  My dad would be on a ladder with a bucket filled with nothing but ammonia and water.  It stunk but man oh man he got those windows streak free and clean and all without getting window cleaner out of a bottle.

It’s all about choices we each make.  I want the best cake mix therefore being wise as I am, and having a certain skill set in knowing product and what is best, I choose Duncan Hines.  This came by learning and trying other brands, even my own homemade cake mixes written by my mothers own hand in her handmade cookbooks of which I treasure.  Yes, I’ve tried, I’ve tested and Duncan Hines comes out BEST!  I could also keep trying window cleaner hoping for the best one to come along or I could do as my dad did and allow his experience and know how to teach me.  I don’t need something out of bottle I need the original that is in the bottle.  I need ammonia to do the work and I need to get past that I want my window cleaner not to smell or smell pretty.  Seriously on the grand scale of things do I really give a flying fig about such things?  No, no I don’t.

This all came to me just while filling my sink with water.  It’s also a lesson in how badly do we want to get cleaned up.  How ready are we to come clean.  To put ourselves through some clean-up in GOD’s kitchen make-over?  Are we willing to settle for just a little bit of spot cleaning up of ourselves or are we able and willing participants in going for the BEST that He has for us?  I’m praying it’s the later.  I know for me that is what I want.  If I settle for just being streak free, am I really cleaned up?  If we settle for the basic mix of things to be poured into us and not the BEST mix of things GOD has, will we rise up to the occasions of life on a playing field that shows the world we are different.  Cause ya know… the world is so waiting for us to be the difference GOD intended for us all to be.  The only thing holding Him back is us.  We get in the way of His clean up plans, of His beautification program.  If we can’t submit to that, after submitting to Him, did we ever really submit at all?  I’m just say’n.

I never did keep that job.  I was driven crazy within three days.  No really.  It was a place where a whistle went off and you clocked in.  A whistle went off and you took a morning break.  A whistle went off and you came back from your morning break.  A whistle went off and you went to lunch.  A whistle went off and you came back from lunch.  A whistle went off and you took an afternoon break.  A whistle went off and you came back from your afternoon break.  A whistle went off and you went home!!!

What? That drove you crazy?  Try it for a couple of days.  Or maybe that is your bent.  It wasn’t mine.  I need a lot of things constant but I also need things mixed up.  Ah, the mix up? We all need to know our bent, we also all need to know how that bent needs to get bent and improved upon by GOD.  That is the bending that is and should and must happen for every Bible Believing Christ-centered CHRISTian.

The Question Is

Not if you want to be one salty or bright.  The truth is we all must choose in the Body to be salt and light.  Cooking and baking is like that.  Somethings you will make and until they see the light of day they have to proof.  They have to be ready for the reveal.  We are just like that.  We must at that point of being ready, shine.  There is nothing so wonderful as the reveal.  There is nothing as wonderful as flavor and salt is a flavor that most love.  GOD does indeed love salt and light.

Will I be salt and light? Because if not I will not shine, and no matter how much earthly polish I put on me I’m not going to look like the child GOD intended.  If I’m going to just fill up on all the worlds ways and leave all the ways of GOD at the wayside, I’m going to be streaked with impurity and looking into the window of my life what one will find is not seeing Jesus before you see me.  I can’t have that.  Yes, yes, yes we all like some of that attention, we need to know we are doing our part, but if in the final segment, the whole living ratio of it all we are not doing it all without a puffiness that rises us alone to the top of the window pane for others to see, we sure as heck-fire missed the mark of being salt and light for Christ!

Not without the tools, never without His best can we be all He wants us to be.  I cannot be anyone but me, but I’m not stupid or foolish.  I know I have so much more to learn.  Stuff that needs to be filtered out of me.  Stuff that is in me that needs to light up and go forth too.

How about you?  Salt and Light–cleaning up the window of you is all you need to do.

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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