Duncan Hines: It Starts With An Idea

This is what the people in the Garden State are like. They are the people of Pinnacle Foods, Duncan Hines, and R.B.B., along with all the flowers they brought this past weekend to bloom with them. You will be forever and always in my ♥.


Duncan Hines Frosting Creation Winners Weekend

I learned something this past weekend.  Okay, I learned a lot this past weekend.  What I mostly learned about something that I do, is that I am not a blogger by any stretch of the means.  I, Jeannie Bee am a journaler.  This might be a WordPress Blog, but I am a journaler on a journey.

This was a memory making weekend with Duncan Hines and a very reality weekend as well.  You see I am an admitted individual with attachment issues.  Basically… I’m a people person.  Only I’m a bit of quirky people person because I also like to be alone.  If that doesn’t make any sense to you right now you need to read up on INFJ’s.  Yes, yes I did, and have as a matter of fact labeled myself!  I have no problem because if the shoe fits, and by the by I wear a very small size 5–I wear it!  Now I might not be a perfect INFJ but as we were continually reminded this weekend from Chef Joe “Practice, practice, practice.  There is no such thing as perfect.”  I think I’m just a growing woman learning to be comfortable with the INFJ that she is.

Okay, enough of all that.  As I said I’m trying to pack a lot of what I’d love to share here into a small amount of time I have online today.  My favorite love of life is how things come together.  How some of the most unfathomable things come to fruition.  How some of the craziest of ideas, though sometimes washed to the wayside, get resurrected into a new form when it pops into the mind of others.  Yes, we are a collective, need each other race of people.  It matters not if you have branded yourself this or that, we all basically, if you’ll excuse the analogy, put our pants on one leg at a time.

Oh yes I can!

Matthew 13:23
“The seed cast on good earth is the person who hears and takes in the News, and then produces a harvest beyond his wildest dreams.”

This past month or so as I’ve ridden my bike or stopped at the light in the turn lane have been pondering this wee little plant in it’s concrete garden.  Each time, until yesterday, I was unable to get a picture.  Either I didn’t have my camera or the light would change and I could not snap a picture quick enough either with my cell or the camera.  If you need to, click on and zoom into this picture.  One day that little palm is going to be a beautiful shade tree for someone stuck in the turn lane.  ☺ Maybe it will be you!  You will never know what that little bitty palm endured for you.  Just as it is when people come into our lives and we have no earthly idea what it is they are there for to do for us, or us for them.  We do so need to work on that.

Yesterday as I my daughter was driving and we got stuck in the turn lane I was finally able to snap the perfect picture of this amazing palm trying to grow itself in a concrete slab.  I think it’s appropriate and so perfect in timing.  You see just like all that, I experienced a weekend made for me and eleven other fantastically gifted and talented women.  Of course  and everyone else from Duncan Hines.   What had begun, what they had begun way back when wasn’t all that we experienced.   In fact I doubt even they saw all that would come out of all that they planned.  Just like that plant. Nobody really knew once we all got together all that we were going to bring to the table called us.  You see we were individual we’s before we became us.  Duncan Hines and Pinnacle Foods changed all that.

Duncan Hines did something unique with us.  Duncan Hines took a chance on something not done before.  It paid off alright, it showed that in an economy where there is a bottom line-a cha-ching, this company has a heart.   Getting to enjoy in all this amazement with them, from their beginnings of forming ideas and making plans, to the coming to the moment of red carpet at their beautiful and amazing facilities, it was just about a wee little thought that popped inside someones precious mind one day.

Please don’t believe for a minute that I’m sharing all this because I won.  If you were someone who got to know me this weekend, you’d so know different.  Many parts of my heart felt for those who didn’t win.  We all know how that feels.  No worries anyone, if anyone reads this who didn’t win reads, no worries at all.  It just wins this wasn’t your season, this wasn’t the place you were meant to be planted.

Many a seed was planted within many a heart this weekend.  I’m excited to even more blossoms that will “bee” produced from this weekend.

But Wait!

That’s not totally it for me.  You see even while we were there at the facilities, and oh holy jimmy was I blessed beyond measure, ideas were forming in my head for some new ideas to do with all these other products Pinnacle foods makes.  Ideas in my head for other things to create; it never stops.  It’s just that when I’m in a group and under the gun, that is not when I do my best thinking out loud.

Truly, truly though,  this place is a place of wonderment and I sort of felt like all those brainiacs in Anti-Trust where they are all sitting in leisurely ways, brainstorming, creating and thinking.  It doesn’t look like it, it looks like they are having fun or being lazy, but it’s the whole part of a huge creative aspect of things forming, coming together off of your neurons and connecting onto someone else and forming into this perfect *yes Chef Joe* I said perfect, because it formed into a perfect planned out, most enjoyable time for us all.

Attachment Issues

Now where does all that come into play?  I love these folks already.  From the moment I met Susie and Sandra in the hotel lobby and they were just so bubbly and friendly and making me, a pretty much homebody nobody feel as if I was truly someone from somewhere, well, as I said it was like entering another world, like when you go to Disney and you escape from everything going on in the world around us and you get sucked into something likened to a fantasy island moment.

Yes, yes I did love it all.  From the crazy plane ride, or even before that, the pat down experience.  Okay so I didn’t like that so much but truly the Tampa people were so wonderful, smiling and it all happened so fast I didn’t know what happened.  I just know now that I should never wear a shirt laden with rhinestones and metal to the airport to fly.  Bad, bad idea.  I even got finger printed.  Yippy-skippy, but still it’s the beginning of all things to come and like that little plant above, we push on.

I loved the hotel, for I haven’t had a vacation in eight years.  I only work part-time and don’t get a paid time off, therefore I can’t take off.  I was even sort of reluctant at some points of doing this because I took a hit in my paycheck big time.  Still–it was and is all worth it.

I loved the ride to the Delicious House (DH =) and even getting lost.  It lets you get to know people even more, know how they act, and got us all laughing and enjoying the beautiful garden state of New Jersey.

Back Track

I have to go back.  Before all this happened I met two women who I am attached with in my ♥ already.  I’m crying now because it wasn’t fake, it wasn’t phoney and these women were more icing on an already sweet trip from Duncan Hines that I never saw coming.  Truth is everyone who was there, they were wonderful, creative, lovely inspiring people.  Every one of the Duncan Hines people and Pinnacle People and R.B.B aka Sandra and Susie, you all are forever and always in my heart.

Speaking of ♥

That’s how I’m going to sort of close this; or try to close this. I know everyone is posting lots of pictures of the event and weekend, but as I’ve said over and over to Duncan Hines, to Sandra, Susie, and all the folks we were with, my mind works in a sort of different way.

That plant up above just reminds me of it all.  Crazy right?  Not really!  New Jersey is the Garden State!  I’ve been as I said looking at that little palm try to shoot itself out of the concrete and become something, and you know what, it just did that already.  Somehow in this drought laden land I now often call Florizona, this plant thrived.  I may have to continue to show you it’s progress on here but probably not, I don’t think anyone even reads my little jeannieism ramblings, and that’s okay.  It’s just a journey of people who form me, and I’m good with that.

The plant is like all of us who came together this weekend.  An idea came to one person and evolved into what we experienced.  The original idea was the little seed of thought that blossomed through all the good, the bad of which I’m sure there was some, and the beautiful that survived all the way to the winning day.  In fact I don’t think this is the end of all this at all.

My own little mind has already conjured up some ideas for something for the 4th of July and it is completely out of the box… meaning not the ordinary thing, but also out of of course a Duncan Hines Cake Mix and these amazing Frosting Creations which will never ever be just about the competition.

Duncan Hines, Pinnacle Foods, R.B.B.

You are in the garden of my heart now forever.  Ladies who I attended with, especially Yvonne and Sandra, I will never ever forget any one of you.  It was an honor even to learn from you Christi, a beautiful wife, mom and creative blogger at Love From The Ovenhttp://www.lovefromtheoven.com/about/ , what a real blogger person is all about.

As well as to Shelly at: Cookies and Cups http://cookiesandcups.com/about-me/

And also to my limo ride friend Doug and his wonderful wife Liz over at Hoosier Homemade: http://hoosierhomemade.com/

and I’ll just keep journal blogging.  I think the world can live with that, LOL.

For now these are all my newly planted flowers very vividly blooming within my heart.  Nor worries to any of you who heard that I said I have no green thumb and kill all plants, even silk; no really, it gets so much dust on it, it dies a slow hard death.  No worries though okay, I don’t and won’t ever kill people.  This however sort of explain how I stunk at the chocolate roses, but I realize I won’t after I practice, and I learned to accept that it was an ugly rose but a beautiful chocolate magnolia.  ☺  Chef Joe and the other chefs and people of Pinnacle have a way of making you feel as if you could  achieve just about anything at all.

Duncan Hines took the words that I’m usually called in life, like weird, and they called it inn0vative.  They took the word crazy or mad, which I’m often called, and Duncan Hines called enthusiastic. 

For me this journey is no where near over.  I’m not sure what likes on my road ahead.  Prayerfully something better than my brakes failing today, ya think?  Truly I know there has to be, and even if it’s not anything at all but what I know is coming, what I’ve already experienced in the love I have from family, friends and all the new friends I’ve made, at the age of fifty-four that is the best icing on your life cake.

Ms Bazinga, White Chocolate Raspberry,

Jeannie Bee

P.S. I just realized that using a movie like Anti-Trust or words like concrete are probably not the best descriptive words to use.  Maybe not even describing plants as people and explaining that I kill plants.  Oh holly goodness will I ever learn.   Maybe, as chef says:  Practice, practice, practice!!!


6 comments on “Duncan Hines: It Starts With An Idea

  1. We are all blessed with different talents and traits. Otherwise it would be a pretty boring world! So, your’s isn’t technically a “blog”. Words are worth nothing unless backed with heart, which your writing has plenty of. So, keep it up!

    Love the picture and analogy of the palm tree growing out of the concrete. It is so true. Life isn’t always easy or enjoyable, but we know that there is a purpose which keeps us growing.

    It was a great weekend not so much because of what we were able to experience at Duncan Hines. Though, don’t get me wrong, the experience was wonderful. It was great because we got to experience it with people we could build relationships with. Now that is growth at its most awesome.


    • Sandra, you do know if I do end up homeless my whole mission will be not to lose contact with you, don’t you? It’s so true! You need to get yourself someday in the role of being a principal of those schools in Arizona. If not there, somewhere. You are talented, gifted, giving and filled with compassion.

      • You will never be homeless. You can always stay with me!

        God wants me in a classroom with the kids. Administration is not the gift He gave me. If He ever calls me that directions, however, I will go.

    • Sandra, I agree with all you’ve said, still I know that I’ve seen sides of you that would make you, at sometime in the future, quite possibly, if GOD directs, to be I’d say a fabulous caring administrator. Not now, I get that. In the future, well as GOD said to Moses, “What that in your hand Moses?” ☺

  2. It was wonderful meeting you, and getting to know you this weekend. It was such a blessed opportunity, and I am so happy to have gotten to taste your recipe! Hugs and love!

    • Truly was a dazzling, decorative, dynamic couple of days at Duncan Hines. So very appreciative to all of the people at Pinnacle, Duncan Hines, R.B.B. for making it possible to meet and greet with all of the ladies and gentlemen we got to be with. Until all have heard of and know, His Love, Jeannie

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