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I’ve actually already baked this week once.  I did a cake for a co-worker, I didn’t however take any pictures but that of which are on my cell phone.  The cake was similar, but not =) to this one.  There is a bit of a story that goes along with it, and why she got the cake she got, bees and all =)

You see her fiance was my assistant manager.  I’m embarrassed to say this but… I missed his birthday.  So I made a beehive belated birthday cake for him.  The picture is here: if you’d like to see that one.  I’ve got to get the recipe and pic onto Duncan Hines, maybe if I have time tomorrow and then I’ll exchange this link and delete this comment. Anywho because I did that beehive cake for Mike and now I’m not exactly missing Natalie’s (the finance co-worker), cause technically she didn’t work at the store on her birthday because she was in class learning to be an even better Publixican than she already is! =)  She’s going to make an amazing manager some day too!  Well any way the soon to be Mrs. Mike needed her own sort of bee cake.

Natalie’s cake was sort of like the one below but I used chocolate covered espresso beans and yellow Reece’s Pieces to make the bees.  Now that I’m looking at this cake though, and her being the very girly-girl she is, this would BEE a better fit for her.  Maybe next years belated, yes?  Seeing how I’m the Queen Bee-lated Bee around here.

Anywho here is the picture and the link to Duncan Hines where you can find the info.

Jeannie’s Duncan Hines: Mocha Buzzy-Bee Cake


Jeannie’s Mocha Buzzy-Bee Cake. Of course it’s Duncan Hines Cake Mix… of course it’s Duncan Hines Frosting Creations!

Mike’s Belated Birthday Cake


Happy Baking with Duncan Hines,

Jeannie Bee


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