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Cinnamon Coconut Rice Cake


If you have been following my blog you know that I have my faith pathway in life, and my other sweet pathway is that of knowing that all things lead you from here to Duncan Hines.

Rice Cakes

I promise you this is the truth, I had plans for a completely different blog today.  I was all ready, and almost set to go with it.  I scooted myself out the door to the store and lo and behold I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t get myself to pick up the other cake mix.  I stood there for the longest time in that baking aisle thinking you can do this Jeannie, all in the name of kitchen science, you can, you can, I think I can, I CANNOT!!!  That was the finality of today’s beginning of a blog.


As always new and fresh ideas appear on the horizon of my mind.  It was sort of like the sun coming up and you don’t quite have any set plans for the day, but just sitting there looking out on the horizon you just know it’s a going to be a bright, sweet wonderful day.

Thus began the creation of this cake.  I’m not going to tell you my other idea in case at some point I am able to get stronger and carry it out.  I think I will in time, but not today, today was meant for rice cakes.

I’m Just Going To Say It: I don’t like rice cakes!

I think they are an amazing idea for snacking, just not for me.  If ever I am forced into a must have, to have them, I will happily snack upon them.  However that day is not here; praise the Lord, and thank You Jesus.  I know there are worse things to have to eat, but for me, a rice cake…


Yes, I Jeannie Bee will make a new kind of rice cake.  A rice cake that will not be one of those nibble, nibble crunch sort of cakes, but a fork full of moist amazing goodness.  Yes this rice cake will be the thing that people like me, who love to have their Duncan Hines Cake, and they like to eat it too!!! =)

Can I just say this without offending anyone?  Truly I do not, do not mean to.  I like, and by like I mean I’ll eat it, but it’s not a craving, I like rice pudding.  Let’s face it, it’s sort of bland.  It always reminds me of hospital food or something you would make me eat if I was forced to be on a bland diet; of which I have had in my lifetime, and I have as you can see clearly hear, lived to tell about such an experience.  We all have.  When it comes to cake though, we don’t want tastelessness.  We want cake with flavor and we want it NOW!

So what did I do, I married rice pudding and Duncan Hines Coconut Cake today in a ceremony fit for the oven.  Yes, they met, things heated up and wha-lah… they were just sitting merrily letting things cool down and along came some Duncan Hines Frosting Creations and now I need to introduce you to the new couple…

With no further ado, I’d like to introduce you to:

Jeannie's Cinnamon Coconut Rice Cake

Click below for the recipe.  Hope to see you at Duncan Hines!

Cinnamon Coconut Rice Cake


Happy-happy, joy-joy baking with Duncan Hines,

Jeannie Bee

P.S. I told you I wasn’t in it all for the winning thing.  No, making stuff for an INFJ is where the real action is.  Having something as wonderful as Duncan Hines in your life affords you the ability to get creative and for this INFJ it is what brings sweet and wonderful bliss to my life.


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