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Blood, Sweat, and Tears


I’m not who I was.  I’m pretty much not a normal person in this world.  That’s alright, that’s okay, Jesus loves me anyway!  I’m cool with Him.

Welcome to another abby-normal day in the life of Jeannie Bee!  Anyone know what I’m talking about when I say abby-normal?

abnormal adj.  Different, often in an undesirable way, not normal.

normal adj.  Average, usual, that which is expected.

See what I’m say’n?  No?

Well my weekend has come to a close and it’s business as usual; that is something normal.  I’m pretty sure we can all know and expect that days off end and weekdays begin.  Maybe not for all of us do those days fall on the same day, but we work and we don’t work.  Or we have a beginning of sorts to our week and an ending of sorts to our week, that is normal.  That’s about as normal as normal can get for most CHRISTian folks.

The world will sing a song  like that of Blood Sweet and Tears, aka. BST.  It’s called When I Die.  The words are what the so called normal person often thinks of as normal.  Now troubles are many, and they can be as deep as well.  Here are some of the words to that song and it is quite contradictory to what I believe, yet it sums up how a lot of people live and what they believe.

Blood Sweat and Tears, When I Die

I can swear there ain’t no heaven but I pray there ain’t no hell.
Swear there ain’t no heaven and I pray there ain’t no hell,
But I’ll never know by living, only my dying will tell.
Yes only my dying will tell.
Yeah, only my dying will tell.

When I Die I Know Where I’m Going 

While I’m living here on earth I also know who is trying to fool the world into crazy thoughts like in that song.  Seriously, even some so called people who speak of someone being religious say thinks like getting into Heaven before satan knows they are dead.  How normal is that?  It’s world normal that’s how normal.

If you swear there ain’t no Heaven but you pray there ain’t no Hell, it sort of sounds like you believe there is a Hell.  Opposites, yes normal and abby-normal.  In this world satan would have the world think this way, believing contradictory things, yes he is the contradictory king.  He knows that all he has left is this world and trying to keep you from leaving him.

There is devil and He is all about the Hellish.  He also will say, there is however no Heaven and no cause for anyone to believe in Jesus Christ.  Oh he knows different, but he’s on a mission from himself and his agenda is to trick, deceive and even get you to believe in something or nothing.  He doesn’t care really one way or another as long as you don’t latch on to the real dealio of how to get to Heaven.  He doesn’t mind religions that accept everything.  He doesn’t care about the cause of this group or that.  He just is on a mission to keep you from accepting and receiving Jesus Christ.

This is the thinking that goes on down here on earth.  I’m no rocket scientist and even I can see the stupidity in that thinking.  The reason CHRISTian is a bad word to the world is because that’s just how satan likes it.   People get all crazy jumpy and out of sorts when we speak up, and it is because out of all the “religions” this is the one that satan knows in the end he is going down for.  Oh yes, yes he knows his future.  This is the reason he try’s his best to get anyone and everyone to hate CHRISTians.  He’s not all to crazy about any religious organization that says there is “one way Jesus”.  Yes, satan knows his future and thus he will remind a Believer all the time of their past.  This is his all he’s left with.  He knows that Jesus’ blood covers it all.  So he mealy mouths around reminding of you and I of the old you and I before Jesus.

He is in the business of lies.  Yes, there in lies the lie.  He doesn’t like especially when a group of Bible Believing CHRISTians say what the Bible says.  The Bible does not specify any where in it that a specific denomination is the one way.  Nope, not in there.  So when even a religion says you can’t get into Heaven unless you are one of them, ut-ut-uh!!!

One last thing, the only time the world gets their tinsel in a tangle is when you truly are a Bible Believing CHRIST-centered CHRISTian and you stand firm on the very Word of GOD, not world religion.

For a CHRISTian, and by CHRISTian, if you’ve not figured this out or have been reading my blog, is for those who are Bible Believing CHRIST-centered folks.  It is not for the casual I belong to a denomination therefor I am a CHRISTian.  I’ve written this all already, but I just wanted to clarify.  A Bible Believing CHRISTian doesn’t take the Lord’s name in vain on Monday-Saturday and then sit in church on some Sunday and sing songs about glorifying the Lord.  A Bible Believing CHRIST-centered child of GOD does not believe that anyone other than Jesus Christ can get them into Heaven.  This Believer knows that Jesus paid the ultimate price.  This Believer knows that what is in the Bible is Truth, not what some religion says is the Truth.  This Believer knows that there is one way to GOD and it isn’t through any man-made saints it is through, as Scripture says, Christ alone!

So… back to the subject at hand.

Jesus and the unusual.  Usual is usually, quite always actually very unusual.  How about you?  Is your norm normal?  Or in your live a day world do you experience what I call, abby-normal living.

We live in a world that tells you to be yourself, stand up for what you believe in, don’t conform, be your own normal. The world spins on an axis that they say Christians fill up with hate, like the girl this past week in the news who wore a Christian T-shirt to school.  What happened?  Did everyone embrace her for standing strong and firm upon her beliefs?  When she walked on her schools campus was she received by welcomed arms from adults willing to support her in her faith?  What do you think?  Now switch the role and let us say she said because of her faith she has to have this or that on her head.  Or her hair has to be certain way because this is her religion.  Or the more accepted, she dresses in specific clothing because this how her beliefs tell her she must.

Oh normal, normal is whatever the masses of the hour, those with the most mouth power, those following the leader of anyone other than that of Jesus Christ, that is the world order form of normal.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

What did you sign up for?  Don’t go believing that what you signed up for is some prosperity gospel.  If you did, then that small g for gospel goes with it.  If you signed up for this life in-Christ Jesus honey you signed up for something of a coast to coast, earth to sky roller coaster ride.  It’s temporary but it comes with a lot of ups and downs.

Did you think that when you gave your life to the One who died for you it was going to just another Saturday in the park?  When was the last time you truly took a look, other than on some Easter Sunday with your church Body, when truly did you take walk down your life road with Jesus?


When we decided to walk with Jesus we made a decision to walk where He walked in many respects.  If you signed up thinking that this was going to be easy-breezy sweetie, my heart aches and prays for you.  This life, contrary to what some say, is not for the weak.  It is not for the spineless.  It is not for those wh0 are wimps.  Contrary to what they say, they, those that say these things about Believers in-Christ, they don’t know Jesus.  So how in the free world can they say something about something or in this case Someone they don’t know?  Answer: they cannot!  They didn’t define who Jesus was from the manger to the cross, from the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky.  Always remember that some people will say they know religion, but that does not mean they know about what this relationship with Jesus Christ is about.  These are not the people you get your sources from.  These are not the people you get help from.  These are the people who may know a lot about religions of the world, but this relationship thing with Jesus Christ, it’s so personal that you on your very own can walk with Him, talk with Him and yes, yes oh sweet YES, He calls you His own!  Blood shed tells you so.  So stop thinking that what you face is not understood by Him alone!  He got it all way through to the bone.  He nailed it all the way to the cross.  It was His choice, His decision to do all that so Yes, Yes, YES He does know what you are going through.  He understands and knows all about suffering and bleeding and not being believed that the Father and He are One.


The world says “don’t sweat it”.  That’s just ludicrous.  What’s ludicrous?

ludicrous adj.  Causing laughter because of its foolish absurdity.

Ludicrous is when people say don’t sweat the small stuff.  It all started out with some small stuff.  A little apple bite from Eve here, a brother jealous of another brother there, or yes, it’s all in the details and details often are miniscule.  Miniscule is always where the details are.  If you don’t believe me go and read a contract.  There is a reason there is a bazillion and one words all in small print.  Tell me that when you were sitting across the table at the last place you signed a contract and they pushed that pile of papers over to you, you read every last word?  It’s in the details alright.

For a CHRISTian living your life out loud before GOD is all that matters.  The details of life like having and have nots are world views.  Details like someone telling you cannot wear this t-shirt because it points to Jesus is ridiculous.  You have the same rights to wear that shirt as someone else has to wear a hat on their head or specific hair that points to their religion.  Yes, you have rights.  Just don’t get caught up in those rights, because the only right that really matters is that you live right.  If this is not something of great importance, let it go.  If this is something the Lord is placing on your heart to take a stand upon, go for it.  Just remember that the sweat that follows is because the outcome might not be what you think it is going to be.  GOD has plans and when He directs your step, even if it is step, by step, by step, the end might not look like a win in the win column of a CHRISTians life.  What gets checked off, and all that matters though is that the blood shed and the sweat poured out were because you, like Jesus were obedient.


One of my absolute favorite verses in the Bible is from Psalms 56.  I’d share just that favorite verse in there but it’s best to read the passage intact.  As GOD intended for it to be read.  Follow along and you see for yourself just which verse stands out for the subject at hand.

Psalm 56

 1-4 Take my side, God—I’m getting kicked around, stomped on every day.
   Not a day goes by
      but somebody beats me up;
   They make it their duty
      to beat me up.
   When I get really afraid
      I come to you in trust.
   I’m proud to praise God;
      fearless now, I trust in God.
      What can mere mortals do?

 5-6 They don’t let up—
      they smear my reputation
      and huddle to plot my collapse.
   They gang up,
      sneak together through the alleys
   To take me by surprise,
      wait their chance to get me.

 7 Pay them back in evil!
      Get angry, God!
      Down with these people!

 8 You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn
      through the sleepless nights,
   Each tear entered in your ledger,
      each ache written in your book.

 9 If my enemies run away,
      turn tail when I yell at them,
   Then I’ll know
      that God is on my side.

 10-11 I’m proud to praise God,
      proud to praise God.
   Fearless now, I trust in God;
      what can mere mortals do to me?

 12-13 God, you did everything you promised,
      and I’m thanking you with all my heart.
   You pulled me from the brink of death,
      my feet from the cliff-edge of doom.
   Now I stroll at leisure with God
      in the sunlit fields of life.

Got it?  It’s the fact that GOD is as He was with Jesus, keeping track.  So much so is He keeping track He has?… every tear you shed recorded.  Think about that for just a bit.

Did you really think about it?  The truth is if you read the Bible, and not just with a group of fellowship, people who mostly choose to fellowship, and little Bible enters in, will you understand the importance of reading that Word of GOD on your own.  If you have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus you are hungering and aching and if you are hungering and aching and you aren’t getting filled, chances are it’s because the Savior within you is fed up to the rim with you wanting less of Him and the Word of GOD and more fellowship.  Oh yes, there are tears in GOD’s Eyes as well.  He wants you to want the Word of GOD, this personal relationship with His Son to be, gee… Personal!  Is there a problem with that?  Only if you want the fellowship and religion aspect of all the worldly gobbledygook out there, there is.

You are not the only one shedding tears.  Just remember standing firm, and standing alone in this world, standing firm upon where GOD is leading and what GOD is telling you to do, is not being alone.  Ask Jesus?  A few of his close friends also chose the road that left him alone.  A few of those who just a while before were saying they’d never deny Him.  GOT friends like that?  People who chose the creature comforts of say a job, over standing with you till the end?  It happens, get over it.  I say this all from experience.  It’s all GOD if it is all GOD directed!  That dear brothers and sisters in-Christ Jesus makes it all good!†♥†

What To Do, What To DO?

Give it up.  I mean you of course.  If it’s all to much to handle don’t handle it.  You just do the obedience part and leave the rest to GOD.  Is that not what Jesus did?  Oh yes He did!  Don’t you know He knew what was coming and it wasn’t that He wasn’t going to do it all alone, He knew, and so should you, that what it means to be obedient doesn’t always look so good on the outside to those who say they have the inside scoop on what it means to be a CHRISTian.

Many people think they have to manipulate and make a way so it looks like GOD is blessing them with things, or who’s who on the on their life’s roster.  You don’t concern yourself with all that.  The only Who is He Who Died for you!  That’s it!  You dear brother and sister need to know that there is but one way.  Obedience!  As long as you know that it is indeed His lead, hope is on the way.  The Helper, the Holy Spirit is your One Source of Comfort.  This is all you need to know.  Experience the Hope of Jesus who IS COMING AGAIN, in the mean time, you’ve got the promise of that Hope.  One day when you stand before GOD, Jesus is going to say, well done.  This is the all that matters on the platter of what is normal in your life.  Normal looks like Jesus to you!  Normal is not what the world calls normal and in your brand spanking new life in-Christ it never ever will.  So if for some reason you find yourself in some season of getting a bit wishy-washy, STOP!  REMEMBER THIS: Walking in His footsteps doesn’t look anything at all like what the world thinks it does.  They don’t get it.  To many, the footprints are just a pretty little set of words on a poster.  Or something to be displayed on their mantle to show that Jesus walks with them.  It’s important for sure to believe that, to know that, but… and there always is that but from me, but know this, it’s important to be walking with GOD 24/7/365 too!  Don’t you think like you do, if not even more, He wants to see you showing up as if you are His in this crazy world of ours.   To some they are snippets of words, footprints that show when you are weak He is strong.  To some it’s a picture for Pinterest.  No, this is not what it’s all about, footprints are you and He walking together.  Don’t you think Jesus deserves at least that?  If you don’t think so maybe you aught to rethink just how much you really did, or do, entrust your life to Jesus Christ.  I’m just say’n!

Now you decide.

Did you sign up for religion?

Did you sign up for a relationship?

If it’s the later you signed up for blood, sweat, and tears.  Just as GOD was prepared for what would happen to Jesus, Jesus is making preparations for you too!  He’s got the space set up for you, He’s made a place for you.  This is not your Home.  It can be a bit of a haven, but Heaven is your final destination child of Christ Jesus!  Being born again isn’t some religion, it’s some sort of Out of This World Heavenly Home secure Plan of GOD.  Know this and go in peace.  No really, go in peace knowing that trusting Jesus means we know that we can trust Him as He is the ultimate Prepper!

The next time someone gets all out of sorts because you are working on being who He needs you to be, be okay with it.  You are not who you were!  You are His!!!

Make every day a Red Letter Day!

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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