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A King Who Came To Clean House


It’s my day off today–yippy-skippy for me!  Days off give us time to catch up, catch our breath and get maybe even catch up on some reading.  The reading one is one on my list today.  Needing some reading and reading a very good book right that every time I put it down I can’t wait to pick it back up.  Good books are like that.   So it is with the Best GOOD BOOK–the Bible.  Which brings me to today’s Jeannie Bee blog.

Daily Bread – The Kitchen Sink – Dessert

Today I’m not baking but I am sitting at the kitchen table of GOD’s abundance for me.  I’m soaking up the sunshine outside as I read my book but before that I need the best source of nutrition and goodness for me, it’s feasting at the table of His Word.

Yes, the King has come to feed me but also to clean house.  It’s a daily thing, and there is nothing, nor any other, better suited for the job.  Yes GOD is the expert at getting ones house in order.

When I’m finished with my private time with the Lord I know that all the stuff that I needed to come clean about, all the wrong turns I’ve taken, the words I’ve misspoken, the times I took the lead and led myself away from doing the right thing, it’s time to come clean.  Time to drop off the dirt of the day and allow Him to give me a clean heart again.  One less dirty dish for me to carry.  He forgives, hopefully I don’t completely forget, because in remembering where I took the wrong turn, reminds me not to do it again.

Sweet confidence is the dessert of choice at the end of my daily bread.  It’s knowing that whatever was, is not more.  Confidence is key in knowing that He is preserving my life for one thing alone, to bring Him glory.  Yes, even as the pastor spoke about in church yesterday, they’ll be times we’ll have people in our lives that we have to walk away from, we’ll love them, but away we must go.  Conversations with them just lead down a path that leads to nobody benefiting and GOD not being glorified.  So sure, they’ll be those people that you leave in His hands.  Dessert is like that.  You can’t always have everything on the menu, but it’s good.

Sunday was yesterday but Monday’s Coming

We heard a wonderful message in church yesterday.  No it wasn’t something where you walk away and say, the pastor was so funny.  Or they did some skit of sorts that was so entertaining.  No, yesterdays message was about end times.  Doesn’t turn your crank, eh?  Sorry for you.  Many of us can’t wait for what is referred to as the end because we so know that there is a better beginning.  We are those looking and waiting, serving and seeking the Lord daily.  We live in the cruddy here and now but we are so singing within about the sweet by-and-by to come.

No, the message wasn’t this gloom and doom sort of dealio.  It wasn’t even really about the end.  It was more about how we in the body are living in the times we are living in now.  That’s really a more accurate statement of what was preached from the pulpit of our church home yesterday.  You could tell the people who can’t wait.  You can tell the people who don’t want Jesus to come just yet, they have plans.  Me, any plans I have can go to smithereens as far as I’m concerned.  Jesus’ plan, the plan that He knows the day and hour of alone, that’s the only real concrete plan for me.

How about you… got His plans?

2 Timothy 4

8 Now, a crown is being held for me—a crown for being right with God. The Lord, the judge who judges rightly, will give the crown to me on that day —not only to me but to all those who have waited with love for him to come again.

Yes, I’m Keeping Calm and Waiting For Jesus

Human potential to keep calm has a limit.  God’s has unlimited power and we’ve been given unlimited resources to tap into from Him.

Human’s don’t always know what is best for them.  What they think is good is sometimes not.  For instance, I know that some people might be disappointed in me, or for me if I don’t win the Duncan Hines contest.  Some people think I went into to win it and they keep asking me if I’ve heard anything yet.  No, I haven’t I say.  I explain that if I don’t win it’s okay.  GOD has plans for me and if they don’t include that win, I’m still a winner because what I’m waiting upon is not a what, it’s a Who =)  Get it? †♥†  that is where my true ♥beat is beating.  GOD knows what’s best.  Man had it part right, it truly goes, Father GOD knows best!

Part of the message yesterday was about those preparing.  My husband is one of those, I am not.  It’s his thing, it is not my thing.  Pastor spoke of the signs of the times we are living.  How bad things have become.  How many of the ways of the world have taken over and many in the body have watered down the ways of following the Word of GOD.  Yes, yes there are signs appearing and yet we know that we do not, cannot know the exact day of Jesus’ return.

Strangely enough, and for me disgusting enough, as my son and I went to lo0k at a car for him, a family was at the car lot.  My heart just broke as I read the shirt on the mom “I’m Sexy And I Know It”.  How degrading to women I find such things.  Women amaze me.  They get more crazed over a new Barbie what have you on the market but let someone write a song that demeans and degrades women, and women flock.  Women who choose to do this I do believe don’t really know their value.  Now, as if that wasn’t enough, she had two daughters with her, they turned around and oh yes, the young girl about ten, had the same shirt on as mom.  Oh yes, and the youngest daughter, about 6, oh yes, yes she was, she was wearing the same shirt as well.  I couldn’t believe it.  It made me sad and it also sent confirmation to the times we are living.  When parents no longer are parenting but raising up a generation that not only won’t be raised up to know the Lord, they won’t even know self worth, or their real value.  Ethic’s what in the world, well quite possibly we will soon be living in a world where the world ethics won’t exist.

Keep Calm Jesus Is Coming

Lots and lots of keep calm signs are popping up every day.  Days off are good days to sit and rest and know that we in-Christ Jesus can…

That’s all for now!
Until all have heard of and know, His Love,
Jeannie Bee

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