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The Canoe: Part Pink, Part Blue – Half Me, Half You


If You Were A Boat My Darling

I’ve so got to keep focused this morning because I’ve got a lot on my “To Do List”.  My husband stayed focused this past weekend and he got so much accomplished.  One of those things GOD-incidently appeared on his “To Do List” after he wrote them all.  No really, really something that wasn’t on the list GOD blessed him with doing.

Allow Me To Explain!

I was just beeing my own self and enjoy my morning coffee with my Lord.  I’d been reading in Proverbs and soaking up some wonderful wisdom.  I was pondering and praying and praising with much thanks for coming off a week that almost knocked the wind out of my sails.  It was also a sweet week of creating, but at work it was not so sweet.  No matter what I knew that the best of days are praise worthy and the worst of days end and are also worth something.  Only worth something if we grab the thing we were suppose to learn.  One thing I keep learning on the sailing vessel of row, row, row your boat, gently down the streams of life, is that I have to be true, but I also must let others know how much they mean to me each day.

I began doing that yesterday morning as I prayed for my husband.  I also came across this song by J.J. Heller called The Boat Song.  Appropriately so you’ll see after viewing and listening to it.  I of course finished my devotional time and shared it with my husband.

The Boat Song by J.J. Heller


The Rest Of The Story

No, no you didn’t think that was the end of this story did you?  Ya know what, I might have thought that too.  My husband and finished our coffee, got ready for church and out the door we went.  Much to our surprise we were early for church service.  Not just a little early but a hour and half early.  See our church does this thing called “Fifth Sunday” where every fifth Sunday they have combined services of the traditional 9:AM service and the contemporary 10:30AM service.  We don’t normally go to this.  It’s a long story I won’t bend your ear with.  It’s just a day we normally spend with GOD in some weekend private time.  Which we’d done in the morning already… but wait…

I Need To Back Track

I skipped an important part, the reason for the title, song and all.  How are you ever going to keep up with me if I keep talking as if I’m the White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland.  Sorry about that.  Often there are many things in my head wanting to be first on the paper and my fifty-four year old filing cabinet of a mind just can’t keep up the pace between the tortoise fingers I have and the white rabbit rushing thoughts flowing in my mind. =)  I’m working on that, I truly am.  I know a lot of people would love for me to slow down, but I do share that I only have two speeds, stop and go.  I’m not one to have a slow or slower button.  I can be still and know, but that is reserved for important meetings, guests and of course always GOD!

My Father’ Eyes

The important part is where we got into the car and were headed to church.  Now on the grand old scale of experiences that bless many a life, this is probably not on many of yours, but it sure was for my husband.  We turned the corner and as I’m thinking to myself, geez we’ve not ever come this late for church (which is a hoot because as I said we weren’t), my husband stops the car suddenly as I’m in my own little wonderment of a world thinking about church, and he says, “What do we have here?”  He backs the car up, and we are on a somewhat busy street near our home, and I’m thinking holy goodness we are not going to make it to church on time–get me to the church on time!

Dan, my husband, pulls into the drive-way and I finally see what his excitement is all about.  There is a canoe.  Not just any canoe mind you, a free canoe.  The man across the road steps over to our side of the street and Dan say’s, “Oh are you already taking the canoe?”  The man told him no and that he was giving it away.  He told Dan all the in’s and out’s of the canoe.  He doesn’t have a clue that my husband is a former Coast Guard member, almost ten years in.  My husband respectfully let Dean go on and on.  Yes, I took the time to ask his name so I could pray for him and thank GOD for this blessing to my husband.  Thank you GOD, thank you for Dean and his giving away of a beautiful canoe.  Really there is absolutely nothing wrong with it but the fact it needed a paint job.  Which is how my husbands To Do List grew by one.

Part Pink Part Blue – Half Me Half You

So I told my husband as he proceeded to think of colors for the canoe that it should be painted appropriately part pink, part blue, half me, half you.  Because after all we found it together.

That’s only half true.  We were just together.  He was focused and found it, I was just a woman thinking we were going to be late for church.

This is why teamwork is so very important.  Us leaving for church together and each of us working all things in marriage out to the glory of GOD.

Here is a picture of what the canoe looks like now.  We’ll see if Dan paints it pink and blue.  What do you think?

Now you can see how an important part of starting your morning out in the Word of GOD and with some encouragement for another, can lead you down the road of life, row, row, rowing, just maybe a boat? LOL

Will this boat be painted part pink, part blue, half me, half you? Only time and Dan will tell. LOL

Until all have heard of and know, His love,

Jeannie Bee


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