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Blasphemy!!! This post isn’t gonna be what you think


Be careful what you see little eyes

Be careful what you read little eyes

I’m just going to say it, I’m going to say that I am appalled.  I was minding my little old business this afternoon, on my very lovely and wonderful day off when what to my old wandering eyes should appear but a picture on Pinterest of cake.  The name of the cake: Cherry and Vanilla Layer Cake, made me think, ooh, yippy-skippy another yummy creation from yet another Duncan Hines baker.  So I click on the picture so it can take me to it’s creative source.

No, no, no, this was not what it appeared to be at all.  Which is okay, for some people, not me people, but some I guess.  What followed had me about as bugged out as when people say that people who use a bread machine don’t really bake bread.  What is it we make than I do not know, for they never answer me after I ask that.  Apparently people who don’t use a bread machine and say these things can’t give a reason for their miffiness (added to the Jeannieism dictionary) at those of us that do use them.  Makes perfect sense, no?  No, no, no it doesn’t.  Neither does this statement which I’ll post in quotes as it is good to give your source of antagonism a taste, pun intended, of their own words.

Post From A Blogger

The blogger will remain anonymous however because I don’t want to be a Jeannie pick-on-them so much pants kind of person.  I just want to share this because apparently these people who don’t believe in bread machines and cake mixes are slightly coo-coo-for-cocoa puffs and they should be if anything, given some sympathy.  I’m sure these people have gladly eaten many a bread machine cinnamon roll, bread etc, not to mention cakes and muffins and the like, all while enjoying them immensely.  So that’s why this loopdee-loop persons blog will forever remain the blog we don’t mention here on this blog.  It doesn’t deserve it any who.  I’m just saying.  Now read the quote and stop, drop and pray for all these people =)  because that’s the way we roll at the Humble Bee Blog here.

“I know, okay? I know, I know, I know. Cake mixes are evil. No one should ever stoop so low as to make them. Blah-dee-dah. If I lie and say that I agree with all that, can we just move on? Good. now make this cake.”

If no one should ever stoop so low, why does she? I can’t answer that except to say she does contradict herself after she says that cake mixes are _ _ _ _; which they are NOT.  Well maybe…  no, no I won’t go there.  Duncan Hines Rules!!!  We shall choose the road that accentuates the positive!

She does go on to share the recipe involving said cake mix.  She even posts a gorgeous picture.  She also says it’s evil and yet she does use the cake mix and makes the cake.  See, coo-coo-for-cocoa puffs I’m telling you.  Either that or she misrepresented her blog picture and failed to show us that she has two sides to her mouth; ouch!  Now, now, that wasn’t so nice of me.   I’m just trying to make a point that if it’s all evil and such why on GOD’s green earth are you using the mix?  You just unproved your point when you blogged about it and said it was an amazing cake.

The Nice Thing About Having Your Own Blog

You must however at all times remember:

Be careful little mouth what you say, or hands that you type!

I’m just saying it’s an insult to insult people who use cake mixes.  To say that we are not bakers is phooey!  Yes, phooey!!!  If I am baking I therefore am a baker, yes?  Sure I might be doing it home and you want to call me a home cook, but I’m still baking.  I don’t need a bakery to bake.  I don’t need all non-cake mix ingredients to bake.  I can bake!  Therefore we who bake with cake mixes are going to stand united!  We are bakers no matter what the world says.  In fact I’m going to get a consult on this one for exact clarification of what a baker is:

Take it way dictionary, you have the blog:

baker n. A person who bakes bread, cakes, pies, etc.

H’m, I am a person, yep!  H’m, I do bake bread, yep!  H’m, I do bake cakes, yep!  H’m, I do bake pies, yep!  And guess what?  Many a home BAKER bakes etc. too!

So it is with all the world of blogging.  We are all free to be ourselves and say what we feel.  We are allowed and afforded the freedom to share and post our viewpoints.  Doesn’t mean they are always right, doesn’t mean we won’t say some stupid stuff.  I know I’ve been wrong and I know for sure there are many who would like to get in line and tell me how very stupid I can sound.  Or that I write like I talk which is just purely unacceptable to some.  That is the prerogative of the blogger.  It is this blogger’s prerogative to share an injustice.  This might not be at the tippy-top of helping feed America, but maybe so.  After all cake mixes have been around a long, long time.  Duncan Hines is this woman’s absolute fav.  If you don’t like that, or you don’t embrace these little old thoughts of mine, start your own blog.  Personally I’d just rather sit and cup of coffee and cake and call the whole thing off =)


___ Down


_______ From





Happy Baking with Duncan Hines!

Jeannie Bee


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