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Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy – Day 12


In keeping with the spirit of things we’re taking flight today with some appropriate music for a last day of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy send off.  Hope you can hear the sound of the ♪♫Flight of the Bumblebees♪♫

Jeannie Bee’s Motto

Bee Busy, Bee Passionate, Sting No One!

Whew!  Did you read yesterdays blog here?  Have you taken a look at the “about me” story of me yet?   If not I’d advise you to read one, if not both so you can see why this day, this last day of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy has come together in the most honey of a way 😉

bee n. honey-making, stinging insect

aka. bumblebee, honey bee, killer bee, queen bee

Did you know that bees are closely related to ants.  Wonder if that’s why Dream Words has done two movies, Antz and The Bee Movie.  We like them both as we watch.  In real life when most of us see a bee we don’t think I sweet and cute.  If we see ants we often thing Raid!  Yet allow Dream Works to bring us a couple of movies involving these insects and the next thing you know we are seeing them in a whole different light.  It’s a dream-like state of mind alright, cause next time we see a bee or ant we still don’t think warm and fuzzy feelings now, do we?

It’s all about the frame of mind though, and being true to that which you believe and embrace it with your whole heart and soul.

Open Season On Bees

Yes I know that many of you didn’t bother to go read, did you?  Time, time, time, is on your side, you should have.  But, since you didn’t I’ll give you a recap, just a wee recap though.  I was born Jeannie Bee.  No, this is not a joke.  It is my name.  I’m not sure what my parents were completely thinking but since I was the last of eleven children, someone was eventually bound to get my moms name, I came quite close.  What I hope was there were children before me who might have said to my mom, don’t do that.  You can handle your name but this child is going to get picked on if you name her Bertha.  Not that, not naming me Bertha made a big difference in not getting picked on, but you can hide behind your first name for a while, until someone comes along and unveils it and ch-ching, its payday for the teasers of the world.  My teaser just happened to be Mr. Longman, my freshman algebra teacher.  I made it through nine years of school without ever getting caught with that name; I guess nuns before me thought it best not to grieve this somewhat already forlorn child.  Thank you all you nuns kindergarten through 8th grade! LOL

Ah yes, Mr. Longman started the whole sting of jokes that began that bee sting side of life.  It was open season on Jeannie Bee.  Good thing I had some good friends through high school to see me through.  We just rolled along, as one does in high school, maybe even getting back at those who stung us all in some way or another too.  This could be why I relate to The Big Bang Theory, and that moment that happens in one of the episodes where  Sheldon and his nemesis compete for an office that has opened up.

Leonard: You know all those terrible things bullies used to do to us?

Raj: Yeah.

Leonard: I get it.

Bee-ing True To The Bee

You realize at some point in your life that stuff is just funny.  Some stuff seems like cruel and unusual punishment when you are at the end of a joke, but most of the time, along that road, you come to a place that you just have to be able to laugh at yourself.  For me it was when I realized that I needed to embrace my name.  Embrace the uniqueness of it and the idea that bees love honey and flowers and basically the sweetness of life.  They in fact don’t sting until they feel threatened.

When I began this Duncan Hines Frosting Creation Therapy and decided to do all twelve flavors, it was for total fun.  What it truly has become though, what it has evolved into is something so much more.  It has been something that has helped me through some difficulties.   To many this might seem as though I just wanted some lime-light.  That could not be truer from the truth.  The truth, which is often said to be stranger than fiction, is that I just love playing with food.  Some might be in it to win it, and if that happens, way cool!  If it does not, that’s alright as well.  This has been about so much more for me. It has been a bright, beautiful and blessing of a distraction during difficult times.  Blessings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Blessings to me some days look a lot like food.   Believe it or not, GOD does bring manna from Heaven in many forms.  Mine just happens to be manifested in a box of Duncan Hines Cake Mix and now Duncan Hines Frosting Creations.

At the top of my food chain is Duncan Hines.  I’ve loved them for what seems like forever.  I think technically it all began when I was in my senior year of high school in Chicago.  My sister and I decided to take an evening cake decorating class.  Now I’d already been working at a local bakery since just after my dad dying, I was just sixteen.  Now eighteen this seemed like something I might like to pursue and my sister was interested as well, so we did it together.  Why did I share that?  The reason is, that the instructor from Wilton said to us that we should always use Duncan Hines.  True story!  She said there was no reason to make homemade when such a great mix was available.  She told all of us that she knew many a professional baker who ventured out on their own and used Duncan Hines.

Since those years I’ve learned my lesson.  I’ve tried those other brands and I just disappointment myself.  I just get stung with a product that doesn’t rise to the occasion and leaves me, and my creation flat.  Who wants that?

A week or so ago the inspiration came to me for the final day of therapy.  It was the day I spoke about when my husband saw me dancing and being giddy in the kitchen all excited as the idea popped (pun intended =) my head.  I knew the order of the ending therapy and the finale was going to just burst with excitement for me.  I knew this was the day that would have me bubbling over with excitement and anticipation.   I didn’t want it to be over, this Frosting Creation therapy, but I could not wait for this day to arrive.  Like a child who is waiting to wake up on CHRISTmas morning.  Anticipating and knowing that under the tree there will BEE something wonderful, something good, something that makes all the waiting worth it.  That is this day for me.

So with no further ado, and BIG THANKS to DUNCAN HOMES….

Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy – Day 12 = BubbleBee Cake


LOL*Warning for Gum Chewers and Bubble Gum Poppers: The amazing smell of bubble gum that floats into the air and embraces your senses is enough to entice one to become a bubble gum flavor packet snorter.  Resist this temptation at all costs, reminding yourself that not doing so will be it’s own reward at the end.

Jeannie Bee's Bubble Bee Cake

Can you guess what flavor the cake is? Want a hint? It’s my absolute Duncan Hines Cake flavor, and the queen bee here, she holds the answer. All the other bees, along with most of everything else on the cake is bubble gum.

Happy Duncan Hines Frosting Creations creating to you and yours,

Jeannie Bee

P.S. Blog:  In keeping with all this BEEing happy thing, I just had to be a somewhat proud mom and share something of a personal nature.  Below are the Betsey Johnson earrings my two biggest blessings in life, Joey and Jill, gave to me for a Mother’s Day gift last year.

HapBEE Mother’s Day to me 5/2011 style! Thank you to Joey and Jill, the best of the best of the best a mom could ask for in children. I love you both to the moon and back again.


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