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Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy – Day 10


Two amazing quotes for the day fit into this Duncan Hines culinary therapy I’m in.  I saw them today and just knew beyond a doubt that they were meant for all those people who know that the best teacher, is the teachable teacher.

“It is just as important, perhaps more important, for the teacher to have the benefit of personal counseling when he/she needs it as it is for the student.”  Dr. Dr. D. Menniger.

“Mental health problems do not affect three or four out of every five persons but one out of one.” Dr. D. Menniger

I Wonder

What do I wonder?  Well, a lot of things actually, but today I’m wondering if Duncan Hines ever would have conceived himself as a therapist?  Probably not, but maybe so.  Most people, not all but most, that I know who love to cook and or bake, love to share.  I do believe that when you bring something to the table of life, sharing from your heart, or your own man-made little fingers, it means something.  It means you were willing to get personally immersed into that which you are giving.  You are willing to give not just some sort of money, but time.  Time, that one thing that is of unequal in value.

Sure, we look at time sometimes as an hourly wage.  We look at on the 40 or more hours a week work clock.  That’s not the time I’m talking about.  Quite honestly I don’t know of anyone who’s passed away in my life, who at the end stages ever mouthed words such as wanting to spend more time on the job.  No, time, the precious sort of time, is way valuable.

So it was with today’s therapy session and Duncan Hines.  Today is day 10 and the clock is ticking to make it to Sunday and have all 12 sessions with Duncan Hines Frosting Creations accomplished.  Today was the perfect day for having something refreshing, something unique, and something, dare I say it, out 0f the box.  Out of the box of thinking my little self went.

You know all along this daily journey I’ve gone to bed with visions of what I’ll be preparing the next day.   As I walk and talk with GOD working all things together for the good of the next creation, He inspires me.  I’ll have one way and as I’m walking along in the store, or see something I’ll know I’m to tweak what I’m doing just a tad, or completely get blown out of the imagination box and lo and behold something so creative unfolds.  Can you tell how right brained I am by now?  I’m completely in the wrong field for working.  I belong somewhere where my little creative juices, that flow forth all day, could be wisely tapped. =)  I truly love what I do, but that part of me, in retail, from the aspect of which I work, it’s not used that much.  I miss that.

Holy goodness I went down a bunny trail again; so sorry!  I’m back and focused.  Here y’all go…

I’d been toying with this idea of doing some sort of cheesecake since the inception of deciding to try them all.  Each flavor flirted in my mind and wanted to be picked but it was Mint Chocolate that finally won me over. =)

Check out the link below and taste and see for yourself.

Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy – Day 10


NOTE: When you are done making this delightful little dessert you are going to have a packet of graham cracker crumbs from the box mix left over.  Might I suggest you just do a little search at Duncan Hines by typing in graham cracker crumbs. =)  You’ll also find yourself immersed in some very sweet, sweet therapy. ♥

Can there be a NS = Note Script?  Of course there can…

Note Script:  The DH stands for Duncan Hines, but it also can stand for Darling Husband. ♥

Jeannie Bee's Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy - Day 10

One more quote before we go:  “My ideas usually come not at my desk writing, but in the midst of living.” Anais Nin

Be cool, calm and above all collective to all the offerings over at Duncan Hines.com,

Jeannie Bee


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