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Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy – Day 9


As I my little fingers are striking the keyboard I wonder… I wonder just how transparent can I be?  Well now that’s actually a silly question to ask myself  isn’t it?  I mean after all, that is truly an inaccurate question to pose to oneself?

can v.  To know how to or be able to.

I’m pretty sure I “can” be as transparent as I would like, or am able.  Which by the by, I am way good at doing; being transparent.  I’m always and forever getting accused of wearing my emotions and feelings right there on my proverbial sleeve.  Sometimes I share way more than is good for me.  So, I guess the question posed this day during my Duncan Hines Therapy baking is:

How transparent do I truly feel comfortable being here online? 

Sure, I could have worded that in another way and placed the question to you.  I might say, for instance, May I be transparent with you all?.  No, I’m not going to ask your permission today to be this or that on my own blog.  This is one thing in the free wide world I do have of my own.  As I say often, I’m owning it.  I’m owning up.

Therapy Day 9  – Jeannie Bee!

Ya know what?   I’ve always tried to be that woman that is transparent.  Not pretentious or anything.  I’m just me.  With me you get the good, the bad, and sure, there are some days, as we all have them, where I can expose a little ugly.  Someone at work always say’s “GOD don’t like ugly.”  I’m sure that is true, but what ugly is to GOD, we’ll save that for another day of blogging with Jeannie Bee.

The Journey with Duncan Hines Frosting Creations

Now can you see why I’m in this journey of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy?  I so am in need of “sweet” therapy like this.  I’ve shared this before and I’m sure I will again and again, for anyone new here.  I like to cook; which I do for a living.  I love to bake, which I do for therapy and relaxation.

As I share here, I’m determined to be myself through this whole dealio and yet come all the sweeter on this amazing sweet road I’m adventuring and traveling down with the help of Duncan Hines.

I say all that so that I can say all this. =)  Yes, yes there is more.  You didn’t think you were going to get out of the blog reading that easy did you?  Oh sweetie, you have a lot to learn about me, Jeannie Bee.


Bazinga is that there never will be me questioning if you want me to be transparent.  Sometimes I don’t always see myself as others see me.  Sometimes that’s a good.  Other times, like when I first met my husband, he sang the song you hopefully hear playing when you first arrived.  It’s by Geoff Moore, If You Could See What I See.  That’s sort of my life.  Sometimes people are talking me up.  I struggle with that.  Sometimes people are talkign me down.  That’s easier sometimes for me to believe.  On the best of my days, which are most of my days, I see myself just as I am.  Just as He designed me to Bee =).  Sometimes I see things a certain way, being an INFJ,  I fall into 1% of the population of INFJ’s.  Yes 1% of the population have these specific personality traits (Myers-Briggs-see for yourself who you are and why you act the way you do.)  We are an unusual bunch, which is probably why I relate so to Sheldon Cooper.  Not that I’m like him, I most certainly don’t have those sort of smarts, and I am not that OCD.  Sheldon actually is CDO.  His disorder is in order, LOL,  I’m sure of that.

Bazinga! That was what I was going to name today’s creation, just Bazinga!  Not because I’m playing tricks on you or fooling you, like Sheldon Cooper, the character of said name, on the Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory

How did me talking about, or even watching this show come about?  And above all else what in the bageebee’s does it have to do with Duncan Hines?

Great questions! LOL

I started watching the Big Bang Theory just after the 64th Emmy Awards.  I know, right?  People who know me, well they sort of know me, like work people, they are shocked.  They can’t believe me, Jeannie Bee, all out and about CHRISTian woman would watch such a show entitled such a name. Or, even because sometimes what is going on in the show, I don’t for sure embrace in life.  That’s all alright though.  The important thing is how it all happened.

Want to know when it all happened?  You’re just sitting on the edge of your seat aren’t you. LOL   I have to tell this because it goes with today’s therapy creation.  Remember the Emmy Awards and Duncan Hines Red Carpet event and all?  Well, I was invited, and yes, I wrote all about it in my blog already, so I won’t go there again, but any who… this is what sprouted out of me watching the event.  I only watched because of Duncan Hines.  I just normally don’t watch, sorry =(  I did this time though, well sort of I did.  I watched intermittently, all because of Duncan Hines, and enough to learn a bit about The Big Bang Theory.

I wanted to know more, and I can’t exactly even remember why.  Afterwards, what I did was tune in to the old ones that are on, seeing if this was something that was going to peak my interest.  Bazinga!  It did indeed.

I was fooled right into a show that was nothing like what I thought it would be about.  Now I know there is a lot of _ _ _ sometimes discussed.  And there are occasions where I’m not thrilled, but over all, I laugh. When I saw a certain product I knew exactly what I was going to do with the chosen Duncan Hines Frosting Creation Flavor of the Day.  Life is so GOD-incidently controlled.  I might be a bit random some days, but GOD is always directing my steps.  GOD had a plan with Duncan Hines + The Big Bang Theory + Duncan Hines Frosting Creations = Kitchen  therapy for me!

Transparent, right?  How hard did I laugh? I’ll tell you how hard I laugh during this show, and this might be gross, but seriously, once I was sort of congested and I tuned in that evening after a day of coughing non-stop.  I laughed non-stop and no more congestion.  They should post that at the end of the show, cures congestion through laughter! LOL  That’s why I love the show.  It makes my husband and I laugh.  It is one of the things that make life more enjoyable.  We are all caught up on every season now from watching online, and I’m probably going to watch again, and again, a lot of the episodes.  All because Duncan Hines and their Emmy Red Carpet Event.

See how entwined all things are when they come together.  Now as you might have figured I’m not a real believer in the big bang deleo.  No, not me.  I am however a fan in being who I am before GOD and you.  Not perfect by any means.  My attitude is that I’ll do my best, but I’ll leave perfection to GOD.  So, with that in tow, here we go.

Duncan Hines Frosting Creation Therapy – Day 9

Bazinga White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

You can see the recipe and learn all about getting yourself into this sort of sweet therapy, by linking to:


Happy baking therapy,

Jeannie Bee



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