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Retail Therapy? No thank you. I’ve got something so much better!


Wowza did I come off of a week to beat all weeks.  Just a bunch of coo-c0o for cocoa puffs, sort of days.  If I didn’t know better I would have thought I stepped into another dimension, one I didn’t want to be in.  Top that all with the fact that two different people, unrelated and in different locations, asked me if I did this or that, worked here or there?  I answered no, and they said I had an exact double.  For whatever reason I was hoping GOD would beam me up into where-ever and what-ever this alter-Jeannie Bee looking woman was doing.  That’s the sort of week it was!

As it is with all weeks, they end!  Praise GOD and thank YOU JESUS!  We started out the week with a picnic.  And dontchaknow, eh?  Florida has had so little rain.  We are, no joking, in a drought.  What do you suppose would occur, if you were coming off a week like I mentioned above?  You got it, it rained!  It didn’t just rain, we had flood advisories, and tornado watches the night before. We even had high wind advisories with wind gusts 30-40mph.  Yippy-skippy!  Oh yes, when it rains, it pours.  This is, I will attest to, an actual and true statement. LOL

As crazy as all that sounds, GOD in His goodness, and all of us with our good hearts, knowing that we so very badly needed the rain, many of us just knew that the rain need, was greater than our picnic need.  GOD was so good.  The one and only shelter that you can get for free, and is not reservable, as well as first come-first serve, we got!  Yes my husband and I got up at 5am. and scooted out the door at o-dark-hundred.  We got apple fritters first though, because, well, I don’t think that really deserves any explanation at all, if you do, we really need to talk. LOL

Lake Seminole Park - Shelter #1

We got everything set up and actually when the rains came, they were intermittent.  When Pastor Phil prayed over the meal though, he did let GOD know that we all knew we needed the rain, and could he just give us a break for a few hours.  GOD did and all was well with our picnic world.  My son organized this whole thing and it was wonderful.  I think a good time was had by all.  Pastor Phil, we will miss you.  You are an amazing man of GOD.  Praying for the best for you and your family.

Retail Therapy – No thank you!

Now, on with the reason I’m writing today.  Yes, I love shopping as much as the next person who does.  I do however love shopping for kitchen supplies, utensils, etc. more so than anything else.  I also love baking for therapy, more so than that of shopping.  Yes, and therapy today was nothing less than just plain old sweet goodness.

What, you ask did I make today?

Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy – Day 7

Four Topping Brownie Pizza. Another day in Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Therapy.

Any who… that’s all I’ve got today.  It’s been a slice! No, really!  It was a good slice.  Hope you scoot over to their website and give this recipe, or any of the other amazing creations that are being imagined up, even as you read, a bake and see try.  It’s truly an enjoyable, if not also therapeutic way, to spend your day =)


Happy Baking,

Jeannie Bee


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