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Who will love me, for me?


Love me, for me.
Who will love me, for me. Show somebody what love really means. Sometimes the most costly thing we have is time. We hoard it, we spend it so unwisely. What if time, time was the most valuable thing we find out in the end was something we all had, and was the very thing we squandered? Time to love each other.

There are just a few words that describe how sad am with where society has come to.  We are living in a world that doesn’t practice what we preach as a society.  We talk of freedoms, both in the country, and in that area of which we keep separate, church!  We talk all about coming together under the banner of the red, white and blue, and under the blood of Jesus.

If that is true if we had to put our money where our mouth was to help those around us, or love, where Jesus lives in our heart.  Not the I gave at the office, or the show and tell sort of giving.  Not the I love them sort of love, but the real, love them for who they are, without mocking, making fun, or considering anyone an outcast of society.

Today, look around your living space.  Be it in the workplace, the grocery store, the doctors office, the mall.  If you are out and about and in line, or sitting at the bus stop, or rolling along singing a song, stop and pay!  Pay attention to the people who GOD has placed around you in your living space.

Pay it forward to GOD in a way that starts to show Him we are that one nation under Him.  Pay it out of whatever it is, is your abundance.  Because Scripture tells us, what flows is flowing from the heart.  If CHRIST is in your heart, and you have this solid head and heart knowledge, it’s time to bring it!  It’s way time.

If ever there was a time in our country, and I don’t believe there has been a time like this before, we need it.  We so need to stop screwing up what we believe are our priorities and get our heads screwed on straight.  Our heads have been so consumed with the consumption of goods, and the lax-a-daisy attitude of, “Ya, that’s happening to a lot of people.”  And we shuffle away as if what is going on out and about in the world which is crumbling, has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with us.  We’re just fine and dandy.  This may be in your personal living space.  We however as a country and as Bible Believing CHRISTians are suppose to be about more than what we are doing in our own backyards.  We are not suppose to support a cause by giving something on chosen days, so that we earned some sort of corporation honorary good title, or an individual atta boy.

No, we are to do our goods for men but not so that we shine before men.  Yes, what we do is a witness, but what we have now, is showing that we are more consumed with hoarding up the latest and greatest, instead of showing that we are serving the Greatest, GOD, I AM!

Turn around and get off here and go and see if you can:

J.J. Heller, Love Me



Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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