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Duncan Hines Kitchen Science – Baking Therapy, Day 4


There is no stopping me!!! I’m loving all this “Creation”.

Alright, I did think I was finished for a bit playing in the kitchen.  This is one of those times though I’m going to have to have frosting all over my face for saying, let alone even allowing such thoughts to enter my head.  I just can’t stop myself from playing with food.  Add to that those new Duncan Hines Frosting Creations and my neurons are on overload with connective ideas that are flowing for making more and more goodness from the oven with Duncan Hines Frosting Creations, or for that matter any and all Duncan Hines products.  After all, you can’t keep a Duncan Hines woman limited in the kitchen. =)

I said all that to show and share today’s latest endeavors.  It’s also, I might add, a bit fun to get to bring things I make to co-workers, to get to share all their thoughts on all this Duncan Created goodness.  It also affords me, as a valuable baker to introduce them to something new that they’ve maybe hemmed and hawed over buying.  When they get to sample, they get their own ideas in their heads.  That’s what keeps the world of Duncan Hines Bakers on a roll… or a cookie, or a cake, or cupcake, or… you get my drift.  Drifts of Frosting Creations visioning in our heads =)  You know what?  When was the last time you as an adult had visions of sweetness floating through your head?  When was the last time you afforded yourself the ability to have each day a sort of CHRISTmas Eve?  That’s what all this has Duncan for me. I couldn’t resist. LOL

You can get the recipe at:


There is just no stopping me. The best flowers I’ve ever baked =)


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