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His Touch or Touched By A Man

*GOD*day Tampa Bay!

Yes, yes it is.  No matter what kind of day you have, when GOD is fully vested in it, it is a GOD-day indeed.

With that said, and knowing full well who is at the helm of all life, I’ll proceed with the following.

The title above came to me after watching the video below.  It has more to do with so many who will walk away being all tickled pink and excited inside ready, willing and most certainly with a loud shout, they’ll all be sharing how they shook the hands of the man.  That man of the hour yesterday.  The man who is as it was said, not by me, but the athletic director, “the chosen one”.  Yes, those were the exact words.

The Warning Label

First I want to add that I’m not against the hiring of Mike Alstott.  Personally I don’t know the gentleman.  I do know though that any time a school, a church, or any place that is suppose to be Biblical, forfeits the sold out praise of GOD for the secular price tag praises of men, something is wrong with the BIG GOD picture.  It gets skewed.  It gets topsy-turvey  and Who was to be in first place in the hearts and lives becomes who can be the first to touch the man!  Remember how that all went down in the Bible?  There is a difference in being able to touch a man, say you believe and actually being a willing participant in being fully sold out to Christ Jesus.

Luke 8:

His Touch

 40-42On his return, Jesus was welcomed by a crowd. They were all there expecting him. A man came up, Jairus by name. He was president of the meeting place. He fell at Jesus’ feet and begged him to come to his home because his twelve-year-old daughter, his only child, was dying. Jesus went with him, making his way through the pushing, jostling crowd. 43-45In the crowd that day there was a woman who for twelve years had been afflicted with hemorrhages. She had spent every penny she had on doctors but not one had been able to help her. She slipped in from behind and touched the edge of Jesus’ robe. At that very moment her hemorrhaging stopped. Jesus said, “Who touched me?”

   When no one stepped forward, Peter said, “But Master, we’ve got crowds of people on our hands. Dozens have touched you.”

Watch the Video


The price, the price comes with a tag.  It even comes with a warning label if you are willing to look for it.  If you are willing to have eyes to see it, ears to listen for it, and a heart that heeds the warning.

The following is a quote taken from The Tampa Bay Times:

“Northside athletic director Raul Hernandez said there were more than 50 applicants. Alstott was not one of them. But he soon became the chosen one, the coach who could provide celebrity and credibility to a nondescript program.

“I told Mike that I was a season ticket holder,” Northside high school principal Gina Burkett said. “It was exciting to have someone here who I watched and has such a high skill level. But he also has strong faith and wants to touch young lives. The skill set was tempting enough, but we wanted to make sure the values he had are parallel with who we are. It was a good match.”

What Money Can and Cannot Buy
It was just on Good Friday many gathered together to be reminded of the cost.  It was on this day that many, in many religions around the world cannot believe that Judas sold Jesus out.  Many are willing in many religions to look at that splinter in Judas but they don’t see the plank in their own life.  The plank that began as a seed of a splinter and grew into something worth selling out Jesus for.

Matthew 26:13-15

 10-13When Jesus realized what was going on, he intervened. “Why are you giving this woman a hard time? She has just done something wonderfully significant for me. You will have the poor with you every day for the rest of your lives, but not me. When she poured this perfume on my body, what she really did was anoint me for burial. You can be sure that wherever in the whole world the Message is preached, what she has just done is going to be remembered and admired.”

 14-16That is when one of the Twelve, the one named Judas Iscariot, went to the cabal of high priests and said, “What will you give me if I hand him over to you?” They settled on thirty silver pieces. He began looking for just the right moment to hand him over.

The Touch

Now I’m dating myself.  I don’t have a problem with that.  Personally I don’t know why a bunch of people do.  You age, we all do.  It’s as my daughter might say, the natural progression of things. =)  Age is something that we do, or quite frankly, we don’t.  If we are breathing, we are aging.  Okay, enough of that bunny trail, back to the matter at hand… the touch!

As I said I’m dating myself.  Back in the day I went to secular concerts.  Long before becoming a CHRISTian and I knew that Jesus gave His Life for mine.  Well okay, I knew of that, I just hadn’t received Him yet.  I called myself a christian, but it was because I was told that as a child.  I didn’t really practice anything but I carried the name.  There, it’s the truth of how I lived for religion and it was long before I most certainly had a relationship in-Christ Jesus.

As I was saying… I went to concerts.  One in particular became a back stage moment in time.  It all happened because I had to use the restroom and it was after the concert.  Now I have to add that my brother-in-law was playing that night as well.  We went back stage to see him after the concert and I expressed how I needed to use the restroom.  I got to use the private privy (sorry I couldn’t resist that ability to get to have fun with words).  This was the restroom for all the performers.  Now I have to add also that at that moment none of that mattered, I just had to go. That’s all you need to know about that.

After we were walking down the hallway and lo and behold who is in the center of the hall way? Greg Allman!  Some of you who don’t know him might know that he was married to Cher.  The Cher of Sonny and Cher?  Not ringing any bells yet.  Greg Allman of the Allman Brothers?  Oh just Google it if you don’t know. LOL

Anywho… We got introduced, Greg Allman and I.  I’m sure he remembers this moment like I do. LOL  After getting introduced and talking and we got invited to the after the show party; remember my brother in law was also singing that night.  It was a benefit concert with Jimmy Buffet and all sorts of folks to save the Manatee’s.  Did I get an “aweeee”.  Well after talking Greg Allman took my little, and at the time very young hand, and he kissed it.  My sister in law did not get this, just me.

Holy goodness you have thought that I was kissed by a prince.  Now even at the time the only man who was the main man was my husband Joe.  If you’ve read my blog you will see that he was my first husband, he died, it will be this year 20 years ago.  No other guy was in my life as I’m girl with one guy girl.  That is the way it is suppose to be.

Long story short word got out.  The next morning as I’m early as usual I’m about to take my morning swim in our apartment complex pool I hear: “Don’t do it, don’t do it.”  I stop and look and one of our friends say’s, “Jeannie you are not going to get the hand that was kissed by Greg Allman wet in the po0l.”  What do you suppose I did?

I was so ready to be sold out to Jesus even then.  It wasn’t in fact until I did that I would give up the world for anyone unless it was family or friend.  Or, I’d do it to save someones life.  I’m pretty sure I would.  I’ve never been in a situation like that though.  We’d all like to believe we would, right?

So it was, so it is.  I’m writing this blog yesterday and today about this subject because it appears it’s all still going on.  This selling out.  Selling out the very one we praised and worship on Sunday for this weeks “chosen one” hero.

Hillsong Kids: Jesus You’re My Super Hero


He either is, or someone else takes center stage and you shake and make that man your new “chosen” one and super hero sent to save the day.

It’s not the numbers saved any longer or ringing the bell to show a new life has been written in the Lambs Book of Life.  No,  for some, it’s just about the numbers we can bring, and the man who can do that for them.

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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