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Man of Sorrows: Move over for the man of the hour!

*GOD*day Tampa Bay!

Is it now?  There is a difference between the:

For Whom The Bell Now Tolls

Praise GOD for Bible Believing CHRISTians who know that it must always toll for Thee One and Only GOD.  Not the man made gods set up by men to win games instead of the souls of men.

It’s Become All About The Big Game

Remember this though: GOD doesn’t play games!

Man does though.  Sort of like the game we played as children with the daisy.  He loves me, he loves me not.  Now it’s he is a fool, he is no fool.  Let’s just wait and see how it pans out.

In Christ we don’t have to wait.  Basically if you’ve moved Jesus to the sidelines and the One who should be outshining all, is what makes one a fool, for…

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”Jim Elliot

Well if you’ve moved Him aside for the next big game or name, yeah buddy, you’ll see just how much a fool one can be in the end.

There once was a man who wouldn’t run on a Sunday.  Dontchaknow, eh, he wanted the prize. A big prize.  However he chose to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.  Oh how far we’ve come from admiring someone who served this Risen Savior and chose to be a fool in the eyes of men.  Once again, we’ve not come all that far, unless of course one is thinking in the opposite direction of ahead and with our eyes on the real prize.

Instead we see the treasure of men and reach for that priceless jewel.  I do believe one is not a fool, the other is foolish.  One cannot be fooled by the ways of men, and one is fooling themselves, and others, and children into believing that the life on the cross is just something to be placed on the sidelines while the game of winning games is what will bring them.  One will focus on the goal of GOD and the other the goals of men.  One will reach for the Glory of GOD and the glory of the game.

Yes, this is a day where many will be giving out a shout of excitement at their new name written down on the books and the new name and their name written in print in the papers and on spoken of on the news.  Oh yes, we’ll hear about it all over town.

Wasn’t it just three days ago though we sang sons on Resurrection SONday claiming to give Him all our praise?

H’m, how soon we forfeit and forget.  Yes, gone are the days of excitement on this campus being because a new name would be written in the Lambs Book of Life.   Okay, so maybe not for everyone on campus.  There are many GOD people still praying, waiting and faithfully serving.  Many!  They are the warriors.  They are the ones we need to be in prayer over for they are soldiers doing battle on what was once about being a mission field.

That doesn’t make headlines or apparently isn’t the way to attract people to a christian school (small “c” intended).

The Price

Funny, I have so little to say about sports, so it would be befitting to me to shut-up right about now.  I’m not going to.  I’m not going to because it’s for all those who are hanging their heads in disappointment at what a school is doing, need to have a voice.  One thing is certain so often in church, and in school, they are so good at sweeping away those who are apposed.  If you aren’t for us, you are against us.  This might be so very true, but Who we are not against and Who we are for, is Christ and the Biblical Christ-centered Truth of it all.  So before you lay down your price, we are willing to be a voice that is heard because He paid the final price.

No, in a manner befitting to today’s reaching for the applause of men, and in the game of numbers, it’s go with the big names, the power names, the popular. It’s following the money and numbers.

Oh sure, things will be spoken of in morning meetings about how this is a GOD-move.  People will try to out talk people facing facts, while they say that all those apposed, or finding flaw in the direction this school is going, are just disgruntled and grumbling and complaining people.  This is always how a movement goes.  They will always try to water down the Truth for the sake of the cause.  And the cause is quite apparent as the M for Mustang and Mike.

Children and families alike will get all hyped into believing this is the best move for the school.  And after all this is GOD’s way of keeping jobs, and this and that.  Because quite honestly, doesn’t GOD want this and that for us?

Oh yes many a come on board locker room meeting will be psyching these children into getting all on board the this train of thinking.  All those apposed, leave.  Yes, this is the manner of how it is all done… shush and quiet though.  We don’t make waves.  Well, we being, them, and they only like sports sort of waves that produce applause and money, and ways of men.  Yes, that was sarcasm.  Sometimes it’s called for, sometimes it just is.

The Book

Yes, this is the way the morning, afternoon and evenings will go for sometimes to come as they root, root, root for their own home team, leaving Home and Heaven at the wayside of who come and go in the Name Above All Names, the Name of Jesus.  The morning devotional will be tainted and treated with the new name on the block.

A big name written down on the employee list is the way to attract families to a school; so sad.  Use to be that with faith, hope, trust and prayer, all in the name of Jesus, was the way to win people to CHRIST, so that new names could be written in the Lambs Book of Life.   Why don’t they just go the distance with their now big name added to the employee roster and make the school what it is, just another preparatory school.  They’ve watered down the “C” in Christ for CHRISTian school long enough to make it so.

Yes today and each day I will stop, drop and be praying because unlike man, I know that what GOD begin in each, He is faithful to complete.  He also won’t stand still and allow what is His to be turned into a game of numbers.

We can always go Home when we see what is His being trampled upon. We can leave an unknown moment in time in His Faithful Hands.


Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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