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Keep Calm… Jesus is coming soon!


I’m just going to dig right into how I’m feeling and share.  I’m going to start with a verse of Scripture for us to savor.  After reading it a few times, get ready to dig in.

Psalm 40:4-5
Blessed are you who give yourselves over to God, turn your backs on the world’s “sure thing,” ignore what the world worships; The world’s a huge stockpile of God-wonders and God-thoughts. Nothing and no one comes close to you! I start talking about you, telling what I know, and quickly run out of words. Neither numbers nor words account for you.

Reduced To A Number

I’ve been experiencing a lot lately.  I’ve been thinking over my life.  Something I don’t do often any longer because my life, by the standards of this world, even the church world, have reduced me to just a number.  A credit rating, an employee number, a number count of those in the pew.

Now, before you say I’m a sad pants, I’m not.  This sort of thinking always has me viewing my life like this, but always, always getting back to the basic viewpoint of how very much I’m loved.  How I’m counted alright, counted as one of My Shepherds sheep.  My shepherd knows me so much more than that of a number in the crowd.  He knows me on a personal level.

I’m going to share this as well.  So many, many people talk about GOD, but they stop short there.  Yes, *GOD* is *GOD*! If you leave off there though, you leave out the rest of the Bible.  You stop short at knowing that the only way to *GOD* is through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Thus reason we pray, Dear GOD, and we end, in Jesus’ name.

I’m reduced to being a bad number in the world.  My credit score, for a lack of a better word, one which I seldom use, but it’s so appropriate, it sucks.  I could tell you all the woes of my life, my world, my travels, my times, my downs, my more downs, or…

I could just sit here today and tell you that the only number that matters to me is being counted as a Born Again Bible Believing CHRISTian.

What I want anyone to know, is that I’m more than some score.  I’m more than what our bank thinks of me.  I’m so much more valuable than what my part-time job paycheck says about me.  I just came off of having a tremendous review, and yes, I’m so grateful to Publix, and happy, happy, joyful that I have a job, doing something I love, for someone I think is a great company.  I’ve had people help me get here too.  People who, if other people didn’t intervene and I was a bit more able to not allow people to make me feel bad, or give me false-guilt, I would be at a full-time job with Publix right now.  So basically, I have nobody to bla-bla-blame, but myself.

I’m done with that though.  I’m tired of people trying to trip me up.  People who are willing to serve themselves off my work.  People who meet, greet, and use me until what I’ve said, gets twisted and becomes their beneficial moment.

I am written on His Hand, and my name is spoken upon His lips.

Today, in all this, I’m just experiencing the care of Jesus upon me.  You know that the Scripture says that every shepherd knows His Sheep.  It’s the same of Jesus.  When we stand before *GOD* we could talk the talk, but if don’t have that one on one, personal relationship with Jesus, we’re not getting into Heaven.  You best know if, you flaunt Know GOD, know peace.”  You are missing the mark.  Knowing GOD is good.  However… the Truth of Scripture is: No Jesus, no peace.  Know Jesus, know peace.  You and I need to be quite suited up properly so that when the moment comes and we are standing before *GOD*, Jesus says, yes, this is My Sheep.  He knows my name.  In fact, guess what?  Jesus has my name written, wait for it…

This is the number I can Live Eternally with.  Because He Lives, I can face whatever is thrown at me in this world.  The world around me might reduce me.  I might even reduce myself by screwing up here and there.  I know though, that I know Jesus, and I know His peace.

Choose this day whom you will serve.  Got religion?  or Got a Relationship with Jesus?

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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