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“I Will Never Be The Same Again”


It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog.  There are to many reasons to list.  The point is life goes on, and on, and on… even when you aren’t online.  We need to remember we are giving Him thanks, praise, worship and adoration.  We are, because *GOD* made it happen with the birth of His Only Son.  We are, because Jesus lived.  We are, because Jesus died.  We are, because Jesus rose.  We are, going Home someday, because Jesus made a way.  We are, alive and able, all because He Lives!!!


The font on the page may not show it, but oh yes, it’s there.  It shows up depending on the font, or if in real time, in real life, if the person allows the

that: a pronoun.  1. Used to point out a person or thing.  2.  The one farthest away or first mentioned.

Now You Know…

I’m back!!!  Yes, me and my quirky thinking.  I’m so use to people saying one of two things to me.  People who absolutely don’t get me, and think I’m, as they say, not me, weird.  Others say that I have a way of putting things into words that sum up a creative way of expressing thing.

If you write the word “that” you have summed up my life.  You’ve summed up how I’m feeling about everything and anything going on in my very transparent world.  When you are going through financial woes, or any woes, you are the perfect target for others getting to express their thoughts.  And boy, oh boy, do they.

So here I am being able to say what I feel, express it, without someone interrupting me and stopping me, making me lose my creative juices of being able to say, that thing I so want and need to say, without them stifling me.  Oh sure, folks have tried to online.  I love it though, they are nicely put into the Word Press Spam Folder.  Where I don’t even read anything, I just delete it all.  Most of it is just “that.

Do you see it yet?  Are you with me?  Do you follow?  Or, do I need to explain?  Okay, in all fairness of being an INFJ, of which only 1-3% of the population is, I’ll explain the best I can.

that – The cross before me, and the cross behind me.  Those “ha” moments in life that allow you to put your faith, hope, and love into perspective of Who is in control.  Again, it’s not always visible to all, just to those who know that He is always present.  We need to remember not to allow the past to consume us, but to grow us.  We need to remember that before us, we need to follow His lead, not that of our own choosing, or manipulating to make happen.

We need that train of thought to be in the forefront.  The cross before me, the cross behind me.

How about I give you a Bible verse to sum up what I’m trying to say.  I simple little verse for you and I to hold onto, to put into memory, maybe to carry around with us.  A reminder verse of “ha”.  Of being able to maybe not laugh, ha-ha, at all that happens, but being able always to say, t ha t, I see right through the trap that is being set before me.  I see before me that *GOD* will make a way.  I just have to know it.  I have to say ah t ha t.

Here Is Your Ah † ha Verse:  just remember, each time you see

Proverbs 20:12: Ears †ha†  hear and eyesha see— we get our basic equipment from God!

If you do a Bible search for this very simple word, that, that we use day in, and day out, you will find that it’s used quite often.

That or Those: adj. 1. The ones now mentioned, indicated or understood.

1 John 2:

The Message (MSG)

Live Deeply in Christ

28And now, children, stay with Christ. Live deeply in Christ. Then we’ll be ready for him when he appears, ready to receive him with open arms, with no cause for red-faced guilt or lame excuses when he arrives. 29Once you’re convincedha he is right and righteous, you’ll recognizeha all who practice righteousness are God’s true children.

Moments In Your Life Where You Will Never Be The Same Again

We all have them.  Situations we encounter that tweak us.  Things that make us change.  We aren’t ever going back to that day before.  We are changed, we are transformed into a place where we won’t be the same.  If I asked anyone to tell me of moments in their lives that made them change from being one way, to another, I’m sure stories would flow forth.

For me that day came on Father’s Day weekend many years ago. I am a twenty-four year old CHRISTian.  haday I asked Jesus into my heart was the day I became His new creation.  Not just any old new, His new!  It’s been a process for sure.  He’s had to add, and take away.  I’ve had refreshing moments of seeing His provision, I’ve had heart broken moments of disobedience, where nobody is more ashamed of me, than me.  Believe it or not, if I’ve ever disappointed anyone more, I’ve disappointed me.  In ha though, I must always, we must always, as we all disappoint *GOD*, and each other, at times of our life.  We however can be much harder on each other than *GOD*.

We forget that we need to not only ask for forgiveness, we need to give to others, and ourselves as well.  I have a new manager at work and believe it or not, that verse I shared from Proverbs, is a forgiveness verse.  It’s the equipment.  You might think we a bit odd, but just listen to this song and allow yourself to know you have to have the right equipment in this life, that isn’t a game at all. It’s the equipment from the Holy Spirit for living a life ha shows others, you will never be the same again.

It might be a simple silly song, but then again, if you listen closely, with your spirit to His, it’s not that!  It’s knowing that there is real fruit to be had. Fruit that isn’t fruits, but fruit.  One collective way of living in the Spirit.


There might be a lot of people claiming to be this or that.  This life in-Christ is not for fruit of many varieties.  Scripture tells us all that the way is narrow.  You also can no more be a CHRISTian and claim that you don’t read, need, or believe in the Bible.  haha moment came to me one day.  I was one of those so called christian people.  I believed because I was told I was one.  Because someone sprinkled some water on me when I was a wee baby.  I had the papers to prove my pedigree.  What I didn’t have however was †.  Sure I had all the ritual, all the equipment that went with the religious aspect of it all.  I didn’t however have a Biblical knowledge.

Funny, not “ha-ha” thing, is this, I knew it.  I had a yearning and searching thing going on all the time.  I was positive something was missing in the whole scheme of everything.  I could never understand a people group that allowed themselves to live one way, but sit in church on another day, be it Sunday or holy, or what have you, and then live like hell all the rest of the week.  I didn’t get the drinking, the smoking, the cussing, the taking of the Lord’s name in vain.  You can’t twist the Word of God to say what it doesn’t say so that it fits into a denomination.  I do believe, as I’ve said before, that denomination is about money, $ 1’s 5’s, 10’s,etc. It has no place, in placing oneself into the saved and not saved.  I know a lot of people who go to a denomination that doesn’t accept being born again, and yet they are.  I also know some people who live like hell away from church, or church people.  They go to a church that does embrace being born again.  Again, it’s that moment in your life when you come to know that Christ died for you.  That if you died today, because you have accepted, believed, confessed, and received Christ into your life, you want to grow.  You want to live for Him, not against Him.  You want to be the change you want to see.

I didn’t understand the double-standard.  Do you?  I hope you don’t. When I saw that what was missing was   Unless of course, you are like me, and you realize that it just can’t be so in the life of CHRISTian.

that Is Not Me!

What, that’s not you?  You’ve been a Bible Believing CHRISTian for, forever.  Or for long enough?  Maybe you’ve got that Bible and you are carrying it beside you.  You read it that lunch table at work.  People know!  Do they?  Is that the same thing?  Is that the same thing as living?  Is that the same thing that happened to say, Saul-Paul?  Are you living as if you had an ah-ha moment in-Christ Jesus?  Are we living, or are we settling?  I know, I’ve written about this.  You hear it on a commercial, but it’s the truth?  The Truth is living.

I have a few links today to share with you.  I’m hoping, praying, and wanting us all to be never the same, after today.

It’s a balancing act.  Balancing that which should be in our life, that which should not.  That place we choose to comfortably live, so as not to offend, and that place we are radically changed.  That balance between they will know I’m a CHRISTian because I will never be the same again.  I am His, He is mine.  Each and every moment now has to be

haIs Not Me!

France Chen, False Teaching:


So today, I pray if you’ve been a denomination, you will decide instead to be Born Again, Bible Believing CHRIST-centered CHRISTian.

Today, just could be the day you sing:

Hillsong: I Will Never Be The Same Again.

Give it a listen.  If this is that day for you, please let me know.  I would love to be praying for this to be the beginning of a life of “ha” moments of always knowing that His glory, and His story of you, will never be the same.  He is filling your life to the brim and that from this day forward, you will never be the same again!


What Easter Is About:

This holiday, is a holy day.  It’s not about palms made into crosses, or us giving up this or that.  It is all about hamoment when we know we, we ourselves, need to know, need to be able to examine ourselves before GOD.

For some it’s about repentance for the 1st time.  For others it’s about embracing what we sort of watered down and left behind.  We forget that daily, we are new life, growing, growing, growing.  hais what needs to be.

There will be those moments where, like the old song by the Carpenters, Yesterday Once More.  We will have moments that pop back up to trip us up.  Or, to be ha † *GOD* thing there to nudge us to not go a certain way in which we are headed.  A way that leads to us making the same mistakes, committing the same sin again.

A factoid:  If you YouTube Yesterday Once More, you’ll see that some hits and listens are over 1 million.  Wouldn’t it just be great if every things *GOD* said, we listened to like ha †?  Remembering that yesterday when we said our words of commitment to Him.  Remember the songs we sand of yesterday in church, songs we’ve memorized, or we whistle while we work or drive.  Songs we sing of praise, worship, and remember that they are not just songs to *GOD*, they have words that He wants us to live by.

This Easter let’s give *GOD* us.  Let’s make yesterday once more a memorable day for Him.  It’s a life of thanks this Easter when we don’t give up something in our life, we give us.  Easter was all about the journey Jesus took on for us.  Us?  What does the journey we’ve taken look like to Him?  Does it show that we are appreciative, or are we just presentative.  Yes, I just made that word.  Presentative: Presenting something for show.  We can’t fake this walk and talk.  Oh sure, one for the money, two for the show, we can.  It just won’t cut it in the end though.  This is why we need to always also have in the forefront of our beliefs, the words “the way is narrow”.


Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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