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Bible Thumper?


I just stand; not really, I’m sitting, so as to be quite truthful here, and let you know I stand alone; oops, again, not truthful.  I don’t stand alone on the Word of GOD, many stand with me on that.  We stand with the Word of GOD, we sit with the Word of GOD, we live by the WORD.  We receive it, believe, and do our human best to LIVE IT OUT LOUD.

What we don’t do?

Thump v.  To hit or stomp with a heavy blow.

No, I can’t say I’m ever thumped my Bible, nor have I ever thumped anyone with it. Now, before you say that it’s an expression, let me express something.

Recently, on Pinterest, over some verbiage going on regarding a comment made by an actor, which if you read the whole article, which by the by, you could tell from the comments that most had not.  What it turned into was a full blown attack on being a christian.

The word “bible thumper” got thrown at many a commenter who shared what they believe.  Many a commenter who brought their love of Jesus, their belief into the sharing.  Yes, some even expressed that they were offended by this actors comments and use of using Jesus as a joke within his interview.  Just so you know, if anyone even bothers to read this blog, I was not one.


I am always amazed!  I’m amazed that people who don’t believe in *GOD* the GOD of the Bible, or Jesus, or anything a Bible Believing CHRIST-centered CHRISTian believes in, attack those that do.  It’s amazed how accusatory and yes, mean spirited they get as they defend their right to express their, yes, hatred and loathing for CHRISTians.  Name calling begins, we get to be called so many names, names like, Bible Thumper.  I had to add that to the dictionary to even use it; thumper, not Bible.

I give you my word I’ve never, ever thumped my Bible.  I’ve never thumped anyone violently with it.  I’ve never ever over talked, name called, or argued; with my Bible, or with the use of Bible.  Here in lies where I’m annoyed, yes annoyed.  I’m not angry.  Not angry or going to argue, because that is my point.  What I’m going to do here is explain, calmly, collectively, and if you don’t; which if this is someone who calls people who “carry that Bible”, Bible thumpers, surely you don’t know, we are afforded the right to carry that Bible, not as a tool to use to beat anyone over the head.  That very Bible we carry, is a right, a privilege, and yes, an honor!  For this Bible Believing CHRIST-centered CHRISTian, me… I carry it because I can tell you all about it, I could quote verses left and right.  I know better.  I know that it’s not my job to spoon feed you… though I could, I would, if you’d allow it.  You–whoever you are, those of you who sit saying we (CHRISTians with Bible in tow) pass judgment or this winged or that, are this way or that, are the ones calling out names, and might I add, thumping upon us.  That’s not okay either.

No matter what you believe, I have the right, honor, privilege to believe, carry and share the Bible with whomever I please.  If you do not want it, that’s your choice.  In the interim, as I’m not thumping you with it, don’t accuse me of doing so.  Because in that you, become one of the you’s.   Many a solid Bible Believing CHRISTian aren’t going to argue with you.  We just have rights as well.  We have the right, honor and priviledge to know, to believe, to accept and receive, and yes… pass on, the joy we have in knowing, believing, carrying, receiving, and sharing the Words from the Bible which we know, believe, accept, receive, and have the honor, joy, and priviledge to believe beyond a shadow of doubt, these are *GOD* inspired Words.

We should… in a CHRIST-like way, walk away, agreeing to disagree with anyone who thinks the opposite.  So please, please don’t lump us, or thump us.  In fact if it’s me, I’m not going to debate, argue, defend my Beliefs.  What I believe, I believe so solidly, that until you are in a place where you, whoever it may be, is opened to receiving what I believe, in a respectful, meaningful way, there is going to be no conversation.  Not that I won’t converse.  I just won’t converse about any of that.


We are under *GOD*.  He’s got the power!!!

The Expositor’s Commentary says, “Down through the ages Festus’ response has been echoed by men and women too trapped by the neutral to be open to the supernatural, too confined by the “practical” to care about life everlasting.

Paul had been sitting in prison for two years waiting for a time such as this; a time he could defend himself, but more importantly, to preach the very message of Christ that he once despised. He was done with practicality. We as Christians today are called to do the same. We are chosen, just as Christ was before us to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness. (Isaiah 42:7) We are called to be a light.

Does that sound like our world today? Are we opening blind eyes or are we blinded ourselves? Are we too caught up in deciding what to record on the DVR tonight that we forget that at this very moment the supernatural is happening all around us? A spiritual battle is taking place for our very lives.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12)

Can we stop being practical and dig into the everlasting? Here is what I know: I am a sinner, charged and convicted of my horrible sins. A sin is a sin, and like Paul, I deserve punishment for the things that I have done. But I have a king who took my place. I have a Savior, whom instead of letting me be condemned of my guilt gave his very life for me.

So what do I do now? Keep quiet and be practical so people won’t think I’ve gone crazy? Or do I proclaim the gospel of Jesus with no fear? I choose to say goodbye to society’s view of normal and proclaim freedom for the captives. (Isaiah 61:1)

Paul suffered. He was beaten. He was stoned. He was murdered. He was persecuted for the message of our Savior. I desire to die to myself daily, pick up my cross and do the same, whether persecution comes my way or not. Let us step out of the multitude and into discipleship. Practical is out; supernatural is in. Just call me a Jesus Freak – Paul was.

There you have it!

So next time someone of unbelief calls you names, becomes a fire breathing, name calling, world thumping… Yeah, does any of that sound nice?  No, it doesn’t.  I just used it to demonstrate how people lump all liberals, all christian people, all this or all that together.  Yet, if you were to talk about say, lumping a specific race all together, you’d be in BIG trouble with just about everyone.

SO in the future, no matter how you are being treated for your beliefs.  Stand firm, but stand down.  It’s not our battle, it’s His.  The wages of sin are death.  I know we just don’t want anyone to die and go to hell; and yes, the Bible tells me so.  If you don’t like that, agree with that, and you don’t believe one MUST be Born Again, oh-a-walla, that’s called choice.


Choice n. The act or result of choosing or selecting.  2. The power, right, or chance to make a decision.


Decision n. A conclusion; a choice or judgment.


Judgement n. An official decision of a judge or court of law.  2. An opinion about something.  3.  The ability to judge wisely; good sense.

Next time you are under attack, and it is an attack.  It’s those intimidaters, and people who love to catch you in a trap so that they can consume you with wrong doing, that if you allow it, you chose poorly.  You opened the door for their judgment to be a negative one.  Now it doesn’t make it true, it just means you allowed yourself to go where Jesus said we should not.

If you are a Bible Believing, CHRIST-centered CHRISTian, you are going to allow those battles to be done on the area with the Holy Spirit.  They’ll be a time to speak, but when it’s open season for a thumping, don’t go there!

By the by, yes I do believe it’s quite possible for there to be those who do think they must thrust their beliefs and Bible at others.  I do not!  Jesus did not.


We are afforded the ability, priviledge and command, to go out and preach the Gospel.  We are free to do it in this country, and quite honestly, free to do it everywhere.  It might not be safe in every country, but we are free in-Christ Jesus.

Don’t believe me.  It’s time you start doing some reading.  First and foremost start with the Bible.  Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you where He alone can keep you.  Next check out my Goodreads and D. C. Talk books.  They are a must for anyone who wants to walk the Talk, and Talk the walk.  No thumping allowed, just those who are willing to breath in the Holy Spirit and allow Him to work through you.

D. C. Talk – Walls


D. C. Talk – What have we become?


“There is only One Savior and we are not Him.”  Jeannie Bee

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,


Jeannie Bee



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