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Open Faced Reuben, Cheddar Champ and Trinity Cookies


This week at work we’ve been cooking all the goodness that goes with the traditional day of the wearing of the green.  We made some amazing and delicious:

Open Faced Reuben Sandwiches:  Corned Beef is not an Irish staple, it is however an American Irish staple though.  See how when we come together we bring good things to the table of life?


Our featured recipe 1 this week is also a delicious recipe that is truly an Irish inspiration. Pork with Lemon Dill Sauce, and an Irish favorite, Cheddar Champ.  Pork and Potatoes are an Irish favorite.  Put them together in an Apron’s recipe and you are all geared up for making a memorable meal for March 17th.


Now with the mention of Cheddar Champ being Irish, I must proceed to also share another Irish recipe, where you will see Cheddar Champ.  If you also would like to make something Irish inspired you could make a Shepherd’s Pie, a British inspired dish, brought into Ireland ages ago.  Unlike the Americanized version, it’s normally made with lamb, but you can use beef.


From Corned Beef, Reuben’s, Cheddar Champ and Shepherd’s Pie to…

Since I’ve been hopping down the proverbial bunny trail, I might as well continue on with some equally interesting facts.  For instance, St. Patrick, his name was Maewyn Succat. So in honor of Maewyn Succat, this March 17th I’ve decided to do something also his way. You see Maewyn Succat wanted to be able to get into the people of Ireland, a better understanding of *GOD*, Father, Son and Spirit, The Trinity. His inspired way, to use the shamrock plant to explain that though the shamrock, on it’s own is one, it has three very distinct parts. In doing this, the shamrock became the beloved symbol of Ireland.

All These Things

Each of these things brings us to a better understand of how things get changed, tweaked over time, and what was once, what was meant by a man to bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to his beloved people, has been now left a the wayside of life.

Ironic, is it not.  The very reason for the day was originally all about bring the message that saved lives, so that Life Eternal could be understood.

Sometimes I get sad at just how far away we’ve come.  One thing I know though, we’ve got the same ability to get the very message of the man of which we celebrate on this day, to the lost.  And although, from understanding we are not to mention that if one has not accepted Jesus Christ into their life, to be born again, I’m not suppose to say, these who don’t will go to Hell.  The world says I cannot say that.  My Savior, Jesus Christ, said different!  I know this because it’s in the Bible.  We can honor a man, the message, the moment, but we must stand firm upon what the Bible says.  So I am.  If that offends, I’m so sorry you don’t understand. Truly, I am very sorry.  Because if you say you are a CHRISTian, that you believe, GOD, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and you carry that Bible, or say you believe in it, quite frankly, you don’t.  Those are not my sentiments, those are my beliefs based on the very Word of GOD.

My authority to say and share all this comes *GOD*.  In the beginning He was, and if you believe that, you need to read up, understand and see that there is more to this story then just belonging to a church, or just believing you are CHRISTian.  There is more to carrying the name.

So, with no further ado, I think I’ll just let you listen:



In honor of my ability to bring into a secular environment the ability to have *GOD* open a door for me to share, I’ve made these Trinity Cookies.  We’ll just see who *GOD* places in my day to hear.  *GOD* in the Trinity, Three in One.

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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