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As I was out and about getting some errands done, in my rickety-should have been-a cash for clunker car, I realized I forgot my phone.  In an instant I had His peace.

Now though this isn’t unusual for any Believer, let’s face it, often, in those “instant” moments we can get, well, panic stricken.  Now satan was trying, he wasn’t going to let me off the hook.  I sort of wonder if, like *GOD* said to Job, I was okay to mess with.  I don’t say that proudly mind you know, not at all.  I’m just saying, have you ever had those encounters?  Sure you have.  I know many have because I see the signs that read: “If GOD led you to it, He’ll lead you through it.”  All those other sayings man says, that are reminders of all those who’ve walked through times of testing themselves. These moments are our Job (like in the Bible-not the job, where you earn a living) Moments!  These moments where satan is doing his little old best, to get out our worst, we’ve been chosen.

Now I say satan kept trying to temp me to lose my cool, to be panic stricken.  I say this because my phone is my watch, my connection to help.  So sure satan was going to test me.  With my car being what it isn’t, all fair in testing with him.  I believe He went one step further as I was nearing an intersection.  As I approached the light where I know people try to make a turn, even though they have a blind spot by others turning across from them in the other direction, still these drivers, ease on out, some pull out, right in front of oncoming vehicles, like me!  This is where the LORD kicked in for me yet again.  “Go cautiously Jeannie.”  Yes, that’s what I heard.  I decided to ease on into the intersection and lo and behold what to my eyes appears but a man in a van, ready to turn right in front of me.  He hit his brakes as I slowed.  He didn’t go, but I did, and both of us went safely on our way.

Trust me, it’s not common sense.  I’m not always that common, or that sensible.  Love to say I was, but I’m so very human.  How human am I?  Let’s just say in a world where to err is human and forgive is divine.  I leave in my wake a whole lot of divine people. =)  In that though, in that humanness where I live, it helps me remember that the home that is foreclosing upon us, the paycheck that is a blessing, but is only part-time, the words that flow from me, leave me knowing, believing and able to share that I am so filled up with so much!  Yep, I take a drink from the well of Living Water and it is my daily holiness of life living to the brim with the Lord.  I don’t have to wish for more, want some lottery winning moment.  No, I’ll take that LOVE drink any day, any moment, any hour, any one of the 1440 minutes in my day.  That fills me up and I know it’s my daily dose of holiness in a not so holy world.

So I’m gonna leave a fountain filled shout out here and now!

These are the daily reminders which remind me that what I so enjoy most in life is just singing about how much I love Him.  How much He is there for me in every need.

You Are GOD by Scott Underwood


You are God of the heavens and God of the earth
You are God of our Savior?s virgin birth
You were God on the cross and God over hell
You were God before man and God when he fell

You are
You are God
You are God, God, God
You are
You are God
You are God, God, God

You are God in what seems like happenstance
You are God in every circumstance
You are God when we fall and God when we stand
You are God who holds us in Your hand


Oh yes, and just in case your cup needs a bit of filling too:


Now let’s pay it forward.  Jesus paid it all.  There is going to be that next situation, next person, next who knows what, that’s going to come on along side us.  Let’s share some true Living Water with them.  Let’s allow ourselves to be someone who quenches the enemy and quenches the thirst of those who are in need of some Life Living Water.  Let’s share a little of being a Child of *GOD* from our “You Are *GOD* Father.  Let’s get some people wet, people!

Dontchaknow, because I am, and maybe if anyone reads this and decides to join in, oh are we headed into some testable waters.  Sure as all get-out, satan will be out to show us that this pay it forward, this Holy Spirit, Holy Ground we are claiming as *GOD* territory, is going to make him so angry.  No worries, we know Jesus, we know the peace Comforter will bring.

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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