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Easter: Lettuce not mince words.

*GOD*morning, afternoon, or evening… and if we don’t catch each other on the blog side, my prayer?  To see you on the Otherside, in Heaven, where our ♥’s are already beating!

Easter or Resurrection SONday?

Who knew?  I’m taking some heat because I’ve been sharing the bunny side of Easter.  Yes, me?  Believe it or not, the woman who is often called “religious”, who is told to “lighten up”, is being told I’m watering down a holy day.

It's alright to level with people, just don't level them in the process. We should stand up, stand up for Jesus, but don't bury people in the process. We serve a Risen Savior, show the world He is alive and living in us. Jeannie Bee

Folks, before you get your cross in a crinkle over me posting things about the bunny-side of Easter, rethink your every day living.  The truth is, wait for it…

You are not handling the truth of the day.  Easter is a day we’ve set aside to celebrate Jesus.  Personally, I do that every day.  There is never a day in my life I’m not grateful for the grace, mercy, and the very fact that I have not gotten what I deserve as sinner. On “Easter”, I say “Happy Resurrection Day”.  That is nothing new in my life.  I’ve been saying it that way since I got saved at 30, how about you?  My prayer is that each day becomes a SONday in the life of someone who I’m praying for.  Who might stop by the blog.  Someone I’ve not ever met maybe, but so can’t wait to meet all those on Heavenside.

Please do remember that if Bible Believing, CHRIST-centered CHRISTians bring in the bunny on this so holy day, or the days of which you might be giving up something for a season, we are also giving up on not allowing the bunny-side in.  The Bunny is a fun, innocent idea.  In a world where there is so little fun for children any longer, don’t get your eggshell all cracked up over an egg hunt on Easter.  Don’t allow the satan to put cracks in the Body of CHRIST.  It’s a tool used to show that we ourselves in the Body can’t get along.  I believe we can.  I believe this because…

I stand upon this every day, present this in any way He leads me.  Believe this or not, live this out or not, but what *GOD* wants from a Bible Believing CHRIST-centered CHRISTian is that we all come together on the same page of the Bible with Him.  It would do each and every one of us to remind ourselves daily that we don’t need to be picketing, picking on, or publically chastising someone because they bring in the bunny.

Know this and know it well:  GOD wants us to be a part of what He is doing. It’s His invitation, His initiative alone.  If we are going to be a people group, under His lead, we need to be a people group that not only shares in this season, but, every season, the Roman Road.

So, if I might, I’d like to close with this choice for all of you who are not in favor of the bunny-side, choose this day what road you will travel on.  Yes, it’s fine if you don’t want to add the bunny-side, but please, please, leave your hurtful, unbiblical ways of banishing, bashing those who do, and make road kill of His Children, off the road of LIFE. 

If you aren’t hearing me here on this blog.  If this angers you, or upsets your egg carton, please know my heart.  Please leave those of us who are trying to bring a little bit of fun from the SON into the lives of children and families, and know that we, we who do, will leave you in His Hands.  One thing I know as a Bible Believing CHRISTian, I know that our inability to sometimes hear what *GOD* wants for us to hear, will never be able to stop His ability to talk to us.

I hear a lot of people who claim to be a christian, daily take the Lord’s name in vain.  That should upset more people who bring in a bunny.  We are, after all, not worshiping a bunny.  If we did, yes, that would be wrong, no, that would be unbiblical.  However, it would do us good to remember that along with that Love Chapter from Corinthians, there is also lots of Christ-like Living chapters.

Dear *GOD*, Whatever it is you want me to do in this season called Easter, please don’t let me go anywhere without You.  I’ll go where You send me.

In JESUS’ name alone, Your Child, a child of the King of Kings,_________

Until all have heard of and know, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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