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Understanding the 23rd Psalm


Truly He walks with me; as He did truly today on my walk.  He talks with me, through the reading of the Bible.  For sure, He tells me I am His own.

I began this writing yesterday March 12th.  I knew it was not finished, or should I say, the Holy Spirit’s inspiration was not yet through.

Oh how very grateful I am for that leading.  For the Eternal *GOD* who guides me from fear to faith, from failure to acceptance of moving on, learning as I go.

Within HIS Tender Care

Now, even though I had an inkling as to the passage of Scripture I was going to share, I didn’t know exactly how to articulate it.  It wasn’t until after I went on the walk, baked a little, read a little, and went outside to play some bean bags by myself… well, wait, that’s not even when.  When did I know?  I knew after I came in and washed my feet because I had a dirt line where my flip-flops were.  I was heading on inside the house and looked at my feet.  Surely, I thought, I wasn’t outside that long, to get a tan mark from my flip-flops.  This I was positive was me covered in what we refer to as dirt here in Florida, but we who live here know it’s a mixture of sand and dirt.  What it surely wasn’t, wasn’t a tan!

Missed The Mark

As I looked at my feet, and at myself, I realized I’d lost my tan completely.  If I went out of state, I’d fit right in with northerners, who’ve long since lost any indicators they had a summer tan.  Well okay, not unless they go to a tanning salon, have frequent vacations to sunny destinations.  The former being the case for me, I’d lost my Florida imprint.

This is where the LORD inspiration kicked in.  In my mind I started thinking how we lose that freshness, that fruitiness, that flavor of living like we are CHRISTians.  Often we bring it out on holidays, Sunday’s, Wednesdays. In pretty little signs and wonders on Pinterest.  Living it through the Word, many, not so much.

We’ve begun to bring in so much of every day living, like living out there on Facebook and Pinterest, Twitter, or where have you, we’ve turned our faith into this condensed cream of Scripture.

We’ve picked, chosen and very much decided just how we’d fit in this new Hines 57 variety of believing, worshiping and living in a manner of our choosing.  We turned this life of Living for Christ, into a hand picked, garden of our delight, instead of choosing to allow Him to pick what He’d delight in us, for us, and around us.

Psalm 23

Ah, the 23rd Psalm.  It’s one children in CHRISTian schools learn; I say that loosely, early on.  It’s one quoted at funerals around the world.  It’s given in cards of sympathy, and words of encouragement.  It’s spoken of and reworded to suit a pretty Pinterest page.  It’s stumbled upon, fumbled with, and now is somewhat of a rhetorical spoken verse.  One that many think is pretty poetry, all the while knowing truly, very little, of what each verse really does mean for the Believer.

What Does Psalm 23 Mean Personally To Me?

The Lord is my constant companion

He fulfills all my needs, and when the answer I want in prayer doesn’t come, He brings something better for me.

When I face every “impossible” He is with me.

Mountaintop experiences, He is there.  Deep ocean depth blues, He is there.  Valley filled shadows of doubt, He is there, beside me, guiding me.

Despite sin and failures, He is my solace and support.  He takes pleasure in setting me free, helping me grow, and desiring for me to grab hold of the good to go on.

He resolves my sorrow into joy, and I shall sing His praises forever and ever.

Though I may never know earthly success or have temporal riches,

When I stumble over stepping stones, and sometimes slip into a rut, His Hold is sure and His grip grabs me onto the greener road for growing.

My desires are to dedicate what time I have to Him.  Waking hours to be carried on in plans and purposes He see’s ahead for me.

Whatever comes, I will celebrate His Love, communicate His Praises, and live on giving an Eternity of thanks to the One Who Holds me in His Hands.

Teach All Children Well, that’s you and me sister and brother!

For the few short two years I was afforded to teach Bible, the 23rd Psalm before me was just a memorized teaching of a prominent passage of Scripture.  Now I’m not knocking that, but as I’ve shared, if you are going to memorize something, shouldn’t it have some meaning, some reasoning behind it.  It’s not for the grade people, it’s for *GOD*!!!

One of the solid reasons I’ll stand behind this is because what I did came from the LORD.  I’d never had a formal Biblical education.  I’d never graduated from all those “disciple making” classes that pastors grab a hold of and tell people things like, the best I’ve ever seen, the most solid teaching, this or that, and it stands firm in their church, or under their pulpit until the next “best” comes bouncing along.

I’m not that woman.  I’m just led by the Holy Spirit and He’s, for the sake of how it is, got me by the seat of Jeannie Jeans, and He shares, shows and leads me to make His Word come alive.  That’s it!  Personally, I think that’s enough.  Many a child was led to the LORD, many children even recommitted their lives, all because He walked, He talked, and I listened and followed His lead and Word.

The 23rd Psalm—Explained by Jeannie Bee

The Lord is my Shepherd —– That’s Relationship!
I shall not be in want —– That’s Supply!
He makes me to lie down in green pastures —- That’s Rest!
He leads me beside quiet waters —– That’s Refreshment!
He restores my soul —– That’s Healing!
He guides me in paths of righteousness —– That’s Guidance!
For His name sake —– That’s Purpose!
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death —– That’s Testing!
I will fear no evil —– That’s Protection!
For you are with me —– That’s Faithfulness!
Your rod and your staff they comfort me —– That’s Discipline!
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies —– That’s Hope!
You anoint my head with oil —– That’s Consecration!
My cup overflows —– That’s Abundance!
Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life —- That’s Blessing!
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord  —– That’s Security!
Forever —– That’s Eternity!

I have more to share regarding Psalm 23, but for now, allow His Spirit to help you soak up a more meaningful look at walking with the Shepherd.

Just anther sheep, grazing in the grace of His Love, Care and Keeping,

Jeannie Bee


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