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Pressure Cooking: Day 1


We finally did it, we used the pressure cooker.  We, being myself and my husband, we’re out and about getting some errands run after fixing something that broke; a serious broken, that needed a serious fix.

Anywho… while we were out I’d forgotten to pick up a few things at work, aka. Publix.  We stopped in and I’m pretty sure those corned beef briskets called me over to visit with them.  As usual I asked my husband if this is what he’d like to try today in the pressure cooker.  He was his usual self, and matter of fact like, said, the proverbial, sure.  After examining all those beauties I picked one that would work in our 5qt. pressure cooker.

Back In The Day

Now I’m old enough to have heard horror stories about folks who used pressure cookers.  People who’ve sworn off them, and the mere mention makes them tremble at the word “pressure cooking” when spoken.  Me, I’m a culinary adventurer.  My interest actually gets more peaked if someone else has had a hard time at something, or something is somewhat challenging.  Not that I’m saying I like cooking or trying new gadgets and things, under pressure, I DO NOT!

One thing I heard over and over and over and over:  Pressure cookers of today are pretty much fool proof.  The mishaps of yesteryear just don’t happen like back in the day.

I do however love everything kitchen science, and thus I knew it was in this Jeannie’s genes to be giving this cooker the old taste drive.

Funny thing is, this was a gift for my husband.  He was the one who wanted it.  The thing he wanted it for though, had nothing to do with the actual cooking.  He had some other science stuff rattling in his man cave brain.  I still don’t quite understand what he was talking about doing.  Quite honestly, I do believe once it left the kitchen arena I might have turned off my listening ears… sorry honey 😉

Read All About It

Reading all about a new gadget before purchasing, and reading, what my husband refers to as “the destructions” aka. instructions, is very important.  Thus I had entered my quest to learn all things pressure cooking before embarking on my own first try.  Today is when I figured I’d read, listened, watched, and had learned all the hands off learning one can do.  Short of having someone personally show and tell, I was fully ready to embark upon making a dish.

Ready Said, “Cook!”

I took the advise of a hint in the booklet that came with the pressure cooker and decided to try the two burner method, for those with electric stoves.  It seemed like a good place for a pressure cooker novice to start.  I set one burner on low and the other on medium high. I placed the slightly over 3.00lbs. corned beef brisket in the pot, along with the seasoning packet that comes with it, after which I poured about 2 1/2 cups of water over it.

Placed the lid in it’s place, LOL.  No really, it has arrows, so I couldn’t mess this up.  Set it on the burner set to medium high and waited.  In about ten minutes, as the “destructions” LOL, said, the pressure valve locked into place, and it was ready to be moved over to the low setting burner, where I allowed to cook for the suggested 40 minutes.

Steams To Be Working

There were a few options for bringing the pressure down, of which I chose the cold water method.  Holy goodness, it worked so wonderfully.  I’ll always choose that one. The pressure valve released in seconds.

I opened up the lid and there, sporting it’s new look, was a beautifully cooked brimming with goodness brisket.

Commercial Interruption:

Being who I am though, I must temp the meat.  I suggest this to everyone, it’s another fool-proof, you don’t see on cooking shows, not any of them worth there salt.  Test, don’t let anyone tell you different, don’t believe Chef Ramsey even.  Using a probe to temp meat is a smart cooks way to go.  It shows you are following food safety, and you won’t ever be embarrassed because something is under done.

Back To: Steams To Be Worked

It worked!  The brisket was the perfect temp.  Amazing, yes?  I was so thrilled, as is my husband at this point.  We are both excited about this new discovery and his birthday present which will provide dinner on the table in minutes.  Even my son has gotten on board and I’m sure he is going to be cooking up some exciting things.

Oh yes, the brisket.  It was delectable.  Perfect pieces of corned beef goodness in a sandwich.  I can’t wait until next Saturday when we do our actual corned beef and cabbage St. Patty’s Day dinner.

My camera’s batteries are going, but as *GOD* would allow, and bless me with, I was able to play with turning it on, and off a few times, in order to be able to get one pick.  So here you go…

Happy cooking under pressure,

Jeannie Bee





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