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How’d you like that catchy title of mine?  It makes a lot of sense, does it not?  No?  Not so much, you say.  H’m… that’s a bit of a conundrum because in typing it out, there was, at no point during any tapping of my fingers upon the keyboard, anything showing up as a typo.  So it must be right.  Those all must be acceptable words.

Alright, before you believe I’ve slipped down some very slippery, ready for the looney bin slope, I’ll explain.  Or, at least I will try to unscramble the thoughts in my head and put them down here.  This isn’t always an easy task, and sometimes requires a bit of deciphering expertise to understand the quirky, yet very quaint way, things come into my head and onto the blog =).

Statistically Speaking

I’m on a roll these days regarding acceptance of things that are wrong.  For instance, even if you haven’t agree with much of my blog, you surely, if you are of the sane human race, agree with this statistic:

Did you know?

In India alone, there are around 50 million children who work from the age of 4 on?

What if I shared that they work from morning till evening for about 10 to 15 cents a day?

If I told you these are low numbers I’m about to share, would you believe, that 3.5 million people are homeless in any given year?

Some statistics I hear about I think are just plain wrong.  Have you ever felt that way?  I have felt like this more often than not.  The reason is nobody asked me my opinion.  Have they ever asked you?  How do they know, if you or I are never included in the stats, who is?  I’ve yet to meet someone who said I was counted in that poll or this stat.   So it is that I often wonder where certain statistics come from.  My belief is that, when you share something like blah-blah number of people support this or that, or him or her, I think they should show how or who they came about with these numbers, or these so called facts on how we, the people, feel, or where we stand on things.

The Purpose

Here is my two cents worth on the why we fall for something when it’s shared.  It’s because we believe in nothing solid.  I could believe, if I wanted to, that the title up above is truth.  I could lie to myself, lie to you, and live out the lie, saying, yep, those are words because I said so.  In fact I’ve actually done that before.  Someone once said that they love my Jeannieisms.  Nope, that isn’t even a word, but it was what someone said of all my little delio’s that I fondly come up with.  For instance we have “oy” days at work.  I made this up.  If I come in and ask a specific associate what kind of day it’s been, in jest, because we are afforded a laugh out of this bit of pun fun, he’ll say something like, “It’s a Tuesdoy.  Meaning he might have mouthed “oy” more times than he’d have liked to have experienced.  Oy, by the way, is a word.  It’s a Yiddish word meaning dismay, exasperation.

Oh yes, the purpose.  The purpose I believe people share some stats or polls are because they want you to think this is how a lot of people are feeling.  They want you to believe, just in case you are one of the undecided, to quite possibly side with the majority.  I’m pretty sure that’s why a lot of people believe what they believe.  It’s the majority rules thing.  Only problem is, is the majority isn’t always right.  If it is, how come statistics like I shared above are going on.  Truth is we tend to get desensitized to hearing these things.

Don’t get upset with me, but I want a cancer walk.  I don’t want to walk for just breast cancer.  I actually have a problem with that.  I’m in favor of the cure, research, etc.  I’m in favor of all the reasons, just not the separation of cancers, one from anther.  Seriously, if I told you had thyroid cancer are you less feeling because of the color ribbon thyroid cancer has.  I want one ribbon for all cancers, breast, thyroid, childhood, the kit and caboodle of them all.  Make one ribbon, one walk.

Utoh, that sounded like a commercial interruption, but it wasn’t it just goes along with my thinking.  I’m not sure anyone else out there thinks like me, quite honestly I don’t give a flying fig.  I feel this way, that’s that.  I have right to hate all cancer and not be discriminatory of any.  Cancer is cancer.  Life is life, and death and dying are death and dying.  This is why I have no problem at all with a march for Life, or March of Dimes walks.  These are things regarding all aspects of living, life, help and hope.  I’m all on board.

We’ve got to stop being dumbed down, desensitized and accepting of everything.  It’s time we are as just as appalled at this wrong or injustice, as that one.  It’s time we get more upset at the wrongs being done to each other, rather than the wrong fashion being worn by this or that individual.

All In Favor

Now of course this is a silly poll.  I’m just saying, just because a mass amount of people are for, or against something, doesn’t mean it’s the way.  We should always, quick as a wink, be in favor.

Oh yes, I had to add this picture to, because in this world, the not Yiddish speaking world, oi and oy also fit into it as well.  See I told you.  Never ever just believe something because even I say so. =) LOL

Until all have heard of, and know His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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