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Psalm 9:1,2


Not that hoards of folks stop by this way each day, but I do hope anyone who does, doesn’t ever get tired of me saying, *GOD*day.  If it was not for Him, I’m pretty sure I’d have many a day I didn’t want to have my little peepers pop open, or for that matter, have my feet hit the floor.  Yet, I do.  When everything else is falling apart, He folds me together in the Palm of His Hands.  Yes, I said, folds.  For Jesus is my Shepherd, Defender.  He is my Comforter of Calm.  My banner overhead is His Love.

I’m thinking that sometimes I rant and rave and say this or that.  Before my day gets totally away from me, I just wanted to say, I’m happy because He Lived, Lives and He’s coming again.

If I could have a street sign in front of my home, I’d want to have something that looked like this happy, don’t walk, jump for joy sign below.  I’d like it if you stopped, if we shared some joyful songs.  Yes, this what I want on the street, in the town, where I live!

Sometimes I’m just to serious for mine, or anyone else’s good.  So today, I just want to say, other than leading someone to the Lord and have you accept Jesus, I don’t think, other than that, there is anything else more important of a feature for any one of us to have, than that of some laugh lines.

So today, join me in just being happy because whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy comes from within the heart.

Until all have heard of, and know His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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