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Shamrock or Clover


I’m sure if I share once again that my plans didn’t involve making a post today on my blog, you’ll not believe me. That however is yet again, the truth.  My intentions were to get some laundry, dishes, and other things done before sitting down to the computer.  All I hear in my little head are the words from Julia Roberts in Pretty Women saying, “Big mistake. Big. Huge.”  Of course she followed it up by “I have to go shopping now.”  In my case, I just had to stop and check my e-mail, which of course led to me seeing that Pinterest e-mail, and thus began my journey through, not the tulips, but the shamrocks.


I’m early in posting, but again, I’m right on time, because this is about His timing, not mine.

On a very personal level I love these moments.  They are, big, they are huge, and wonderful moments.  Not mistakes at all.  Now yes, I could have stayed strictly focused to the tasks as hand, but I did not.  I’m sure I don’t at times just so the Lord can lead me where He wants me to go.  I’m positive, and I love it.  I would have missed the inspiration if I had stayed centered at the sink washing dishes, folding laundry, ironing.  Not that one can’t be inspired there, but this has been on my ♥, and is every year.

The difference between celebrating the mission behind the man, and celebrating something that has turned into anything but what was intended by the person behind the holiday, just makes one thing more clearer each year.  We in the church, even in some christian based schools, allow the watering can in to drown down the message.

Why did I say that?  I say that because I’ve had experiences that prove it in life.  When you work at a christian based school and you find out that leprechauns have visited by knocking down desks and doing havoc, yes you have seen the watering can of the world, claim a day that originally had nothing, nothing at all to do with beer, green rivers, and leprechauns.  Someone allowed the door to be opened all in the name of fun, and suddenly where once was the pure essence of the Gospel, someone thought it okay to allow the leprechaun, luck and clovers in, and what they did was let in a whole lot of harm.

Maybe you don’t care.  Maybe you want to say something to me like, Jeannie, don’t get your shamrock in a stew.  Go ahead say it.  Write it, but one thing is for sure, if you pray for me regarding it, you won’t get the answer you want, not from *GOD*.  You see if you want me to party on this March 17th with the rest of the world, it just isn’t going to happen.  I’m solid, solid as a rock, the Rock of Ages by which I stand on.  Not the blarney stone.  Did you know that the meaning now equated with that stone being kissed is this: The word “blarney” has come to mean “clever, flattering, or coaxing talk”.  Quite appropriate if you think about it.  You don’t even have to think hard.  Just think how watered down the message from Maewyn Succat.

Maewyn Succat

Don’t know who that is?  Really?  Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  Do you go all green in honor of St. Patrick?  Do you pinch people who aren’t dressed out in the proper color of the day?  Really?  Yet you don’t know the man behind the very day of which you are wearing of the green.  Maewyn Succat aka. St. Patrick, as he was dubbed.  The man who’s mission was to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  What?  You didn’t know that either?

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about this because quite honestly, honesty is lost out there.  What I’m going to do is give anyone reading this a challenge.  I challenge you these days leading up to March 17th to share the Gospel. Share it for the soul purpose.  Yes, the soul purpose!  The purpose being that we can take back this day and allow it to be something more than what it’s become.

The Shamrock or The Clover

Maybe the conversation starter you need, need be nothing more than explaining the difference between the two: shamrock and clover.  One is an open door to showing *GOD* Father, Son and Spirit, using the three leaves of the shamrock.  The other is sharing the clover, and four leaves of luck.  Which one do you suppose affords you the open door to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Which door, as a CHRISTian, Bible-Believing child of *GOD*, do you suppose He’d want you to tell about.

Romans 1:8-12
I thank God through Jesus for every one of you. That’s first. People everywhere keep telling me about your lives of faith, and every time I hear them, I thank Him. And God, whom I so love to worship and serve by spreading the Good News of His Son—the Message!—knows that every time I think of you in my prayers, which is practically all the time, I ask Him to clear the way for me to come and see you. The longer this waiting goes on, the deeper the ache. I so want to be there to deliver God‘s gift in person and watch you grow stronger right before my eyes! But don’t think I’m not expecting to get something out of this, too! You have as much to give me as I do to you.

I thank *GOD* for the life of Maewyn Succat and the mission he started out on.  I’m thankful that what he began was a *GOD*thing.  What happened to his mission, and what has since been watered down, I don’t.  I do know though, that once again we have an opportunity to take something back that has nothing to do with leprechauns, wishes, luck, or even just the Irish.  It has everything to do with life, each person’s life, and their needing to hear about Jesus Christ, and how luck, nor even someone praying for you, won’t get you into Heaven.  The only way in, is through a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.

Are you a Shamrock, rocking the Gospel sharer?


Are you a Clover, green all over, growing wild child?

Come what may, on that final day, we will show our true colors.  By the by… the word clover is in the Bible.  I’d be amiss if I didn’t share this nugget of a verse from *GOD*’s book of Wisdom:

Proverbs 16:23-25

 23 They make a lot of sense, these wise folks;
   whenever they speak, their reputation increases.

 24 Gracious speech is like clover honey—
   good taste to the soul, quick energy for the body.

 25 There’s a way that looks harmless enough;
   look again—it leads straight to hell.

Until all have heard of, and know His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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