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One Bad Apple


Begin With Me! 

From the moment we wake up in this world of ours today we are plummeted with a lot of little whisperings in our ears.  From the click of turning on the television and all the vocal announcements being made, from this bit of news, to that so called, big news.  We are ever listening to voices streaming in from the first peek-a-boo moment of eyes wide open.  Yet, are our eyes, are true eyes of faith, hope and trust, truly wide open?  Sometimes we forget that before we get our little peepers focused on all that lies ahead of us in our day, we best get our faithful *GOD*eyes tuned in, on and ready to enjoy what He has planted in our sights.

We go to sign into our e-mail and even if we don’t subscribe we are viewing news we don’t even care for, or for that matter, don’t even consider news.  Come on, you know what I’m talking about.  Okay, so maybe to you, to some, Katie Holmes having bangs at some event and then not sporting them later, that’s news to you.  You live in wonderment with the other throngs of need to know people, who just can’t live without the answer to how did she do that?

Me?  I’m not that girl.  I only read it because it went along with the moment of thinking about “the little things”.  Only the little things that I began to think on didn’t have anything at all with someone’s bangs.  In fact it had more to do with something so much bigger.   Something little this way comes!  Remember the saying, Big things come in small packages.  It’s true, and it’s the little things in our daily lives that come along, and if our eyes are not wide open for *GOD* we will just plain miss out on them.

What?  What little things are big things?  What little things could be so much more important than that of celebrity news of what did they wear, who did their hair?  Oh child, so much more, so saith *GOD*.

So Many Little Things

So many little things and they all begin with me, well you and me, you when it’s you, and me, when it’s me.  I’m saying it that way because *GOD* looks upon each of us as the apple of His Eye.

Yep, so it’s me being thankful for a bazillion little things.  What? You don’t think someone who’s home is being taken away, who only has a part-time job, who has so little, can’t be thankful for much?  You are so very, very wrong. How about I just begin a little list right here and now.  It’s just a taste of a few of the little things I’m so very grateful for.

My Little List of Little Big Things

I’ve changed my mind.  I’m not going to list them all here.  No, I didn’t mean to be a tease, or no, it’s not that I have no little list.  Well… actually I don’t have a “real” little list.  It’s a list of wonderful, all the goodness in the world from yes, WAIT FOR IT: *GOD*!  I’ll let you listen to the song below instead.  It’s much nicer than listening to me sing, or even type a little list.  The point is *no pun intended*(you’ll read later why I said that =)  In the meantime it’s a little funny to just me.

This I believe is on my heart as I viewed something on television in flipping the channels last evening.  This comment was made from a young lady living in this country who is of a different nationality.  She is living fine, rich by world standards, and yet my heart went out to her, and in that moment of listening to her, I prayed for her.  She said that she hates two things, and I’m quoting her, “I hate ants and ugly people.”

Tell me in reading that you don’t first want to vomit?  Have to admit that was my first thought.  It sounds like “hate” to me.  Something I thought the world, that big secular world that is, well… hated!  Guess I was wrong.  Apparently CHRISTians are a fine target for how we feel, but let someone come onto the screen and promote that they don’t like, oops, my bad, “hate” ugly people, and that apparently is suitable, and of course profitable for Bravo Television, to be called something for viewing pleasure.

Now I can handle her not liking ants.  Yet, if we were scientific about them, we’d know that ants play role in life that serves an ecological purpose.  I think.  I don’t know this as I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure someone out there in the wide world we live in, would say that.  Also, ants teach us all about hard work and about hanging in there.  After all most of us know the song about the rubber tree ant who had high hopes, or when we were young being fascinated by the perfect marching orders and rhythm they have in community.

One Bad Apple…

Funny thing is we as CHRISTian’s should not be called wimps.  I think wimps should be reserved for someone who is to weak to allow their guard down to accept that which they cannot change.  Someone who only has the the illusion that they are in control.  That’s sort of wimpy.  Believing in only what you see fit.  People who find it acceptable to accept someone saying they can predict the future, in a corner using some super-human psychic power is believable, but believing in Christ Jesus, is not? Yes, I think that’s sort of wimpy.  Faith is BIG stuff.  Faith is believing when you can’t see.  Faith is that substance of Trust.

By the by… We in fact are not religious either.  We Believers are relational.  We are loving.  It’s true.  We, in the Body of CHRIST know that we hate only one thing, sin!  Sin, not the sinner.  Yes, we will steer clear as much as need be of behavior that is unbecoming to our beliefs, but we love.  We love, we love, we love, we love, we love!!!  Why?  Why is this a surprise to you?  Is it because the world of the media has twisted, turned, and knotted up a package of things that sound like we, we Bible Believers, Christ-centered CHRISTians are the enemy.  That we are the haters, when in fact, really, are you viewing?  Are you listening to the secular world and verbiage that flows out onto magazines, to talk television.

Yet this is the work of sin, of satan.  His creeping into the world and turning what is right, wrong.  Turning what is hate into something that is now worthy of being read, viewed, and even being popular.  You have a problem with CHRISTianity, because you look at some of the people who follow some of the time.  You look at people who call themselves CHRISTian yet keep one foot in the world.

While it is Today:

Remind yourself as I need to remind myself.  Today I don’t have to be doing what everyone else is doing.  I just have to go where He sends me, and do as He wills me to do.

Yep, this is why I cannot discredit the media all together.  I know there are *GOD* people out there trying to make a difference.  People who are taken as a joke, or who others are trying to find that one slip up of sin that they had so that they can throw the whole bunch out.  Really?  I do believe there is a song that was once popular about that too.  The Osmond’s sang: “One Bad Apple.  One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch girl.”  So true, yet one bad apple can infect a the bunch.

I’m thinking back in the day, and even quite possibly today, there are people who see brown bananas and pitch them.  Pitch them right into the garbage.  People who don’t know that within that dark skinned peel holds the most tasty ingredients for some of the best ever made banana bread.  Some people see the so called “bad banana” and out it goes.  Nobody ever showed them that what is so ugly and overly ripe on the outside, is the richest banana goodness.   So it is within us.  We can be all ugly on the outside, and some people, like the individual I mentioned above, would hate us.  Not so for *GOD*, He always see’s and knows we’ve got possibility.  He has after all, high, higher, thee highest hopes for us. =)  PRAISE YOU GOD!

Today, I’m choosing not to judge all people group by this one television show depicting a group of people of a specific nationality.  I’m choosing to still hate sin.  I’m also choosing to love, and love a whole lot of little things.  I might even say that I love ants.  Okay, I don’t, but right now none of them are bothering me, so I love them being far, far away from me.  Sort of like that quote from Fiddler On The Roof when they ask the Rabi if there is a proper blessing for the Tsar.  What does he say back?  “Of course! May God bless and keep the Tsar… far away from us!”

Yes, for our enemies that is often what we pray.  Yet if they appear, what is required of us.  We are to love our enemies.  We are to love those who hate us. Not an easy task.  It’s also not a suggestion for us, it’s a command.  Next time someone throws in your face that you belong to a people group that supposedly hates people, prove them wrong.  Ask them if they watch this show, or that show?  If they read this or that?  Show them people hate people.  People love people.  Lumping a whole group together doesn’t spoil the whole bunch!  If I decided to hate a whole people group based the actions of some, well… that would be more like the world, and nothing at all like what a Bible Believing CHRIST-centered CHRISTian is, or should be, all about.  Don’t confuse the lose lips of someone who claims to be a christian, when what they profess or are all about, doesn’t align up with what a true Believer is all about.  Also though remember, there was and is only One Jesus, and we humans are never Him.  He was perfect, we are not.  He was the One, only One who was perfect enough, sinless enough, to die for us.  That’s the difference.  We aren’t a religious group.  We are a group in a relationship, a personal relationship, with Christ Jesus.

Today, I’m going to think on the thousand little things that have given me a reason to Love.  How about you?  As *GOD* would have it, He brought a song to go with this little post.  If you’ve not heard it, maybe this is the song that should fill our heads today.  Maybe this, this song is what needs to filter into the mind of this young woman who declared that she “hates ugly people”.

There is a saying that say’s, not being in control is one of the most beautiful things in the world.  Standing on it’s own merit, that’s just a scary statement.  Put into perspective of allowing the Holy Spirit to control you though, it’s a beautiful thing.  Let’s lose our control over how we behave, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us.

Today,let’s go forth in His Love and show we are thankful for…

A Thousand Little Things by Point of Grace:

A Thousand Little Things


Until all have heard of, and know His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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