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I choose YOU!


~I chose you, now you choose Me~

This morning I was listening to some beautiful praise and worship music.  Sometimes that’s what I do, and it gets my heart prepared for reading the Word.  It settles me down to that comfortable, bow down place.  If you know me, that’s not an easy place to get me.  I’m what my earthly father use to refer to as, a flibbertigibbet.  Yep, not that I’m scattered all over the place, but I’m a whirlwind of energy just waiting to do, do, do.  Funny thing is, I’m not a huge fan of multitasking, yet that’s my gift.  So, when it comes to be calming down, especially after I’ve had my cup of coffee, that’s not an easy, breezy, thing to do.  Yet I can.  I can only because it’s like that pivotal moment in church, or when I’m pondering His amazing grace and goodness.

As if… it’s like when you were a kid and you played statue maker.  Remember that?  Maybe you never played that game before.  Basically the game goes like this: One person is the Statue Maker and another person is the Buyer.  The Buyer hides while the remaining children are each individually is taken by the Statue Makers hand and spun, let go and where they stop, they freeze.  Now there are several variations of this game out there.  Where I’m from, at this point the Buyer comes out.  He tries to find Statues that are not standing still, and if they get caught unfreezing, they are out.  This continues until someone one person is left.  The roles are then switched and the Buyer becomes the Statue Maker and the Statue the Buyer.  This is how we played it in Chicago, you might have played it different, depending on what neck of the woods you are from.

If you know me, but not in my worship suit, you might not believe I can actually freeze frame myself.  Truth is, I can’t.  I barely can sit still during a movie in the theater, let alone sit still during a movie at home.  My attention span is often on go-go gadget. LOL  I often say about myself, I have two settings, stop and go.  I’m so bad at stopping, because if I stop, it’s so hard to get going again, so it’s best I keep going-going-going.  Yet, when it comes to any moment where I stop and gather myself into the very presence of Christ…

Praise and Worship for each of us is sort of like that.  We each, unique.  We each are unique in coming to that stopping point.  Yet the reason behind the stopping is One and the same for each of us.  We find that place where we can forsake all things happening around us and we choose YOU!  We stop and choose to be enveloped in this wonderful amazing peaceful place, where we choose to call upon Christ in us.  In that place we are so at rest, and we find that we can give over not just everything that is going on about us, we can turn ourselves over.

You might not recognize me in that place, but He does.  A huge part of my worship is the fact that when I think upon Him, I don’t just stand in amazement at the Love He has for me, I find it so easy to forsake everything around me, and choose to show I’m in LOVE with HIM

Yes, when I sit at those feet that walked all the way to the cross for me, I see nothing, nothing but His Beautiful Face and I’m frozen.  He is my Maker and I am HIS.  Just typing all this out brings precious tender tears to my eyes.  Tears of gratefulness and joy.  Tears of wonderment that in a world where I’m seldom accepted or even missed when I’m not around.  He accepts me as I am, and He misses me when I’m not hanging out with HIM. ♥How I love HIM♥ ♥Oh how He LOVES me♥

It’s Time To Be Statue Like

If it’s been a while since you’ve rested on that pathway, maybe today is a good day to stop, drop and rest in that place with Christ. Maybe your moments of His fullness have only been during times of worship at church, or in a Bible study.  If so, can I ask you something personal here?  What if that’s how you treated your life relationships?  If the only time you slowed down to be with a friend was only in a group setting, wouldn’t that sort of like never really spending time, one on one, with the ones you love?  In marriage, if you never got alone, and it always is crowded, how nurtured is that relationship going to be?  It’s the same with *GOD*.

If you are thinking you have nothing to give.  If you are stuck in a financial place of thinking you have nothing to give Him.  Remember this, you were all He wanted in the first place.  So today, just give your all today, give Him you, each and every day.  Watch what He can do with what you give Him, when you give your all.

Today stop, drop, and bow down before Christ Jesus.  If for no other reason but because you are reminded that He chose you.  Now, in the crazy of the day, choose quite and choose Him.

Proverbs 1:7 Start with God—the first step in learning is bowing down to God; only fools thumb their noses at such wisdom and learning.

He Wants It All Today!  He wants it all everyday.  He wants all of you, every day.


Until all have heard of, and know His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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