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Keep Calm And Love Dogs


~Keep Calm and Love~

This morning was like most every other morning living with my Gwen and Alyss (our two Great Dane Boxer Mix girls).  The picture below is a few years old.  As I was thinking about how dogs love so unconditionally, and how I watch Gwen and Alyss fen for our attention, both always trying to squeeze in closer to us, competing for our undivided attention, how *GOD* is just like that with us.

Yes, I am a dog lover.  I’m not a big cat person, yet like some people, I don’t hate cats.  Basically I am a lover of animals.  It’s funny how I can see a squirrel(s) in our backyard and think, rats, no really, I think here are those day rats, those rats with fur.  Yet, if on even that same day I am driving my car down the road and I see a squirrel dart across, yep, there I am hitting the breaks hard and not even thinking I could quite possibly deploy my airbags.  Yep, we animal lovers might not want day rats in our yard, but deep down if we see the possibility of an animal being injured, or a dog or cat or what have you of an animal in the road, compassion wins out every time.

*Notice something about the picture above?*  Look at that green eyed look Gwen has as she watches as it’s Alyss about to get a kiss.  It’s this way with *GOD*.  No, He is not a green eyed monster.  Scripture however tells us He is a jealous *GOD*.  In Exodus we read this, and what is being said to us isn’t that He is jealous of something we have.  He’s jealous when we make something more important, more idol like and replace Him with that something.  We do that a lot, but are we ready to own up to it?

With that said:  I love people more. Not as much as I love *GOD*.  Some people think me religious, some think I’m just to CHRISTian.  I don’t understand being “to CHRISTian”, so I’ll leave that alone.  What I know is there is no other I love more.

We’ve been desensitized and sometimes we do indeed show more compassion for animals because we deem them helpless.  Why is that?  Why, when over thousands of years, they’ve proved they fen well for themselves.  The only damage that has been done to their natural way of living (animals I mean) is that we’ve changed the world.


The picture above is/was my sons first adopted dog.  His first very own adoption.  Now, as I said, is/was.  I say this because there is such a lesson of love.  Love that happens instantaneously, and love that does love enough, to do what is best for someone you love.

My son is an adult.  He wanted a dog, and was planning on getting an apartment, one closer to his job.  He wanted to have a puppy all trained and ready to move in and be housebroken.  Let’s face it, he has me at home during the day, him at night, and the timing for training would work out.  The problem is he didn’t completely think the whole thing through.  It was his first year teaching, and if you know anything at all about the life of a teacher, they have limited lives.  Teachers are also that breed of humans that serve well past the actual teaching day.  No, they don’t make a lot of money.  No, they don’t have to answer your phone calls all night long.  Yet, they do.

Oops, I got off subject.  The subject was my son adopted that sweet little girl and he feel in love with her; as did I.  As I said it doesn’t take much for me to do such a thing, but he’s more practical *praise *GOD*.  He loved her, named her, purchased items for her, and his work week at school began.  He realized just after three days how difficult this was going to be.  I knew he had to make a decision based on how much he loved her, whether to keep her, or while she was still adoptable and cute and everyone loves a puppy, return her.

You know what?  *GOD*’s Love intervened.  Yes, I do believe it did.  I’m not sure my son could have given her up, but for this one thing that happened.  She developed worms.  Yes, my son knew because he’d just adopted her, he had to bring her up to be treated.  He discussed the whole situation with them, and they gave him a few days to think it over.  He made a decision to pray about it, and during that time, he stopped back in, and she was adopted by someone else.

It Was Meant To Be

This Love, this *GOD* Love for us, is the same.  It was meant to be that JESUS died for us so we too could be adopted into Family of *GOD*.  So that we too could be joint heirs with JESUS.  So why is it, when we know all about this LOVE we’ve been shown, we don’t reciprocate?  We give little of ourselves back, when we know that *GOD* could have decided, nope, I can’t do this, I cannot give My SON, for payment for these people.

This adoption, when we accept JESUS as Lord and Savior, is FINAL.  Now some will argue that it isn’t.  It is!  The Bible tells us so.  What people confuse the possibility of it being able to be undone, is that sometimes, it wasn’t real.  What I mean is the commitment to accept wasn’t a sure thing.  It was some feeling, maybe even faked moment.  There is a difference between being saved, and not.  Some people treat salvation as if it’s something you do every time you sin.  There is a difference.  Some people misunderstand what it means to be saved, therefore they believe it is something you can lose, or forfeit.

Do I believe once saved, always saved!  Of course I do.  What I believe we as humans misunderstand is that some people didn’t mean it when they said it.  That’s the difference.

When we are adopted into *GOD*’s Family it’s a permanent adoption.  What we do is sometimes confuse what we do, with what *GOD* did, and does for us.  

~Principles of LOVE~

The alarm is sounding! Basically we’ve become a people who when we are watching some movie in a movie theater, in which people are being killed on the screen left and right, dying right before our eyes in 3-D, if suddenly we view an animal being killed, for the most part, the majority of the theater goers let out a sad “Oh”.  We’ve watered down our love for man and replaced with…

I stopped in my typing because there are just two many “things” I could name, you could name, we could name as a nation, that have taken our love of people away.

Sure, we watch ads on television, we march in favor of this or that, we run in a marathon to show our support for a cause.  We give here, and there and everywhere and yet…

Why did I stop again?  Could you fill in that space there with some “yet”s of your own?  My yet is that I see that we are very willing to show, give, walk, run, and volunteer to do a whole lot for people, but in every day life, we tend to treat people as if they are all beneath us.  As if the person next to you in the checkout, or the stock clerk person who you grab for help, or the waiter, or movie ticket person, or all sort of sub people.  We’ve forfeited our love for people and we’ve turned it all into some sort of marathon of giving, going, getting, and showing others we are such givers, when in fact we’ve given up on ourselves to be loving the very people in our everyday life who yes, *GOD* has placed in it.

I think maybe we can learn a little about the secret of loving from dogs.  Dogs are those creatures of which love unconditionally.  I wonder if we took some training upon ourselves to love in a fashion of that of which is Biblical, and applied the techniques that one uses to train our pets.

For instance:

Bad behavior needs to be reprimanded in a proper way.

Verbal warnings.

Punishment for wandering.

Closely monitored.

Established rules of leadership.

Fair boundaries.

Obedience training.

Not allowing oneself to pull away from the Owner, or demand the lead.

No growling!

Consistency is key.

Yes, those are but a few things that I wonder if we applied to our “walk” *pun intended* with *GOD*, we’d be better followers, better lovers of each other.

It may all sound silly to you, but there actually are a lot of verses in the Bible using dogs.  Well, maybe not a bazillion, or as many as when *GOD* speaks about money or love, but yeah, there are a quite a few.

Psalm 66:1-3

    All together now—applause for God! Sing songs to the tune of his glory,
      set glory to the rhythms of his praise.
   Say of God, “We’ve never seen anything like him!”
      When your enemies see you in action,
      they slink off like scolded dogs.
   The whole earth falls to its knees—
      it worships you, sings to you,
can’t stop enjoying your name and fame.

Psalm 109:1-5
My God, don’t turn a deaf ear to my hallelujah prayer. Liars are pouring out invective on me; Their lying tongues are like a pack of dogs out to get me, barking their hate, nipping my heels—and for no reason! I loved them and now they slander me—yes, me!— and treat my prayer like a crime; They return my good with evil, they return my love with hate.


It would do each of us good to look and examine ourselves in the light of the Love *GOD* has for each of us.  What does our return love look like to Him?  What does the investment package He has prepared for us in Eternity, look like when compared to the life we live and give back to Him on a daily basis?

If we as humans can project our love onto a pet, or say even a “loved one”, why is it in our daily lives we neglect the one relationship, the most personal relationship of all, that of us, and *GOD*, Father, Son and Spirit and we don’t get any where as near as excited to live a life of Love, based on how He says we should love each other?

Until all have heard of, and know His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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