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“Mi Casa” Corn Cakes


It’s Monday, my somewhat normal, abby-normal day off.  On Monday I catch up on cleaning, laundry, basically we all know the drill of having our days off, and catching up on all the things that have caught up on us =)  All good though.

On Monday I usually bake as well, and today would have been no different.  I was all ready to make some comfort cookies that we all know and love, Snickerdoodles.  I began to get everything out.  Set my butter upon the counter to come to room temp and continued on in washing dishes, cleaning the floor, etc.

Suddenly in the middle of all that cleaning I scathingly brilliant idea.  For sometime, since my first tasty mouthful years ago, I’ve been wanting to recreate a dish I’d had at The Cheesecake Factory.  The moment I scooped up one wee forkful I knew I had come across a dish, of which they offered as an appetizer, I knew I’d love it as a main course.  By the by, ever since, that’s how I order it.  I can’t even finish what they bring to the table.

Today became a sweet and savory day of baking.  It almost didn’t though.  I was paused in my tracks as I remembered I was missing a key ingredient, sour cream.  It is placed on top, and if you know anything about having Mexican sort of dishes, and you are like my family,  one must have the sour cream as that delectable accompaniment to the savory spicy goodness within.  It’s like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly.  Our “must have” if we have the other. So what did I do in my predicament?  I put on my super kitchen thinking cap and pondered some choices?  Obviously I came up with the perfect solution, one which now is my permanent replacement for this dish, and I will be saying Hasta la Vista sour cream; not forever and always, just in this recipe =)

Lo and behold: Jeannie’s Mi Casa” Corn Cakes.  I’m very happy with the outcome and would change absolutely nothing that I did.

Happy cooking and baking,

Jeannie Bee


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