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In Christ Alone


Jesus Gave The Ultimate Gift

How mind boggling is that the thought that thee single most amazing Gift has been given?  How even more amazing is it that some will reject this gift?  I was once one of those rejects.  One who rejected the belief that there was “One Way Jesus”.  It was easier for me to belong to something than to allow myself to belong to Someone.  It was easier for me to believe that I could work my way to Heaven *I know, really!*.  Working my way back to Him was never easy.  When I realized this, life became a whole lot easier.

Jesus gave the ultimate gift so that we could have the ultimate blessing.  Maybe it’s the thought that Jesus was the first real special gift, and the first and last of this kind of gift.  Maybe it’s the idea that we’ve been programmed in society that we have to work for something to get it.  Leave it to *GOD* to not think like man.  Praise Him for that, if for nothing else, praise *GOD* that He made a way that came with no strings attached.  No, He made a way that was truly from His ♥ for our very lives.  His Gift, His Perfect Gift, was attached to a Cross.

It’s really not so humorous that once again we are headed into yet another holiday that man has muddled.  I know, sometimes you just get sick and tired of me being so serious.  Trust me, I’m not always, I have a humor side, but when it comes to salvation, it’s just not funny.  It’s a serious thing to think that someone who is standing next to you, someone you’ve come to love, lean on, listen to and most of all, love, one day won’t be.  No, really!  If the someones I love don’t come to terms on a personal level with their salvation, I’m never going to see them again. Never!

Never Doesn’t Have To Happen

It’s a serious thing accepting Christ.  It’s not for the faint of heart, or wimps, or weak, or weasels.  I added the weasels because accepting Christ is not for people who are weaseling their way in to gain, get or with any other motive accept to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Matter not if man doesn’t know, but man oh man, to be standing before *GOD* on that day and having had used Jesus’ name as means to gain, I’d not want to be in those shoes.  No, this woman will take feet shod with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, thank you so much Jesus!

So yes, never doesn’t have to happen.  It’s a choice we individually have to make.  Some don’t come because they are mockers.  Some don’t come to Him because they aren’t ready.  Some don’t come because they don’t want to give up a certain way they are living.  I actually applaud that, because these who say this, actually understand that a lifestyle change would be required.  It means, after all, when we ask for forgiveness, we are willing to let go of sin.

Now, before you get all up in my blog and say, “Uh, excuse me, are you saying you are sinless?”  No, that’s not what I’m saying.  However… ha-you opened the “however” door this time, not me.  What I’m saying is that I’m a sinner saved by His Grace.  It comes with the knowledge from the Bible that I know that I can’t knowingly live in sin, saying I’m saved, and yet willingly, lamentably, get all up in Jesus’ face being knee deep in a sinful life.

I’d also like to add that I’m not picking on a specific denomination.  Personally, denomination, when it’s thought about in my head, is money, not a Body of Christ centered Believers.  Amen?  Please can I get at least one person to post an “Amen”?  What I am saying is that many of us, no matter what denomination we belong to have flaws in the plans, flaws in the people.  What we all need to come together on, isn’t that we can be one global religion.  In fact I don’t like religion either.  Religion is something that specifies a man-made thing.  No, quite honestly give me relationship.  One where we come together because we follow the Bible, and we believe in t he One true *GOD* of the Bible, and His One and Only Son who came to save All who believe; thus the Believers coming together, that’s all I’m saying.  Communing together, that should be something acceptable, something done because we serve and love.

So how do we, “in-Christ” do it? Give a listen and you’ll have a taste of what it is that keeps me hanging on.  I know my Jesus hung in there on the cross just for me (and you).  It’s just that if you have yet to receive Him, He did die for you, but it’s not quite yet personal.  Wouldn’t you like it to be?  I so do want it for you.  That’s my purpose and prayer.

I just also want to add this, before you listen to the song below.  You might not believe you are good enough, can be sinless enough, can even begin to fathom living this life.  Can I just say this, it’s been said before, and it is the plea of Jesus: Come as you are.  We all have to start somewhere.  I myself can’t think of any better place to begin a new life, then starting a new life, with Jesus at the helm.


Until all have heard and know of, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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