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Someday My Prince Will Come


Think for a moment ladies, how you felt when you first saw Snow White?  Or how you felt when you viewed Cinderella’s situation and her someday came.  Remember watching in hope, and in awe.  The anticipation of things going from not bad, to worse; which sometimes they did, but waiting with lingering and longing for the prince to come and make it all happily ever after.

Yes, when I was young I often longed to be swept away.  As I’ve shared before I grew up as the last of eleven children.  My life began struggling to find happiness in the daily routine of ever after.  Chores, feeling like the runt, a mom with a pointed finger extended as if I was a bad dog who was being sent to the corner to deal with my shameful self.  No, it wasn’t always that way.  I do have fond memories as well, but often, and way to often I longed for someone, anyone, to come and rescue me.

Often I would wander into our backyard and think on the moments where the birds sat with Snow White, I remember thinking how even just a bird in flight, stopping to sit with me would make a world of difference.  Did that ever happen?  Uh, no.  It might have if I was smart enough to bring some bird seed out in the yard with me, or some breadcrumbs, something to draw them in instead of my sad sack little self.

Such is the real world, yes?  We do not live in the land of make believe.  We can however be a part of the Land of Believers.  Man or woman we have the opportunity from the King of Kings to be a part of being Kingdom and joint heirs with Jesus.

It’s not fantasy it’s real.  It’s a land where in a moment of desiring to give up the life of feeling, and being lost, you are a part of the plans that the King has laid out before us.

Lots of folks write about what it’s like to become a CHRISTian, as if everything is for all the better, and they’ll be no more worse.  As if on this earth one can live happily ever after, after accepting Christ Jesus into your life.  I’m here to tell you that is not so.  Living happily ever after is impossible here.  The difference is, we should be telling unbelievers, and new Believers that all things are possible with Christ, in Philippians Paul tells us so.  That doesn’t mean all things are possible, it means we are given the ability to deal with all things because of Christ Jesus.

As I say to a lot of people who believe that anyone and everyone can be healed, by faith from some sickness, it just isn’t so.  You can argue with me till you are blue in the face, but that would mean that a lot of people who have died, in faith, and by-the-by that’s a whole lot of people throughout history, have died because they lacked, faith?  I think not, I know not, and there is not one iota of truth to someone saying that someone isn’t healed because they didn’t believe enough.  Believing is for believing in Christ Jesus, and for trusting every bit of any situation and outcome to *GOD*‘s will and way.

One thing is for sure though that can be taken all the way to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Someday, every prince and princess who admitted, believed, confessed and received, will have that someday Heaven moment.

Until all have heard of, and know His love,

Jeannie Bee


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