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26 Letters Aren’t Enough by Jeannie Majka-Sherwood

But They’ll Have To Do…


▼ yield

Drop ↓

and Say

Happy Valentine’s Day Lord GOD!


I ♥ HIM.  How very grateful I am for HIS guidance and goodness to me.  None by the way, of which I’m deserving of.

As I was thinking about Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but think how have I been doing at showing *GOD* my love for Him.

I think we can all, for the most part agree, that we shouldn’t reserve just this one day to show, share or let others know, how very much we love them.  Love is something that needs to be consistent.  After all, how would you feel if someone who loves you, only told you one day of the year?  How would you feel if someone who loved you, only showed you one day of the year?  How would you feel if someone who loved you, only showed it say, on a Sunday, or a Wednesday?  Let’s just say, we’d feel programmed in, and not really a part of anything sort of special love.  Same goes for *GOD*.   We get so caught up sometimes in wanting His love to show in so many ways, we lack in daily showing Him our love.  How is it we can show that deep, deep love?

Unrequited LOVE

That’s what it would be if we didn’t show love back to someone.  Yet day in and day out so often that’s what our lives might show.  We get so caught up in love being some wrote out script of service, we forget to put in some emotion.  I know emotion gets a bad rap in the CHRISTian realm, but seriously, love is an emotion.  You don’t think *GOD* had some serious emotions going on as He had to turn His back on His Only Son?  He so did have them, and in fact, it was for a short time Jesus’ very own Father, had to look away.

How about us, showing that kind of emotional love to *GOD*?  Where after all, would we be without all that love *GOD* has for us.  LOVE isn’t a bad thing, when it’s a genuine thing.  Trust, *GOD* knows the difference between it being real and fake.  We might not always know, but He does.  He reads the heart.  Maybe that sort of thinking makes you squirm in your seat; good!   Squirming means you are uncomfortable with His knowing the down deep thoughts and plans you and I have.   There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with showing others that the Love of your life, is Jesus Christ.  I have no problem with this.  I’m not embarrassed by it, in fact, truth is, the best part of me, is He, I mean Him (I got caught up in a l♥ve rhyme 🙂  I’m pretty sure, as people refer to me as “very religious”, and I have to explain, no, no religion, thank you so much.  It’s all about the relationship.  Which brings us back to LOVE.

So the…

The Big Question on *GOD*’s mind?  Do you love Me?

So today I’m dedicating this to the LOVE of my LIFE.  24 letters tied together that come out a little less than I want to express, but I know that what He has put into my hand, He’ll multiply. =)

For me any-who, though we have this thing called the alphabet, twenty-six letters in all, they just seem inadequate for me to say how much I love you.  Maybe today would be a good day for you to examine the 66 letters of His Love, not in whole, but just a bit of an intro letter to the Book of Love Letters that are still going strong today.  Do you seriously know of any other Love Letters still going around and going strong?  I’m sure we could name a few, but truthfully, what Love Letters are going into Eternity?  Only these, only these. That should get you at least a wee bit interested in taking a peek.  The best part is though, *GOD* took those twenty-six letters  that we are left to use to verbalize and made them into 66 Letters of Love that look a little something like this to me.

Happy Valentine LOVE letters that were *GOD* inspired.

*GOD*’s 66 Love Letters, by Jeannie Majka-Sherwood

♥ Letter 1 – Genesis: The Invitation to the Big Party.

♥ Letter 2 – Exodus: I’ve put something in your hand.  Do you know Me?   If so, it’s time to trust me.

♥ Letter 3 – Leviticus: There is a whole lot of Holy, to make you happy.

♥ Letter 4 – Numbers: Let the work begin, in you, by me.

♥ Letter 5 – Deuteronomy: I’m Immutable, you are immutable–which is okay if it is you being changed into My Likeness.

♥ Letter 6 – Joshua: The Movers Are Coming.  M0ving away from sin.

♥ Letter 7 – Judges: Oops, someone left some stuff behind.  Sin is in us all.

♥ Letter 8 – Ruth:  A very real, “I will follow You.”

♥ Letter 9 – 1 Samuel:  Ouch.  The shot always hurts, but it’s for *GOD*health.

♥ Letter 10 – 2nd Samuel:  Oops, the cure wasn’t suppose to make you great.

♥ Letter 11 – 1 Kings: Misunderstanding, the fall from your greatness is a long way down. We need to learn from others mistakes?

♥ Letter 12 – 2 Kings: Success-fulness can come about through failure. Doesn’t always have to, but it does.

♥ Letter 13 – 1st Chronicles:  Broken and spilled out.

♥ Letter 14 – 2nd Chronicles: Finding “My” way in the darkness of your day.

♥ Letter 15 – Ezra:  The King can put you back together again.

♥ Letter 16 – Nehemiah: What is it they say about the details?  It’s always in the details!

♥ Letter 17 – Esther:  I AM is putting the Possible in impossibilities.

♥ Letter 18 – Job:  Love hurts.  All the way from Old Testament to New Testament, Jesus of Nazareth.  And you were thinking there some originality to a band called Nazareth singing such a song.  See what happens when you don’t dig into the Word.

♥ Letter 19 – Psalms: So many questions, so many answers, answered by our just learning to Praise *GOD*.

♥ Letter 20 – Proverbs:  I AM will show you the way to live till you get Home.

♥ Letter 21 – Ecclesiastes: No, I AM didn’t ever say to eat, drink and merry.  See here what I did say beginning to end.

♥ Letter 22 – Song of Songs:  LOVE waits for _your name here_.

♥ Letter 23 – Isaiah:  Disciplining Love.

♥ Letter 24 – Jeremiah: Trust Me, you aren’t in this all alone.  I’VE got some plans.

♥ Letter 25 – Lamentations:  This will not be one of those times of refreshing… not at first.

♥ Letter 26 – Ezekiel:  Stand firm, something wicked this way comes.

♥ Letter 27 – Daniel:  Not everyone understands what a “faithful” child looks like to Me.  You’ll meet mere mere man, meeting trusting man.

♥ Letter 28 – Hosea:  I’ll teach you the importance of showing love, over hate.

♥ Letter 29 – Joel:  You’ll need some answers as you slide down that slippery slope.  Prayer leads to renewed 1st Love.

♥ Letter 30 – Joel:  You know the person who said fake it till you make it?  Nobody’s ever met them because they didn’t… make it, that is.  Keep it real!

♥ Letter 31 – Obediah:  The party is going on, it’s stomp over evil time.

♥ Letter 32 – Jonah: I AM maps out the directions and yet you keep going your own way.  Find out how to avoid detours.

♥ Letter 33 – Micah:  This Love I have you, it’s greater than a presidential pardon. Guilty and free!!!

♥ Letter 34 – Nahum:  Relationships, I can help.

♥ Letter 35 – Habakkuk:  It’s when nothing is working you’ll find out I AM, is the Great I AM.

♥ Letter 36 – Zephaniah:  I AM never concerned about appearances.

♥ Letter 37 – Haggai: PLUG IN… Be Holy, because I AM Holy.

♥ Letter 38 – Zechariah:  Believing is believing.

♥ Letter 39 – Malachi:  I’m working My way back to you.

♥ Letter 40 – Matthew:  ♪♫Light of the world shine down on the darkness.♪♫

♥ Letter 41 – Mark:  I’m taking some steps forward, backward, and forward, and I’m doing this all because I AM loves you so much.

♥ Letter 42 – Luke:  Put away all the mapped out man ways and the G.P.S.  You only need…

♥ Letter 43 – John:  This way, My way, is bound for glory.

♥ Letter 44 – Acts:  Go into your world and tell them all about this LOVE.

♥ Letter 45 – Romans:  I do want you thinking, and planning, but mostly I want you hoping for that someday Heavenly Day.

♥ Letter 46 – 1 Corinthians:  Follow My Perfect Plan, put My ways at the head of everything you do.

♥ Letter 47 – 2 Corinthians:  Did I ever say it would all be easy?  Remember the My Joy that you carry within, will… in times of difficulty, be also your source of strength.

♥ Letter 48 – Galatians:  Survival? Got FRUIT?

♥ Letter 49 – Ephesians:  Reaching, restoring, renewing.

♥ Letter 50 – Philippians:  It’s true, all of Me, in all of your life.  In return, all to Me you need to surrender.

♥ Letter 51 – Colossians:  The difficult path before you, it’s straight and secure in Jesus.

♥ Letter 52 – 1 Thessalonians:  Turn around and look into My Wonderful Face.  Now center all your aspirations on My will.

♥ Letter 53 – 2 Thessalonians:  Know that I AM is fulfilling His purposes for that someday Kingdom without end.

♥ Letter 54 – 1 Timothy:  It is not enough just to speak or study My Word, it is Truth for living.

♥ Letter 55 – 2 Timothy:  Looking back, knowing that I AM created me, and you, as the object of all His Love.

♥ Letter 56 -Titus:  It’s not all about you, but about how you handle things.  You are My messenger.  Live in such a way that pleases Me, focuses on Me, and gives others a desire to know Me more.

♥ Letter 57 – Philemon: There is no room for your ego wars.  All the best of you for all the glory of My Son’s Name.

♥ Letter 58 -Hebrews: This relationship is only as strong as your faith, joy, love, and hope.

♥ Letter 59 -James:  You don’t need to say everything you think, but you do need to live everything you say you believe.

♥ Letter 60 -1 Peter:  In a little while we’ll be Home forever.

♥ Letter 61 -2 Peter:  I’m fully aware, and always and forever fully there for you.

♥ Letter 62 -1 John:  Correcting your focus on who you are and once again, a reminder of WHO I AM, in you.

♥ Letter 63 -2 John:  New lenses so that you can see it all clearly.

♥ Letter 64 -3 John:  Help for your confusion 0n righteous living, and judgmental outbursts.

♥ Letter 65 -Stay on course.  Persist in My Purpose.

♥ Letter 66 -Revelation:  Walking through the shadow of this world, proclaim Me with joy.  Articulate and demonstrate this day is one day coming.

Until all have heard of, and know His LOVE,

Jeannie Bee


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