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Why is the best gift we can ever give, Love?


Have you ever thought about “love”?  Of course you have, silly me! =) Google search is living proof that “love” is thought about, and not just some Hallmark card Valentine’s Day creation.  As of today’s date, if you type in the search field on Google the word “love”, it says this:

About 13,970,000,000 results (0.19 seconds)

If that doesn’t tell you love is on the brains of people, well… how about you let *GOD*, the author of Love, tell you.  You see, you might just have a theory on love, or think about the Big Bang theory of love, but that is just something that sidetracks us all from the big picture.  Think about it, bangs are like that.  They are loud, louder, and can be even the loudest.  That however doesn’t make it so.  Bang, your dead.  Believing in that, you are.  Them’s just the facts.  The rest is theory.  If you don’t believe me, take upon yourself a little dare I’d like to propose for you.  Try reading this book, and get back to me when you are done.  Now, while reading this book, the one I will share in a minute, have a Bible alongside you as well.  If it’s no biggy to you, it shouldn’t be a problem, right? So just take the dare as presented here, and do it.

Purchase the book, or borrow it from a good Bible believing church.  They, or someone in the church body should have this book.  No really, they should.  Or, they should be willing to get it for you.  If the pastor is anything worth his salt in preaching, he’s read it.  If he hasn’t, dare him to read it with you.  Isn’t this fun? =)  Any-who, here is the book:

Josh McDowell: Evidence That Demands A Verdict


No, you don’t have to purchase it here.  You can find it on Amazon, get it on your electronic book thing, or what have you.  Just try this, and later, lets talk.  Well, you know what I mean.

Oops, where are my manners?  Sorry about that.  Normally, I’ll tell you we are having a bit of a commercial interruption before I go off on a bunny trail like that.  I guess, instead of calling it a commercial interruption this time, we’ll call it a test. =)

Actually, what I really mean to ask you is this: Have you ever really thought about the word “love” as in it being not just a “command from “GOD”; which in itself is HUGE!   Have you ever thought of it that way, and also as in it being passed onto each of us, as an inheritance with responsibility?

Today that’s what I was doing as I was preparing some cupcakes to take work.  Yes, I work at Publix, and I sure as shoot’n, could stop by and get some amazing items from our wonderful bakery.  Publix is good like that =)  However, for me, baking is something I absolutely love to do, and find it to be pretty much, my quiet time with the Lord.  It’s also a time of creativity, relaxing, and even a time of me being able to pour into something, some love.  It is for me, my responsibility to make something that is truly from my heart, to share with others.  Sometimes the others will be family, sometimes, friends, often co-workers =)  I’d hope they’d smile at that as well =)  However, if they don’t, or you didn’t if I brought you something from my homemade hands of love, I would feel rejected, hurt, and as if what I’m able to give, isn’t really good enough.

Yes this, this is what I pondered this morning as I baked in my kitchen.  Pondering how much love *GOD* had for us, as He sacrificed His most important Gift of Love, His Son, Jesus Christ.  I thought of the cost, the heartfelt feelings He must have Himself had as He knew what a major sacrifice He was going to be asking of having His Son, who would be blameless, sinless, and most certainly His most treasured possession over all, for what?  For us, that’s what!

I’m sorry, but if thinking that through doesn’t bring you into His Presence and into appreciation for such a HUGE LOVE, your wood is wet honey.  By which I mean, you need to get fueled on some LOVE of *GOD*.  Maybe you don’t get the whole concept behind all that LOVE.  Maybe you’ve been so busy pouring into all the ways of the world, and allowing this HUGE, yet simple enough for a child to understand, kind of love, in, you overcomplicated the basics of LOVE.

The basics of love?  Yes, the basics.  The CHRISTian world itself begins to complicate all the facts.  They muddle it up with events, and drama’s and plans and purposes that lead to more plans, and more events, and more this and that, that it’s no wonder this HUGE LOVE, gets covered up.  The next thing you know a witness, a simple act of love, gets covered up in treasures of the world.  What happens is some, in the Body, have ended hiding the most precious of all gifts, under a cover of “stuff”.  The simple, most BELIEVABLE message from *GOD* gets clothed in the righteousness, and busyiness of mankind.

So today, if we are going to give something out that is our inheritance, let’s give the GIFT, the One Gift, that of showing that we can love, not only the strangers on our life road, but those who we sit next to; or don’t sit next to in church.  Let’s place the same importance on showing love to those we don’t like, the Love that matters.  You see, this is the problem.  We bring our love, we then remove it.  We bring our friendship, then remove it.  We bring our words, and then, well, the worst thing, we don’t keep it.  That’s another awesome and amazingly wonderful treasure from *GOD*, wrapped up in His Son, He kept His Word, all the way to from the cross, to the grave, from the grave to Heaven, and He will keep His promise of Return.

Just as we know that this is not a GIFT of works, but of love, we forget that one of the workings of love, is the work on our very own heart, to align  up with His.  We often get lost in all the plans, and schemes, and studies, and what not, we lost something along the way.  We lost the simple truth of bringing the message of His Love, just that, nothing else, just something as simple as believing and sharing the joy that once stood out more than anything else in your life.

So today, why not try giving *GOD* a Love Letter back.  We always talk of the Bible being *GOD*‘s Love Letter to us, but what is it we’ve written back to Him on the tablet of our life?  If we summed it all up, as we all sat in service, or passed each other on the steps of the front of church, or honked our horns and as we impatiently were waiting to leave church, to get to the restaurant, where we are headed with, yes, with loved ones, what is all this summing up to adding up to?

Reflect, feel and piece together this Valentine’s Day a mosaic of your life.  Be the change for the sake of that someone nearby, who needs to see, and I don’t say this tritely, NEEDS TO SEE Jesus in you and I.

I know that doing this has been written before.  It’s been asked, and it gets lots of warm and fuzzy, sometime caught off guard moments.  That’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about us looking at ourselves, and seeing if Jesus Christ is so alive and well and living within each of us, so much so that *GOD* gets back, a full return for the investment of giving us His Son, our Savior!

The Holy Spirit should having the leading role in each saved persons life.  If not, again I ask you to ask yourself, what is missing?  It just might be, it’s you!

Think about it, truly, truly think about the inheritance and the last will and ways He’s directing your life.  The day you and I were Reborn, that’s where the story begins.  It’s in all the details now that show it meant something then, and it will indeed mean something until He brings each of us Home.  Think about how it makes you feel, when you bring someone your heart, or something from your heart, and it’s mishandled, not acceptable, or it gets twisted and muddled up.  Think about how on the scale of *GOD* love, when mankind messes it up, or misuses it, or twists it to be something it’s not, how He feels.  Or how about, rejected!  When we misuse, or mistreat, or reject His Love, He does feel bad, and so should we.  I think we do, anyway, I hope we do.

So often a lot of us, say the words, get Reborn, but we don’t get that we are to be kept in His bow.  We are to be held onto, and shot out only in directions where He aims for us to go.  We are to seek His face, listen for His will, and follow where He leads.  If that isn’t happening, recommit today to Him that it will begin.  Trust me, it will be better than any penned love letter, or story, or tale written by any man.

If you’ve been living well, and like me, often know you are listening, following, seeking His face, know this:  He is getting pleasure, but He isn’t through with me and you either.  Think each day what your name, in His Lambs Book of Life means.  Think about how important it is to bear His name, CHRIST, in calling oneself a CHRISTian.  For the name CHRISTian, has been watered down by the world.  That’s why it’s so important for us to show that we are Bible Believing, CHRIST-centered CHRISTians.  You and I have some letters of our own to write.

Jesus is our Mr. Right.  That goes for boy or girl, man or woman.  This Valentine’s Day, let’s accept His proposal of allowing Himself, to be seen, known, and shared as the truest of Love’s, the LOVE that will never let anyone of His, go.

Oh yes, and one of the most important aspects of this inheritance thing called Love, it’s okay to keep re-gifting, in fact it’s required that if you know Him, show Him, share Him, share His Word, His 66 Love Letters of Life Giving Love.

Here is a great place to start, if you don’t know this LOVE!


Until all have heard of, and know His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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